DIO / Promos 1983 – 2002 / 1 DVDR

DIO / Promos 1983 – 2002 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

Promos 1983 – 2002, Plus Hear’s Aid, Black Sabbat & The Butterfly Hall.


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Extraordinary vocalist, Ronnie James Dio. Now still decline unexpected video clip collection that summarizes the heyday video of Ronnie boasts popularity is appeared in happy Gift title! Around the 80s Ronnie was both in name and reality big in this film, video clips and BLACK SABBATH era of 1983-2002 DIO clip, and project HEAR ‘N AID carved his name in heavy metal history Add recorded such as “Stars”. The charm of the presence also intense charisma not only song, you can enjoy without place exhaustively in the video of excellent quality.

The reason for initially appeared first, from the “HOLY DIVER” of 1983, the title track and “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow In The Dark”. For the former you embody the fantastic world of sword and battle, and the latter as mocks the modern society, even in the clip of the same album, contents and direction vary widely, it is very interesting. Youthful Vivian Campbell in the “Rainbow In The Dark” is also impressive, it will instinctively staring.
Of 1984 from the “LAST IN LINE” and “Mystery,” “The Last In Line” appeared. Here also painted a magical view of the world, “Mystery”, and revealed a near-futuristic SF mood “The Last In Line”, has finished in the clip seems to ’80s. “Mystery” is the only was not recorded in the video, which was officially released in 1991, “TIME MACHINE”, I think in are also those who see for the first time.
And “SACRED HEART” from the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children”, the clip was superior said that one of the best in the history of DIO. Character and content that is splendidly put into the image of the contents of the songs of Ronnie, is wonderful to be considered from the current point of view. Full-length has been configured with live performances scene “King Of Rock And Roll” is the only song that has been finished to the pseudo-live also on the album, and the video and music addicted without any discomfort.
“DREAM EVIL” was made in the clip as “I Could Have Been A Dreamer,” “All The Fools Sailed Away” is, “HOLY DIVER” and “LAST IN LINE” screen is impressive at the time with different texture. ’80s the second half of the mood scale becomes larger in everything is not blurred in the video. “All The Fools Sailed Away” will not match well the grandeur of the mood and the music.
Only it became a work from the “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” in Rowan Robertson enrolled at the time, even two was made at that time as “Hey Angel” and “Wild One”, you can enjoy firmly. In contrast to the time cinematic mood was strong “DREAM EVIL”, both have been configured as a straight clip centered on the band playing scene. As also appear in the looks of the street of the atmosphere and the band, it has impressed the band image of younger fans.
This volume contains the last is recorded “Push” from the time “KILLING THE DRAGON” of 2002. Contrast that unique intro and outro, the performance of a powerful band, is interesting even watching now.

And in this work, we have to add recorded five tracks as an extra. Was recorded from the project work of Roger Glover, which was announced in 1974, “BUTTERFLY BALL”, “The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast” in the other, and “Die Young” of from BLACK SABBATH era in 1980, “Neon Knights” in addition, “DEHUMANIZER” at the time “TV Crimes” of 1992 can also be enjoyed. And that should be above all attention would be “Stars”, which was produced as HEAR ‘N AID in 1985. Not only the members of Ronnie and DIO, such as Rob Halford and Yngwie Malmsteen, configuration ultra-luxurious every one appeared from the next to the next, you do not get tired at all is watching. Best interesting to people that there is no seen this video, you can enjoy the nostalgia full even for mania that was chasing the success of Ronnie from those days, I’m happy bonus.

Except for the RAINBOW era in this work, in almost chronological Ronnie career, you can easily enjoy over a period of about 70 minutes. All of course the image quality is superlative. We affirm that it is definitive clip collection with the original menu. All Ronnie fan must-see one, Please enjoy this opportunity.


