Deep Purple / Perfect Machine Budokan 1985 3rd Night / 2CDR

Deep Purple / Perfect Machine Budokan 1985 3rd Night / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live At Budokan , Tokyo Japan 15th May 1985.



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Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, sigh leaks by simply arranging the Roger Glover …… name “five golden”. Finally best live albums of the 1985 Japan tour, which came to Japan that 5 people are resurrected as a gift title.
Of this work it has been recorded, “May 15, 1985: Nippon Budokan”. Six performances eyes of the entire 7 ranging in performance “PERFECT STRANGERS JAPAN TOUR”. Reunion DEEP PURPLE is the most raised era, we have to introduce a number of titles in our shop. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s now try to organize in the schedule.

– 1985 May 8, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall “FAR FROM GOD”
– 1985 May 9, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall “FAR FROM GOD”
“One day off & move”
– 1985 May 11, 2011: Nagoya International Exhibition Hall “FAR FROM GOD”
“One day off & move”
– 1985 May 13, 2011: Nippon Budokan “PERFECT GUNNERS”
– 1985 May 14, 2011: Nippon Budokan “THRILL OF THE CHASE”
– 1985 May 15, 2011: Nippon Budokan [this work] – 1985 May 16, 2011: Nippon Budokan “THE MAGNIFICENT FIVE”
※ each day of the masterpiece only. There are other “DEEP IMPACT” “KILLING MACHINE” “THE GAMBLING HOUSE,” “THE RICOCHET” “FINAL CRASH!” And the like of the title.

In this way, in our shop, but we have to report all the performances, this work is one of the top class among them. Is the previous from the press 2CD “PERFECT MACHINE (Langley-281)” as the beloved have the name recorded. In fact, the sound of this work is fiercely, just the audience recording ideal. Core of the musical tone is Zubutoku, edge is also a vivid sounds beautiful. So-called “like a sound board” is called in 憚 et al no musical tone, even throughout all the performances, “FAR FROM GOD” and “THRILL OF THE CHASE” and splendor to fight the top. Unfortunately, there is cut by the tape change where the stick to No. 3 of “Space Truckin ‘”, we can not affirm to the “tour best!” But, what is the name recorded in the name of the recording you do not see the drawback seems drawback otherwise is.
…… No, there was only one other drawback. It is, when the field PA has issued Oboshiki noise. Of course, it is a modest noise to the extent that notice to be a quiet part, and is also the moment to realize the rather splendor of the recordings are fully pressing the tightly even such trivial sound.
Although it is also such a scene, worthy of the play itself is also referred to as a great performance, enthusiastically. Beginning is rode also gradually wind of Richie you are playing with the tightly, while negotiations with Guillain in “Strange Kind Of Woman” in the familiar “Jesus Christ Superstar” part, interwoven melodies of Bach to your mood Miseru playing. It is Rongusoro also aggressive in the “Lazy” and “Child In Time” of the problem, such as the second half of the “Space Truckin ‘”, I narrowing play hot enough anymore Wake do not know, enthusiastically drawn unfolds.
Of course, if much is Richie ride, another scary thing without. Also the entire band is pulled and Guigui, what one song very, spree take the momentum vividly also play between the introduction and songs. In particular, the voice of Gillan top form. At the time, crossing the mind is only “MADE IN JAPAN”, is what I thought, such as “…… that has changed,” but, whether it was what luxury thing If you think from now. In fact, compared with the European countries and North America of the sound source of this tour it is also out much voice, suitable to be referred to as “Best of 1985”. Of course, it does not extend to “1972 of the miracle” listening even now, it can not be helped even if compared to the apex of rock history class. Subsequent miracle of alone with that one time, Japan tour 憚 et al not to say that the best performance of the last five people I hear plenty.

Again DEEP PURPLE, and in Japan in particular five gold there is “something”. As “MADE IN JAPAN” was the apex of rock history, great performance that shines brilliantly in Japan tour also reunited DEEP PURPLE history of this 1985. This work, you a single grade in Japan tour of such 1985. Exactly “reunion version MADE IN JAPAN”. Again it happened miracle of live album after 13 years at the same venue. Such one, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.

