Derek & The Dominos / Port Chester 1970 / 2CD

Derek & The Dominos / Port Chester 1970 / 2CD / SpeakEzy
Translated Text:
Live At Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USA 5th December 1970.


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Dominos70_nen December 5 appeared in the press machine! Grade-up version that contains a complete version of the Tell The Truth of the main appeared in recent years on the Trent Late Show. Tell The Truth and Bottle Of but between the Red Wine of the song had become shorter in the cross-fade processing by the uploader, such as the patch process in a different tape, press on CD subjected to a re-mastered so as to be as much as possible the longest recorded. Pitch was also revised fix again. From the Early Show to the second piece the second half in the bonus. Here even in distortion-free natural sound, have been fixed point was unstable speed in the Tell The Truth ending in the past board. Also CD label surface picture disk this time, the front jacket is reversible design!

Live at Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York, USA 5th December 1970 Late+Early(Bonus)
Dominos70年12月5日がプレス盤で登場!メインは近年トレント上に登場したLate ShowのTell The Truthの完成版を含むグレードアップ・バージョン。Tell The TruthとBottle Of Red Wineの曲間がアップローダーによりクロスフェード処理で短くなっていましたが、別テープでパッチ処理するなど、なるべく最長収録となるようリマスタリングを施しプレスCD化。ピッチも再度見直し修正しました。2枚目後半にボーナスでEarly Showを収録。こちらも歪みのないナチュラルサウンドで、過去盤ではTell The Truthエンディングでスピードが不安定だった箇所も修正されています。今回もCDラベル面はピクチャーディスク、フロント・ジャケはリバーシブル仕様です!

Late Show
Disc 1
1. Intro.
2. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
3. Blues Power
4. Stormy Monday
5. Key To The Highway
6. Tell The Truth
7. Bottle Of Red Wine

Disc 2
1. MC
2. Got To Get Better In A Little While
3. Crossroads

Bonus Tracks: Early Show
4. Tell The Truth
5. Little Wing
6. Blues Power
7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Let It Rain

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