Def Leppard / Tokyo 1999 / 1DVD

Def Leppard / Tokyo 1999 / 1DVD / Non Label
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Live at Tokyo International Forum – Hall A, Tokyo, Japan 2nd October 1999 PRO-SHOT

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“EUPHORIA TOUR IN JAPAN” in Japan revived the royal road. The best multi-camera pro shot is out.
It is included in this work “October 2, 1999: Tokyo International Forum” performance. The pattern was televised, and from that time Pro Shot was a famous show. This work is a decision board that reproduces the television broadcast with the highest quality of the past. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the show from the Japan Tour schedule of the time.

· September 24: Nagoya City Hall
· September 26: Osaka Festival Hall
· September 27: Osaka Health Pension Center
· September 28: Zepp Fukuoka
· September 30: Tokyo International Forum
· October 1: Tokyo International Forum
· October 2: Tokyo International Forum 【this work】
· October 4: Pacifico Yokohama

Over all, 8 performances. They are doing 9 national tours as of 2017, but the 8 shows are the most common ties with 1996. Although it could not be said that it was the heyday of the world in the 90’s, it seems to be the strongest popularity in Japan that loves Melodic · Rock. Besides, half of it is the Kanto performance, 3DAYS at the “Tokyo International Forum” which is soon after opening. This work is the final day of the concert.
As mentioned earlier, this show was a popular pro shot from that time, but this work is not a copy of it. Direct DVD made into original master masterpieces owned by domestic recording maniacs. This master is wonderful, not only dubbing zero, as well as the highest beauty ever recorded on high-end equipment at the time. Far from not seeing any white line noise, there is even no distortion at the edge of the screen which is the fate of the video master. It is the image beauty that “I have not played once even after recording!” It is the one that has exercised everything by consigning its master to the same foreign manufacturer as the laser disc reprint series (familiar in our shop) and digitizing it.
Because it is “EUPHORIA TOUR” of the royal road revival that is drawn with such ultimate quality it is irresistible. His super representative song “HYSTERIA” number is centered on the songs while the successive major songs are moving. “RETRO ACTIVE” “Action” and the best board “When Love & Hate Collide” are played evenly from the entire work from the debut to the latest work. Even during the ‘SLANG’ era, I did not forget the main road at the stage, but at this time the new song is also the DEF LEPPARD clause of the de fastball. Not only “Paper Sun” and “Promises” which are playing recently but also “Demolition Man” and “Goodbye” unique at that time are delicious.
Of course, playing is full of freshness of the royal road restoration. Joe Eliot declares “This is our music !!” in front of “Women”, but its confidence and confidence will overflow from each song (since this work has Japanese subtitles, the content of MC is also It is transmitted to Vivid). Moreover, as a melodic rock lovers Japanese audience welcomes me with a great welcome, the sense of fulfillment filled in the venue will be transmitted from the screen as well. Moreover, it is not merely the reproduction of the golden age. Rick Allen, who returned to the regular drum set, has beaten the powerful beat more than the 80’s, and Vivian Campbell is also completely familiar with the band. Vivian was also active as a songwriter at the royal road section’s new work “EUPHORIA”, but in this work he performed satisfyingly with his own composition “Demolition Man” “Paper Sun”. It is already seven years since joining, but so far it has been a different color work and planning board. It may be that you established your place in the “band that regained its original appearance” for the first time here.

DEF LEPPARD that has gone through twists and turns reached the conviction that “This is ours” is one piece overflowing with the highest quality. Whether it is possible to grasp this “conviction” is not the true ability of the band? The band that can not be disappeared no matter how high the heyday is, and the band that I grabbed survives even when the times change. It is a good time running up the stairs of success one by one and it is good, but this beautiful “conviction” is only a veteran band, it can also be tasted only from the “real band”.
A masterpiece pro shot representing the “EUPHORIA” era which was born from this Japan. It is one that shows that DEF LEPPARD is “unmistakable genuine” by making it the highest record ever. It is a masterpiece of more than simply packing good songs and good performances. Please enjoy it.

日本中が王道復活に湧いた“EUPHORIA TOUR IN JAPAN”。の極上マルチカメラ・プロショットが登場です。

・9月28日:Zepp Fukuoka
・10月2日:東京国際フォーラム  【本作】

そんな究極クオリティで描かれるのが王道復活の“EUPHORIA TOUR”なのですからたまらない。超名盤『HYSTERIA』ナンバーを軸にしながらも歴代の大代表曲がずらり。『RETRO ACTIVE』の「Action」やベスト盤の「When Love & Hate Collide」も含め、デビューから最新作までの全作から満遍なく演奏している。『SLANG』時代ですらステージでは本道を忘れなかったわけですが、この時は新曲もド直球のDEF LEPPARD節。最近も演奏している「Paper Sun」「Promises」だけでなく、当時ならではの「Demolition Man」「Goodbye」が美味しい。
もちろん、演奏ぶりも王道復古の瑞々しさに溢れている。「Women」の前でジョー・エリオットが「これが俺たちの音楽だ!!」と宣言しますが、その自信と確信が各曲から溢れ出す(本作は日本語字幕付きなので、MCの内容もビビッドに伝わります)。しかも、それをメロディアス・ロック大好きな日本の観客が大歓待で迎えるのですから、会場に充ち満ちた充実感が画面からも伝わってくるのです。しかも、単に黄金期の再現なわけではない。通常のドラムセットに戻ったリック・アレンは80年代よりもパワフルなビートを叩き出していますし、ヴィヴィアン・キャンベルもバンドと完全に馴染んでいる。ヴィヴィアンは王道節の新作『EUPHORIA』でソングライターとしても活躍しましたが、本作ではその自作曲「Demolition Man」「Paper Sun」を満足げに演奏。加入からすでに7年となっていたわけですが、ここまでは異色作や企画盤ばかり。ここで初めて“本来の姿を取り戻したバンド”の中に自分の居場所を確立したのかも知れません。

紆余曲折を経たDEF LEPPARDがたどり着いた「これが俺たち」の確信が最高級クオリティで溢れ出す1枚です。この「確信」を掴めるかどうかが、バンドの真の実力なのではないでしょうか。できないバンドは全盛期がいかに高くとも消えてゆき、掴んだバンドは時代が変わっても生き残る。成功の階段を一心不乱に駆け上がる若い頃も良いものですが、この美しき「確信」はベテラン・バンド、それも“本物のバンド”からしか味わえないのです。
この日本から誕生した『EUPHORIA』時代を代表する大傑作プロショット。その史上最高峰盤にして、DEF LEPPARDが”紛れもない本物”であることを示してくれる1枚。単に良い曲と良い演奏が詰まっている以上の大傑作。存分にお楽しみください。

1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 2. Action 3. Demolition Man 4. Women 5. Make Love Like A Man
6. When Love & Hate Collide 7. Animal 8. Hysteria 9. Foolin’ 10. Paper Sun 11. Slang
12. Promises 13. Goodbye 14. Love Bites 15. Armageddon It 16. Photograph 17. Rocket
18. Pour Some Sugar On Me 19. Rock Of Ages 20. Let’s Get Rocked 21. Wasted
22. Let It Go

Live at Tokyo International Forum – Hall A, Tokyo, Japan 30th September 1999

1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) / Action / Demolition Man 2. Interview
3. Euphoria EPK



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