本作が記録されたのは「1985年5月15日:日本武道館」。全7公演に及ぶ“PERFECT STRANGERS JAPAN TOUR”の6公演目です。再結成DEEP PURPLEがもっとも盛り上がった時代であり、当店でも数多くのタイトルをご紹介して参りました。良い機会ですので、ここで日程で整理してみましょう。

・1985年5月8日:大阪城ホール 『FAR FROM GOD』
・1985年5月9日:大阪城ホール 『FAR FROM GOD』
・1985年5月11日:名古屋市国際展示場 『FAR FROM GOD』
・1985年5月13日:日本武道館 『PERFECT GUNNERS』
・1985年5月14日:日本武道館 『THRILL OF THE CHASE』
・1985年5月15日:日本武道館 【本作】
・1985年5月16日:日本武道館 『THE MAGNIFICENT FIVE』

このように、当店では全公演をレポートしてきましたが、本作はその中でもトップクラスの1本。以前からプレス2CD『PERFECT MACHINE(Langley-281)』として愛されてきた名録音です。実際、本作のサウンドは凄まじく、まさにオーディエンス録音の理想。楽音の芯は図太く、エッジも鮮やかで鳴りも美しい。いわゆる「まるでサウンドボード」と呼んで憚らない楽音で、全公演を通しても『FAR FROM GOD』や『THRILL OF THE CHASE』とトップを争う素晴らしさ。残念ながら「Space Truckin’」の3番に突っ込むところでテープチェンジによるカットあるので、「ツアーベスト!」とまでは断言できないのですが、それ以外に欠点らしい欠点が見当たらない名録音中の名録音なのです。
そんなシーンもありはしますが、演奏自体も名演・熱演と呼ぶに相応しい。冒頭はキッチリと弾いている風のリッチーも徐々に乗ってきて、「Strange Kind Of Woman」ではお馴染みの「Jesus Christ Superstar」パートでギランとの掛け合いつつ、ご機嫌にバッハの旋律を織り交ぜて弾いてみせる。「Lazy」や問題の「Child In Time」のロングソロもアグレッシヴですし、「Space Truckin’」の後半などは、もうワケが分からないほどに熱く弾き込み、引き込まれる熱演が繰り広げられるのです。
もちろん、それだけリッチーがノれば、もう怖い物ナシ。バンド全体もグイグイと引っ張られ、どの1曲をとっても、導入や曲間の遊びも鮮やかに勢いに乗りまくる。特にギランの声は絶好調。当時は『MADE IN JAPAN』ばかりが脳裏をよぎり、「変わってしまった……」などと思ったものですが、今から考えたら何と贅沢なことだったのか。実際、このツアーのヨーロッパ各国や北米の音源と比べても格段に声が出ており、“1985年のベスト”と呼ぶに相応しい。もちろん、今聴いても“奇跡の1972年”に及ぶわけではありませんが、ロック史の頂点級と比べても仕方がない。あの一度きりの奇跡以降、この5人でのベスト・パフォーマンスと言って憚らない来日公演がたっぷりと聴けるのです。

やはりDEEP PURPLE、特に黄金の5人と日本には“何か”がある。『MADE IN JAPAN』がロック史の頂点であったように、この1985年の来日公演も再結成DEEP PURPLE史上に燦然と輝く名演。本作は、そんな1985年の来日公演でも特級の1本なのです。まさに“再結成版MADE IN JAPAN”。同じ会場で13年後に再び起こった奇跡のライヴアルバム。そんな1本、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1(47:40)
1. Intro 2. Highway Star 3. Nobody’s Home 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Blues/A Gypsy’s Kiss
6. Perfect Strangers 7. Under The Gun 8. Lazy 9. Drums Solo

Disc 2(67:43)
1. Child In Time 2. Knockin’ At Your Back Door 3. Difficult To Cure 4. Keyboard Solo
5. Space Truckin’ 6. Woman From Tokyo 7. Black Night 8. Smoke On The Water

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ian Gillan – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

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