Dire Straits / Live At leeds 1978 / 1CDR

Dire Straits / Live At leeds 1978 / 1CDR / Vintage Masters

Translated Text:

Live At Polytechnic, Leeds, UK January 30th 1978. Soundboard


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Sound board live Dire Straits earliest recorded to hit Million attention by playing with its unique singing voice In the London punk heyday 70s debut from vintage Masters!

I record live at Leeds Polytechnic January 30, 78.

I record the initial number of live recordings from the center of the first album of their “Sad Sultan” the beginning you have a single hit.

It is a precious record to say the origin of them.





Live At Polytechnic, Leeds, UK January 30th 1978

01. Southbound Again
02. Eastbound Train
03. Down To The Waterline
04. In The Gallery
05. Water Of Love
06. Setting Me Up
07. Me And My Friends
08. Real Girl
09. Sultans Of Swing

Vintage Masters. VMCDR-444

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