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Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, 9th September one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five Usa Truly AMAZING SOUND 
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, September 21st Usa 1,985 (Truly) AMAZING SOUND  the DIO “SACRED HEART” Release From 1985 to U.S. tour after two minutes live performance was held in September, the decision for release in four sets both excellent masters audience! It is known that many definitive source if Craig Goldie in 1986 after joining, Vivian Campbell was enrolled is limited because it still kind of sound, the fans will say nice release!  1985 is the year many epoch-making events and also for himself Ronnie DIO.“THE LAST IN LINE” After the tour on January 27 due to, as soon as they get to work producing the first three albums, was showing a rise time “charity through music” to tackle. In addition to members of DIO, participated in many recordings, such as Yngwie Malmsteen advocate Rob Halford and Ronnie according to the call of “HEAR ‘N AID” is that “We Are The World” and “LIVE AID “Alongside, who has a memorable piece on the Western scene in 1985.  Then the 3rd album “SACRED HEART” the band finished the tour in advance of starting the album release. The October 8 “Super Rock ’85” in, as DIO Ronnie has achieved, and the first performances in Japan. August 13, 2009 after its festival appearance, and started full-fledged North American tour tour from Manteca, California, approximately 90 to performances in concert in Honolulu, Hawaii next January 12, 1986 (most of the class arena venue ) to celebrate the tour is also large. Late January 1986 after the American tour, but was fired by the band Vivian Campbell clashed with management and business aspects Ronnie from Ronnie “Vivian’s next you” that Craig had been named Goldie is joined, the band celebrates the end of an era.  This work is the last tour was in 1985 when Vivian attended “SACRED HEART” from the American tour, with performances in Portland, Maine, September 09, Uniondale, New York on September 21, “Nassau Coliseum “performances, the audience has been recorded in excellent sound quality to convince the master.  Portland concert was recorded to disk 1 and 2, there is a reasonable sense of distance between the stage and the taper, missing outlook and sound, you can see a live sound with excellent realism. The audience cheers sound out of the way with a large会場Rashii sound ideal though, enjoy plenty of music around the vocals and cohesive Ronnie. Masterpieces “King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll”, and “Like The Beat Of A Heart” and is the opening volley of “SACRED HEART” great numbers heard in response. Portray an image of DIO as an American pop band taste “Hungry For Heaven” also in this “SACRED HEART” is a place in the hearing if the. “Holy Diver” and “Heaven And Hell”, even “Sacred Heart” to encompass the grand “Suite The Last In Line” to overwhelm the listener’s vocal instrument approach in Ronnie. Vivian and sharp cutting guitars, tight drums for Vinny Appice lead off a competitive presence in a powerful beat. Unfolds in a linear sound they play “Holy Diver” is the best!“Heaven And Hell” with solos to expand from the melody and showing off a sensational ride to the accompaniment of Claude Vivian mesh panel would even listen to miss this point (in the second half as fast solo Vivianrashii Machine Also listen to playing). “Sacred Heart” and the play was not Craig’s successor may be, this song is also heard on guitar Vivian special. Like “Stand Up And Shout” and “Rainbow In The Dark” also hear a combination of Vivian and Ronnie, and other times do not feel the magic. Unfortunately, this recording of two encore songs, due to the Master “We Rock” is not recorded, but 90 minutes is a lot of satisfaction!  Uniondale New York show and listen to the disc 3.4, even more than expected and the sound is well balanced, and contains the echo acoustic show to the audience an explosive climax, the then Big Rashii DIO listeners lets enjoy the sense of scale. This is a great time over 10,000 spectators, “Nassau Coliseum” was packed in layers, and perhaps this recording captures sound the weirdness of the times well with the size of the largest tour in the carrier momentum . As if they were attracted charisma of Ronnie and spectators, “King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “The Last In Line” in the chorus is like a chorus great (especially “The Last In Line” is sublime!). Excitement from the big sound of the instrument spread曲想”Heaven And Hell” and “Sacred Heart” that no other overwhelming, “Sacred Heart” The rest of it come floating in the eye is also directed to fight the dragon and Ronnie!  Second half of the live “Rock ‘N’ Roll Children” and “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll” and the New York fans excited, and Nori rode play “Man On The Silver Mountain”, and “Stand Up And Shout “to a climax in the snow込Mimasu collapse. Here is the source of the performances were not recorded in Portland “We Rock” can be heard well, makes it the highest closing climax ending in live (in a previous pilot burst curtain is amazing). In addition, this record has continued recording is about four minutes after the live. “Dio!” Calls were raised, the state of cold excitement Yaranu stadium, will be able to experience the real listener. There are live impression of Ronnie hottest performances in Japan, the U.S. lost the home fans are not still!  This was done in late 1985 “SACRED HEART” U.S. tour, in addition to the importance of the last tour Vivian works official live concert in San Diego, June 12 “INTERMISSION” to be included, such as the fan recognition is very high between the release of the audience was somehow a good source is limited. Two shows that were recorded in this work so late on the DIO era know Vivian, fans will be essential items. A great-sounding live recordings packaged valuable, please do not miss the four pairs of Ronnie fan must listen! The limited edition release ★ 20.Live at Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, 9th September one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five Usa Disc one one. Introduction two. King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll 3. Like The Beat Of A Heart four. Do not Talk To Strangers five. Hungry For Heaven six. Last In Line the seven. Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise) 8. Drums Solo 9. Heaven And Hell ten. Guitar & Keyboard Solo eleven. Sacred Heart / The Last In Line (reprise) Disc 2 a. Rock ‘N ‘Roll Children two. Long Live Rock’ N ‘Roll three. Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (reprise) 4. Stand Up And Shout 5. Rainbow In The DarkLive at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York , 21st September one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five Usa Disc three 1. Introduction two. King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll 3. Like The Beat Of A Heart four. Do not Talk To Strangers 5. Hungry For Heaven six. The Last In Line seven. Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise) 8. Drums Solo 9. Heaven And Hell ten. Guitar & Keyboard Solo 11. Sacred Heart / The Last In Line (reprise) Disc 4 a. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children two. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 3. Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘N’ R OLL Children (reprise) four. Stand Up And Shout five. Rainbow In The Dark 6. We Rock Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Vivian Campbell – Guitars Jimmy Bain – Bass Vinny Appice – Drums Claude Schnell – Keyboards Strictly only twenty sets. Special limited release. June Shades 452 

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