DIO / Wild Nights /4CD

DIO / Wild Nights /4CD /Zodiac 047

The Ritz, New York City, NY USA 21st & 22nd August 1990.

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In the DIO with a long history, CD4-Disc press to enjoy with plenty of live called “strongest band” from mania muscle is an appearance! No I collect the very best in the prestigious live house “The Ritz” in New York, the two consecutive days of performances 22 and August 21, 1990 in this work. I let in the audience experience of the best sound, the live to be as “one of the best” even among overseas mania. This is Vivian Campbell era is definitely the golden age of DIO, but over one’s head it, why sober image “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” tour is what is called the “strongest”. Over the 193 minutes the essence, please fully taste!  25 years just up to 2008, which was performed live last activity from the band formed in 1983.DIO has been showing off a great performance in each era. Tracy · G era Craig Goldie era that began in the original members of home to Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell, he emphasized the element fantastic, was unique, and co-star of the virtuoso Doug Aldrich, the memories of fans further The organization remains, video and sound source has been left in the official work, respectively.  However, only Rowan Robertson age only “LOCK UP THE WOLVES”, official live work are not left behind.It seems to appear as a “sober than Tracy · G enrolled at the time,” If you look at only the fact that collapsed in one tour once album, but, in fact, it is this age points is referred to as the “DIO of the strongest.” The rhythm section of drums by Simon Wright resound the name of the base Teddy Cook across the phrase technical casually, in Kano rhythm monster AC / DC. Luxury lineup eyes Jens Johansson is the best keyboardist of formal beauty is applied there as well as dazzling. Boss Ronnie because I sing to guitar … here you brilliant Rowan Robertson was 17 years old at the time further, the potential of the musician-performer is intense. In fact, regained the fresh mood of the band originally formed, playing violently heavy, there was a thing to feel the motivation and spirit of “competitive young band” of Ronnie in a good way. ”DIO strongest” does not only enjoy at present collectible unfortunately. And item that contains the performance is the extent to which known as the representative matches Minneapolis performance of August 28 1990 “HOWLING WOLF” is (Shades). It is a situation line sources was recorded performances of Atlanta in October of other such as “CERBERUS RULES” is present, but the number of items in the first place is poor, some of the mania that only aware of the charm yet.  This work appeared this time, you can enjoy with plenty of charm of such “DIO of the strongest!” Both Onban of from 1st Zene configuration master by foreign taper offer, the two consecutive days performances in New York on the 22nd and August 21st that DIO mania of the United States to evaluate and was “content one of the best of its kind in the same year tour!” In the sense of reality that was full of hot air, the stage was showcased at prestigious live house “The Ritz”, DIO that route changed to images of the street is, I make me relive the audience sound of the best in both outlooks, and symmetry !  We recorded the live of August 21 in the disk 1.2. When you play a disc, full speakers, eerie opening SE of only this 1990 tour roar in reality, such as the line source be it, and knock out your hands suddenly listen! The first track that begins vigorously from the drum of Simon from “Wild One”, it will pop out guitar of Rowan and vocals Ronnie was supported keyboards, etc. Jens, the symmetry of all the excellent and clear of the distinguished further, in the sound of the best ( base of Teddy Cook to listen goose bumps down the middle thing)! Hevu~inesu and nicety to intersect “Children Of The Sea” and RAINBOW medley continuing and “Man On The Silver Mountain” to “Tarot Woman”, (cameo! “DIO!” Calls that raged performance after) listening unbearable further continuous response! It is Jens tells them that it is “?’re In where” album in the “LOCK UP THE WOLVES”, but an outstanding performance in live. In particular, is the finish to say remarkable in this RAINBOW suite, and a masterpiece in live suite of DIO that there is a number!  thereby enjoy melodious grand and “Born On The Sun”, a guitar wild Rowan afterwards “Why Are They and Watching Me “, new song also served on the sound of the line par. The second half of the live, incandescent overwhelming the first time to the excitement and venues “Heaven And Hell”, “Rainbow In The Dark” and “We Rock”. Ronnie also singing at the top of one’s game from beginning to end, the hand should also surprised “Rowan era! Was amazing” and after hearing what!  Then, in the 3.4 disk, I record the stage of August 22, which falls on the second day. This is impressive sound image with a punch force while full of texture of analog tape slightly, powerful mid bass came out the day before or more. Direct feeling of the performance is strong in more than 21 days, (speaking voice of the audience not worried about most is playing) you Kikikome playing with realism, such as the people involved recording the opening from “Wild One”. Keyboard Jens was fit to Kyokuso to “Tarot Woman”, a drum of Simon will delight fans questions asked powerful “Stargazer,” “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Is the harshness and the sense of speed of “Stand Up And Shout”, some leading to the formation of the original band further.  The approach was to Hevu~inesu and eeriness a BLACK SABBATH basis “Lock Up The Wolves” big listening place in this Sakuchu.Sound re-wide-and a sense of unity is also good enough to match the view of the world that this song has, I’ll spun the “story” in the grandeur of the album or more. Suite enliven live the second half of the “The Last In Line” and “Heaven And Hell”, medley “Egypt (The Chains Are On)” of, “Holy Diver” also act ideal sound image of this recording. I reproduced in metal sound a heavy sharp, the magical world that can not be other than DIO! Bands audience complete combustion of the ending in the “We Rock!”Everyone can not help but think, “I wanted to watch live in this venue!” And, it concludes with a live afterglow of the best!  Against the background of the world has been completed with the taste of the skill, live and the youthful wildness that Rowan is brought, vocal superhuman Ronnie each other clash is, one is in the common meaning initial, which is also in the “HOLY DIVER” period there. DIO you were circuit the venue of 7,000 scale usually, of boarded the “Ritz” of 2,000 scale in the United States tour this time also, and Maybe a reflection of the willingness tried to regain the mood early. And the motivation is, would bore fruit to live, which is expressed as “one of the best in the 1990 live” mania in the United States.  If you want to know the charm due to the “DIO of the strongest” and “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” live, this film live source fair game by absolutely! CD4-Disc Complete Limited press was confined to total over 193 minutes, playing the invincible and heat to boiling, is the release of the decision Kokonido people! ★ 100 pieces only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering into. Live at The Ritz, New York City, NY. USA 21st August 1990

