Deep Purple / Osaka 1972 2nd Night / 2CD

Deep Purple / Osaka 1972 2nd Night / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

Translated Text:
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 16th August 1972.

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“A miracle in a miracle”. “August 16, 1972: Osaka Festival Hall” occupying the majority of the Daimyo board “LIVE IN JAPAN”. That new master appears.
This week we will have two new excavations of DEEP PURPLE first visit to Japan. One was the first day “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT (Darker Than Blue 243/244)”. And this is the second day. Actually, these two are CDs of the cassette master brought directly from the same original route directly. It is the decision board which was contained in the press CD without leaving anything to the part which had been scraped by the departed love which has been loved so far. Although it is now, let’s confirm the two positions in the legendary schedule for the first visit to Japan.

· August 15th: Osaka Festival Hall “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT”
· August 16: Osaka Festival Hall 【this work】
· August 17: Nippon Budokan

Three days when this produced the treasure trove of Lock History “LIVE IN JAPAN”. Both of them were prestigious collections suitable for the name of “miracle”, but the second day “August 16” is famous as “a miracle in the miracle”. “Highway Star”, “Child In Time”, “Strange Kind Of Woman” and “Space Truckin ‘”, which are two and a half of the four analog faces, were recorded on this day. If Martin Birch of that time thought “to reproduce the best day,” this will be “August 16th”.
This work is an audience album that recorded such a great performance under such a performance. Just like “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT”, the recording itself is the same as “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE (Darker Than Blue 044-049)”, but it is not remastered nor recurrent. It is digitized from a completely different cassette master. In this cassette, “sound” that had been scraped by the previous episode was also left. For example, at the beginning. The master so far is going to fade in after the beginning of recording, but this work has started before the recording started, and the feeling of “puff” which the recorder started moving has been completely remained . This is the same even at the moment of stopping the tape. Of course, the length of the performance itself of the band does not change, but the breath of the audience who was present at that moment, even a single particle of the air sucked in by the recorder are contained all.
Of course, if the master is different, the feel of the sound is also different from the conventional one. The thickness of the middle and low tone is wonderful, and the performance sounds funny and it sounds funny. Even more wonderfully, there is little hiss noise. As expected, it can not be said that “Hiss none exists” only for the recording of 45 years ago, but the performance comes close to the eyes, not the nuance that is heard from the noise side like the conventional one. It is tough as modern hard rock is more powerful and colorful. Of course, the recording itself is the same, so it can not be said “just like different performance”, but the performance of this work shines in the rock history “miracle in the miracle”. I am in trouble if you hear another performance. Rather, that sound is closer to the sound.
It is new excavation of feelinglessness already by this alone, but its real value was in the second half. There is an unprecedented sense of stability. As a matter of fact, the sound pressure was lower when exchanging the disk in the conventional launched board. Perhaps, I think that it occurred in the background of somewhere dubbing, but it does not happen in this work. It goes through the whole story with the same powerful sound as the first half (Disc 1), and reaches “Lucille” which was the only one in a miracle for three days.

45 years since legendary first visit to Japan. Whatever the thousands of hard rock bands in the world, only one night, “miracles in miracles”, whatever the “five golden people” performed live hundreds of times. This work is a new “expression” of such “August 16”. A new discovery of an audience album that can be breathed with the smell of the site, in the moment of the miracle. Please, please fully taste it.

“奇跡の中の奇跡”。大名盤『LIVE IN JAPAN』の大半を占めている「1972年8月16日:大阪フェスティバルホール」。その新マスターが登場です。
今週はDEEP PURPLE初来日の新発掘が2種類登場します。1つは初日を収めた『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT(Darker Than Blue 243/244)』。そして2日目が本作。実は、この2本は同じ独自ルートからもたらされたカセット・マスターをダイレクトにCD化したもの。これまで愛されてきた既発では削られていたパートまで寸分残さずプレスCDに封じ込めた決定盤なのです。今さらではありますが、伝説の初来日の日程の中で2本のポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・8月15日:大阪フェスティバルホール 『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT』
・8月16日:大阪フェスティバルホール 【本作】

これがロック史の至宝盤『LIVE IN JAPAN』を生み出した3日間。いずれも“奇跡”の名に相応しい名演揃いだったわけですが、中でも2日目である「8月16日」は“奇跡の中の奇跡”と名高い。何しろ『LIVE IN JAPAN』の大半、アナログ4面のうち、2面半にあたる「Highway Star」「Child In Time」「Strange Kind Of Woman」「Space Truckin’」がこの日に録音された。もし、当時のマーティン・バーチが「ベストの1日を再現しよう」と考えたとしたら、この「8月16日」になったことでしょう。
本作は、そんな名演中の大名演を記録したオーディエンス・アルバム。『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT』と同じように録音自体は『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE(Darker Than Blue 044-049)』と同じではあるのですが、そのリマスターでも、再発でもありません。まったく別のカセット・マスターからデジタル化したものです。このカセットには、既発では削られていた“音”も残されていた。例えば、冒頭。これまでのマスターは録音が始まってからフェイドインしていくのですが、本作は録音が始まる前からスタートしており、レコーダーが動き始めた「プッ」という感触までそっくり残されているのです。これはテープを止める瞬間でも同じ。もちろん、バンドの演奏そのものの長さは変わらないのですが、その瞬間に立ち会っていた観客たちの息吹、レコーダーが吸い込んだ空気のひと粒までも総てを封じ込めているのです。



Disc 1 (53:36)
1. Intro 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Child In Time
5. The Mule 6. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 2 (46:29)
1. Lazy 2. Space Truckin’ 3. Black Night 4. Lucille

Darker Than Blue 245/246

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