DIO / The Year Of The Wolf Definitive Edition /1 DVDR

DIO / The Year Of The Wolf Definitive Edition /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 17th May 1990 Pro-Shot Collection


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1990, Promo Clips & Studio Recording Footage Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 17th May 1990 tour, “DIO of the strongest” that do not enjoy only a collector’s item as well. The live recordings, as well as this week release of “FINAL NIGHT 1990”, a high-quality audience “WILD NIGHTS” and “HOWLING WOLF”, can be enjoyed in the press CD some titles, but I can not say it just to be sufficient. They at the time in the video, if watched in professional shot with excellent it, it’s not that we knew, “DIO of the strongest” in the sense of less true.  Was a stir in the situation is “THE YEAR OF THE WOLVES”. The exhaustive than professional shot of various existing and 1990 of valuable DIO in this work. Although it is in the DIO of 1990, which is limited even a sound source, but it was summarized as “1990 of DIO View eyes” to one precious live footage and material that had been overlooked even the official footage.  I was delighted fan greatly purposes of this item, but the voice “more high-quality material is in the hands of me” that have been cited from mania that saw the previous work. The full use of its own master this time. The ingenuity to track order further, as an upgrade version that pushed the work to further heights, we decided to release again!  The highlight of the maximum, the performance of Dortmund May 17 serving as a professional shot of live best in 1990 and “Born On The Sun”, “Why Are They Watching Me”. The barrel and sound quality and the quality of the master were received from mania, it will not be compare with the last time this time! The last time was a slight give up the middle and “…… oh well” to the quality difference between the video clip, but I do not comparable at all even compare it with that clip clear this time!  The song sing a magnificent view of the world in “Born On The Sun” is a wonderful thing that I will not betray the image of DIO. Figure to back the heavy tone Rowan Robertson and Simon Wright shoots, is Ronnie sings dynamically, will have numbness if heavy metal fan. Also run through Kyokuso sharply appearing Following the “Why Are They Watching Me”, Kyokuso dramatic full of sense of speed DIO itself! It is the music that has not been played live only in 1990 both, but there is a feeling of special premium of “only at this time” because of it! Moreover, the two songs are not recorded in the main volume “FINAL NIGHT 1990”. And what if I match it up to work as “FINAL NIGHT 1990”, It is the one of the best to be more interesting!  In addition, the final version which was particular about thoroughly to “spectacular” version of this time. Valuable live what’s the ultra-recommended, but first DVD will start from the video clip Hen starting fast from “Wild One”. As opposed to a profoundness of the main part of the “FINAL NIGHT 1990”, beginning to sprint comfortably. Than the previous starting with live bitter “Born On The Sun” was important to “I want to see again and again,” the fun.  In contrast cinematic mood had become too strong and “DREAM EVIL” at that time, both of which are configured as a straight clip with a focus on performance of the band scene. The “Wild One”, and can not enjoy the official promo collection of current, points of this work only in particular. As emerging atmosphere of live House and Street, also looks of the band, I am impressed to fan the band image rejuvenated.  White video clip, and white to live raw, the figure of a young Rowan that looks not only play was also outstanding, impressive keyboards Jens Johansson base and Teddy Cook have a presence more when I watch the video. Even such as stage sets relatively simple costume of members being aware of a street line, as DIO, from production-oriented to it, the figure of the band at the time shifted “and to listen to play” in the direction straight more vividly has been projected.  Following the video clip, the live video, I record the recording landscape of “Hey Angel” and interview at the time. Interview, is that done on a TV show of the same live Dortmund.Ronnie standing in front of the microphone to drink a sip of beer, (Rowan addition, we show up Jens and Simon, even Teddy here) while skipping an instruction to the engineer, will make up the music without compromise. “DIO of the strongest” that was served at the live will be able to understand that it was a professional unit in the studio.  Start the video clip as “Wild One” and “Hey Angel”, valuable and pro-shot live by superlative master. Then, by adding the interview at the time, to close up the DIO “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” at the time more and more this time! Please enjoy the threatening language of “DIO of the strongest”, in this film to be played back easily, and at the time of the 1990 DIO part still unknown in many cases now. DIO fan of all not to be missed, the long-awaited “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” video compilation is the release determined by Definitivu version of the strongest!