長い歴史を持つDIOにおいても、マニア筋から「最強バンド」と呼ばれるライブをたっぷりと楽しめるプレスCD4枚組が登場です! 本作ではニューヨークの名門ライヴハウス”ザ・リッツ”における、1990年8月21日および22日の2日間連続公演を余す所無く収録。海外マニアの間でも「屈指」とされるライヴを、極上のオーディエンス・サウンドで体感させます。DIOの黄金期は間違いなくヴィヴィアン・キャンベル時代ですが、それを差し置いて、なぜ地味なイメージの「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」ツアーが「最強」と呼ばれるのか。その真髄を193分間に渡り、存分に味わってください!

しかし、唯一「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」のローワン・ロバートソン時代だけは、公式ライヴ作品が残されていません。ツアー1回・アルバム1枚で崩壊した事実だけ見れば「トレイシー・G在籍時よりも地味」と思われそうですが、実はこの時代こそが「最強のDIO」と呼ばれているのです。さり気なくテクニカルなフレーズを挟むテディ・クックのベース、かのリズムモンスターAC/DCで名を轟かせたサイモン・ライトのドラムによるリズムセクション。そこに様式美のベスト・キーボーディストであるイェンス・ヨハンソンが加わる目も眩むような豪華ラインナップ。さらに当時17歳だったローワン・ロバートソンの才気溢れるギター・・・・・・ここに御大ロニーが歌うのですから、音楽家・実演家のポテンシャルは強烈。実際、バンド結成当初のフレッシュなムードを取り戻し、良い意味で荒々しくヘヴィな演奏は、ロニーの「若手バンドに負けない」という気概や意欲を感じさせるものがありました。
残念ながら「最強のDIO」は、現状コレクターズ・アイテムでしか楽しめません。しかもその演奏を収めたアイテムは、’90年8月28日のミネアポリス公演を収めた「HOWLING WOLF」(Shades)が代表格として知られる程度。他にも10月のアトランタ公演を収録した「CERBERUS RULES」といったライン音源は存在するものの、そもそものアイテム数が乏しく、未だ一部のマニアしか魅力に気づいていないという状況です。
今回登場する本作は、そんな「最強のDIO」の魅力をたっぷりと味わえます! アメリカのDIOマニアが「同年ツアーでも屈指の内容」だったと評価する8月21日と22日のニューヨークでの2日間連続公演を、いずれも海外テーパー提供による1stゼネレーション・マスターから音盤化! ストリート的なイメージに路線変更したDIOが、名門ライヴハウス”ザ・リッツ”で披露したステージを、熱気に満ちた臨場感で、見通し・均整ともに極上のオーディエンス・サウンドにより追体験させてくれるのです!