不世出のヴォーカリスト、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ。今なお衰えぬ人気を誇るロニーの全盛期映像をまとめたビデオクリップ集が嬉しいギフト・タイトルで登場です! 本作ではロニーが名実ともにビッグであった80年代を中心に、1983年から2002年のDIOのビデオ・クリップやBLACK SABBATH時代のクリップ、ヘヴィメタル史にその名を刻んだプロジェクトHEAR ‘N AIDの「Stars」等を追加収録。歌だけでなく存在感も強烈なカリスマの魅力を、優れたクオリティの映像で余す所なく楽しめます。

まず最初に登場するのは、1983年の「HOLY DIVER」から、タイトル曲の「Holy Diver」と「Rainbow In The Dark」。剣と戦いのファンタジックな世界観を具現化した前者に対し、現代社会を皮肉ったような後者と、同じアルバムのクリップでも、中身や方向性は大きく異なり、非常に興味深いです。「Rainbow In The Dark」では若々しいヴィヴィアン・キャンベルも印象的で、思わず見入ってしまいます。
1984年の「LAST IN LINE」からは「Mystery」と「The Last In Line」が登場。こちらもマジカルな世界観を描いた「Mystery」に、近未来的でSFなムードを現した「The Last In Line」と、’80年代らしいクリップに仕上がっています。「Mystery」は、1991年に公式リリースされたビデオ「TIME MACHINE」にも収録されなかっただけに、初めて見る方もいるのではないでしょうか。
そして「SACRED HEART」からの「Rock ‘n’ Roll Children」は、DIO史上でも屈指といえる優れたクリップ。ロニーのキャラクターと曲の内容を見事に映像化した内容は、現在の視点から考えても見事です。全編がライヴな演奏シーンで構成された「King Of Rock And Roll」は、アルバムでも擬似ライヴに仕上げられていた曲だけに、映像と楽曲が何の違和感もなくハマっています。
「DREAM EVIL」において製作されたクリップ「I Could Have Been A Dreamer」と「All The Fools Sailed Away」は、「HOLY DIVER」や「LAST IN LINE」当時とも違った質感の画面が印象的。何事にもスケールが大きくなった’80年代後半のムードが映像にも滲んでいます。「All The Fools Sailed Away」はそのムードと曲の壮大さが上手くマッチしています。
ローワン・ロバートソン在籍時で唯一の作品となった「LOCK UP THE WOLVES」からは、当時製作された「Hey Angel」と「Wild One」を2つとも、しっかりと楽しめます。映画的なムードが強かった「DREAM EVIL」当時とは対照的に、どちらもバンドの演奏シーンを中心にしたストレートなクリップとして構成されています。ストリートの雰囲気やバンドのルックスにも現れているように、若返ったバンド像をファンに印象付けています。
本編の最後は2002年の「KILLING THE DRAGON」当時から「Push」を収録。ユニークなイントロとアウトロ、パワフルなバンドの演奏という対比は、今観ても面白いです。

そして本作には、エキストラとして5トラックを追加収録しています。1974年に発表されたロジャー・グローヴァーのプロジェクト作品「BUTTERFLY BALL」から収録された「The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast」のほか、BLACK SABBATH時代からは1980年の「Die Young」・「Neon Knights」に加え、1992年の「DEHUMANIZER」当時の「TV Crimes」も楽しめます。そして何より注目すべきは、1985年にHEAR ‘N AIDとして製作された「Stars」でしょう。ロニーやDIOのメンバーだけでなく、ロブ・ハルフォードやイングヴェイ・マルムスティーンなど、超豪華な面々が次から次へと登場する構成は、観ていてまったく飽きません。この映像を見た事がない人には最高に興味深く、当時からロニーの活躍を追いかけていたマニアにとっても懐かしさ一杯に楽しめる、嬉しいボーナスです。


Dio Promos

1. Holy Diver(1983) 2. Rainbow In The Dark(1983) 3. Mystery(1984) 4. The Last In Line(1984) 5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Children(1985) 6. King Of Rock And Roll(1985) 7. I Could Have Been A Dreamer(1987) 8. All The Fools Sailed Away(1987) 9. Hey Angel(1990) 10. Wild One(1990) 11. Push(2002)

Extra Tracks

12. The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast(1974) 13. Stars (Hear ‘n Aid 1985)
14. Die Young(Black Sabbath 1980) 15. Neon Knights(Black Sabbath 1980)
16. TV Crimes(Black Sabbath 1992)



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