1990年ツアー、それもコレクターズ・アイテムでしか楽しめない「最強のDIO」。そのライヴ音源は、今週リリースの「FINAL NIGHT 1990」のほか、高音質オーディエンスの「WILD NIGHTS」「HOWLING WOLF」など、いくつかのプレスCDタイトルで楽しめますが、それだけでは充分と言えません。やはり当時の彼らは映像で、それも優れたプロショットで観なければ、本当の意味で「最強のDIO」を知った事にならないのです。
その状況に一石を投じたのが「THE YEAR OF THE WOLVES」です。この作品では貴重なDIOの’90年を、現存する各種のプロショットより網羅。音源ですら限られている1990年のDIOではありますが、公式映像集ですら見落とされていた素材や貴重なライヴ・フッテージをひとつに「目で見るDIOの1990年」としてまとめていました。

最大の見所は、1990年ライヴ最良のプロショットたる5月17日のドルトムンド公演の「Born On The Sun」と「Why Are They Watching Me」。今回はマニアから寄せられたマスターの音質・画質たるや、前回とは比べものになりません! 前回はビデオクリップとのクオリティ差に「仕方ないか……」と半ばあきらめ気味でしたが、今回はあのクリアなクリップと見比べてもまったく遜色ないのです!
「Born On The Sun」における壮大な世界観を歌う同曲は、DIOのイメージを裏切らない素晴らしいもの。サイモン・ライトとローワン・ロバートソンが放つ重厚な楽音をバックに、ロニーがダイナミックに歌い上げる姿は、ヘヴィメタル・ファンなら痺れてしまうでしょう。続いて登場する「Why Are They Watching Me」の鋭く駆け抜ける曲想もまた、スピード感あふれるドラマティックな曲想がDIOそのもの! どちらも’90年ライヴでしか演奏されなかった楽曲ですが、それゆえに「この時だけ」のプレミアムな特別感があります! しかも、両曲は本編「FINAL NIGHT 1990」には収録されていない。最高作「FINAL NIGHT 1990」と合わせればこそ、さらに面白くなる最高の1枚なのです!

また、今回のヴァージョンは“見応え”にも徹底的にこだわった最終版。貴重なライヴこそ超お勧めなのですが、まずはファストの「Wild One」から始まるビデオクリップ篇からDVDはスタートします。本編の「FINAL NIGHT 1990」の重厚さとは対照的な、心地よく疾走する幕開け。渋い「Born On The Sun」のライヴで始まる前回よりも、「何度も見たくなる」楽しさを大切にしました。
映画的なムードが強くなり過ぎていた「DREAM EVIL」当時とは対照的に、どちらもバンドの演奏シーンを中心にしたストレートなクリップとして構成されています。特に「Wild One」は、現在の公式プロモ集では楽しめない、本作ならではの見所。ストリートやライヴ・ハウスの雰囲気、バンドのルックスにも現れているように、若返ったバンド像をファンに印象付けています。

ビデオクリップ、ライヴ映像に続いては、当時のインタビューと「Hey Angel」のレコーディング風景を収録。インタビューは、ドルトムントのライヴと同じテレビ番組で行われたものです。ビールを一口飲んでマイクの前に立つロニーは、エンジニアへ指示を飛ばしながら、妥協無く楽曲を作り上げていきます(ここではローワンほか、サイモンやイェンス、テディも姿を見せています)。ライヴで楽しめた「最強のDIO」はスタジオでもプロフェッショナルなユニットであった事を理解できるでしょう。
「Wild One」と「Hey Angel」のビデオ・クリップに始まり、最上級マスターによる貴重なプロショット・ライヴ。そして当時のインタビューを加える事で、今回はますます「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」当時のDIOをクローズアップします! 今なお知られざる部分が多いDIOの’90年当時を、手軽にプレイバックさせる本作で、“最強のDIO”の凄みを堪能してください。すべてのDIOファンが見逃せない、待望の「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」映像コンピレーションが、最強のデフィニティヴ・バージョンでリリース決定です!

1. Wild One (Promo Video) 2. Hey Angel (Promo Video)

Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 17th May 1990
3. Born On The Sun 4. Why Are They Watching You 5. Interview

6. Hey Angel (Recording Footage)

Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Rowan Robertson – Guitar Teddy Cook – Bass
Simon Wright – Drums Jens Johansson – Keyboard


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