ディスク1・2では8月21日のライヴを収録しています。ディスクを再生すると、この’90年ツアーのみの不気味なオープニングSEがスピーカーいっぱいに、それもライン・ソースのようなリアルさで轟き、いきなり聴き手をノックアウト! サイモンのドラムから勢い良く始まる1曲目「Wild One」から、ロニーのヴォーカルやローワンのギター、さらにイェンスのキーボードなど、すべてが抜群のクリアさと優れた均整に裏付けられた、極上のサウンドで飛び出します(中盤で聴けるテディ・クックのベースは鳥肌モノ)! さらに細やかさとヘヴィネスが交錯する「Children Of The Sea」(演奏後に湧きあがる「DIO!」コールは名場面!)、「Man On The Silver Mountain」そして「Tarot Woman」へと連なるRAINBOWメドレーなど、たまらない聴き応えの連続! アルバム「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」では「どこにいるの?」と言われてしまうイェンスですが、ライヴでは大活躍。特に、このRAINBOW組曲では目覚ましく、数あるDIOのライヴ組曲でも最高傑作と言える仕上がりです!!
その後も壮大でメロディアスな「Born On The Sun」や、ローワンのワイルドなギターを満喫させる「Why Are They Watching Me」など、新曲もライン並みのサウンドで楽しめます。ライヴの後半、会場を大興奮させる「Heaven And Hell」や「Rainbow In The Dark」,「We Rock」の白熱ぶりは圧倒的。ロニーの歌唱も終始絶好調で、どんな聴き手も「ローワン時代は凄かった!」と驚くはずです!

そしてディスク3・4では、2日目に当たる8月22日のステージを収録。こちらはややテープのアナログな質感を湛えながらも、前日以上に中低音の迫力が出たパンチ力ある音像が印象的。演奏のダイレクト感も21日以上に強く、オープニングの「Wild One」から関係者録音のようなリアルさで演奏を聴き込めます(演奏中は観客の話し声もほとんど気になりません)。イェンスのキーボードが曲想にフィットした「Tarot Woman」に、サイモンのドラムがパワフルな「Stargazer」・「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」は問答無用にファンを喜ばせるでしょう。さらに「Stand Up And Shout」のスピード感と荒々しさは、バンドの結成当初に通じるものがあります。
BLACK SABBATH的な不気味さとヘヴィネスにアプローチした「Lock Up The Wolves」は本作中でも大きな聴き所。一体感と広がリが程好いサウンドもこの曲が持つ世界観にマッチし、アルバム以上の壮大さで”物語”を紡いでいきます。ライヴ後半を盛り上げる「The Last In Line」と「Heaven And Hell」の組曲、「Egypt (The Chains Are On)」・「Holy Diver」のメドレーも、本録音の音像が理想的に作用。DIO以外ではありえないマジカルな世界を、鋭くヘヴィなメタル・サウンドで再現します! エンディングの「We Rock」ではバンドも観客も完全燃焼! 誰もが「この会場でライヴを観たかった!」と思わずにはいられない、最高の余韻でライヴを締めくくります!

熟練の旨みと完成された世界観を背景に、ローワンが持ち込んだ若々しいワイルドさと、ロニーの超人的なヴォーカルがせめぎ合うライヴは、ある意味初期の「HOLY DIVER」期にも共通するものがあります。この時期アメリカツアーでは通常7,000人規模の会場をサーキットしていたDIOが、2,000人規模の”ザ・リッツ”に乗り込んだのも、初期のムードを取り戻そうとした意欲の反映なのかも知れません。そしてその意欲が、アメリカのマニアに「’90年ライヴでも屈指」と表現されるライヴに結実したのでしょう。
「最強のDIO」による「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」ライヴの魅力を知りたいのなら、本作は絶対にして格好のライヴ・ソース! 沸騰する熱気と無敵の演奏を、合計193分間に渡り封じ込めた完全限定プレスCD4枚組が、ここに堂々のリリース決定です!


Live at The Ritz, New York City, NY. USA 21st August 1990

Disc 1(45:45)
1. Intro. 2. Wild One 3. Children Of The Sea 4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Tarot Woman incl. Keyboard Solo 6. Stargazer 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 8. Born On The Sun
9. Stand Up And Shout 10. Why Are They Watching Me incl. Guitar Solo

Disc 2(50:04)
1. Don’t Talk To Strangers 2. Lock Up The Wolves 3. Hey Angel 4. The Last In Line
5. Heaven And Hell 6. Rainbow In The Dark 7. Egypt (The Chains Are On) 8. Holy Diver 9. We Rock

Live at The Ritz, New York City, NY. USA 22nd August 1990

Disc 3(52:25)
1. Intro. 2. Wild One 3. Children Of The Sea 4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Tarot Woman incl. Keyboard Solo 6. Stargazer 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 8. Born On The Sun
9. Stand Up And Shout 10. Why Are They Watching Me incl. Guitar Solo 11. Don’t Talk To Strangers

Disc 4(45:46)
1. Lock Up The Wolves 2. Hey Angel 3. The Last In Line 4. Heaven And Hell 5. Rainbow In The Dark
6. Egypt (The Chains Are On) 7. Holy Diver 8. We Rock

Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Rowan Robertson – Guitar Teddy Cook – Bass Simon Wright – Drums
Jens Johansson – Keyboards

Zodiac 047

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