Def Leppard / Reading 2008 / 1DVDR

Def Leppard / Reading 2008 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Sovereign Center, Reading ,PA USA 3rd April 2008. NTSC


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Since “ADRENALIZE”, “SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE” became the top 5 hits in the US for the first time in a while. The ultimate image that contained the show of spirit of success is a gift release decision.
What is contained in this work is “Reading Performance on April 3, 2008”. “Reading” is not Reading in the UK Festival, but in Pennsylvania. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the show from the whole world tour.

· March 27 – April 27: North America # 1 (20 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 21 – July 17: Europe (27 performances)
· July 30 – August 24 / October 9; North America # 2 (17 performances)
· October 17 – 28: Asia (6 shows)
· October 31 – November 14: Oceania (9 shows)
· June 12th + 14th: UK (2 shows)
· June 23 – September 12: North America # 3 (43 performances)

This is the big picture of “SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE TOUR 2008-2009”. The early stage of the Reading performance of this work is also in the beginning. It is a concert which corresponds to 5 performances about three weeks before the album release.
The biggest point of this work which put such a show is wonderfully easy-to-see quality. It is filmed from the stand front in the front of the stage (slightly to the right), but the front row or the front row shadow does not enter at all. Although it seems that there is a distance as it seems to be from the scene thoroughly drawn, it is because the bold zoom is frequently used, and only the stage occupies a lot of sight, the distance becomes unknown. Sounds become further unknown distance. A straight reaching singing voice and a singing voice are shining clearly because it is zero obstacle, making it clearer to details.
Moreover, the vivid and delicate image beauty which is not so much in the latest video clear as a vacuum universe. This feeling … Well, I used a time machine to send a drone to the venue, as though I took a picture while zooming in the air. It is a picture that can be enjoyed with such aerial feeling and stereoscopic effect.
It is drawn with such quality that the momentum of 5 performances and the luxurious Greatest Hits are dazzling. Although it is about ten years ago, the image production utilizing the huge screen is frequently used, and the CG which the member’s expression is also exquisite is perfect. Although it is “SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE TOUR”, there is only a new song “Nine Lives” before album release, even in the near place “Rock On” of “YEAH!” Rather, the former major delegate is making an attack with the rush, rather it is the person who told me “who is the picture version of MIRROR BALL” is comfortable. Among them is “Mirror, Mirror”. Although it began to be played since 2007, it itself has revived for 23 years. You can experience rare songs that you could not listen to with “MIRROR BALL” with exceptional quality.

Anyway, it seems to be floating in the middle of a deck venue “viewing in the sky” sense. It is a wonderful video work with the highest quality right opposite to DEF LEPPARD throughout the body without being obstructed by anything. I can experience 100% of the world of “MIRROR BALL” in real life like this. DEF LEPPARD Paradise 1 piece, please.
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『ADRENALIZE』以来、久々に全米トップ5ヒットとなった『SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE』。その成功の意気上がるショウを収めた極上映像がギフト・リリース決定です。


これが“SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE TOUR 2008-2009”の全体像。本作のレディング公演はその序盤も序盤。アルバム発売の約3週間前にあたる5公演目にあたるコンサートです。
そんなクオリティで描かれるのは、5公演目の勢いと豪華なグレイテストヒッツが眩しいショウ。約10年前ではありますが、巨大スクリーンを活用した映像演出が多用され、メンバーの表情も凝ったCGもばっちり。“SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE TOUR”ではあるものの、アルバム発売前のせいか新曲は「Nine Lives」のみで、近いところでも『YEAH!』の「Rock On」くらい。むしろ往年の大代表がラッシュで攻め立てており、むしろ、「MIRROR BALLの映像版」と言った方がしっくりと来る感じです。その中で異彩を放つのが「Mirror, Mirror」。2007年から演奏されるようになったとは言え、それ自体が23年ぶりの復活。『MIRROR BALL』でも聴けなかったレア曲が極上クオリティで体験できるのです。

とにかく、デカい会場のド真ん中に浮かんでいるような“空中観覧”感覚。何物にも遮られることなく全身でDEF LEPPARDと正対する極上のクオリティが素晴らしい映像作品です。そんな現実離れした感覚で『MIRROR BALL』の世界を本生100%体験できる。DEF LEPPARDパラダイスな1枚を、どうぞ。

1. Intro. 2. Rocket 3. Animal 4. Let’s Get Rocked 5. Foolin’ 6. Mirror, Mirror 7. Nine Lives
8. Love Bites 9. Rock On 10. Two Steps Behind 11. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak 12. Switch 625
13. Hysteria 14. Armageddon It 15. Photograph 16. Pour Some Sugar On Me

Joe Elliott – Lead Vocals Phil Collen – Guitar Vivian Campbell – Guitar
Rick Savage – Bass Rick Allen – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.86min.

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