Deep Purple / Made In Japan UK 8 Track Stereo Cartridge / 1CD

Deep Purple / Made In Japan UK 8 Track Stereo Cartridge / 1CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Taken From The Original UK Purple Records (EMI Records-The Gramophone Company Ltd) 8 track cartridge (8X2-TPSP 351)


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[History of the pursuit of the highest peak in the world] The impact of the size of what should such convey …. Prior to the introduction of essential of this work, we will be a little talk about the weight.
Needless to say the lock of the ultra-name album “MADE IN JAPAN”. It is a live album that anymore even and even the very existence of the DEEP PURPLE also transcend to “a symbol of rock music”. Soredakeni, the footprints of many of mania / collector to find the vertex Quality has been carved in the rock history. For many years, of that it had been said that the best was “Japanese version of the First Press LP (commonly known as green label)”. Top collectors our world is, is why has competed the best condition of the green label.
Was it completely changed the appearance of “THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE PROMO LP WHITE LABEL”. This is a “promo of the Japanese edition First Press LP”, the best press that more than a “green label”, “white label”. In other words, the highest peak, which was found at the end of the pursuit of the best master / cutting. Japanese board LP is If so, “the highest mountain in the world”, Green Label is “the summit”. White label is a thing such as the “top of the rock in the summit.”
However, this work is completely different. So to speak, another mountain. Appearance of this work is the impact, such as a huge mountain appeared more than suddenly Everest.

[MADE IN JAPAN of different dimension sound] Its A New of the world highest peak was present, the home country the United Kingdom. The UK headquarters of the Gramophone was the 8-track cartridge was released (8X2-TPSP 351). Also present “8 tiger of MADE IN JAPAN” from conventional but was is known, it is the United States board. Home country the United Kingdom of 8 Tiger’s the rhea products also did not know even exist at the core collector. Is why you got the unused goods, but did not have to be honest, “a rare thing” more than expected. However, abnormal sound came out of a fit there. In the past it was a super-high-quality have never heard even once.
I wrote the “ultra-high-quality” to the easy one, but you might have better to also say that “abnormal high-quality sound”. For the first time those who listen to this work, first of all, you will be surprised at the sound pressure. Any conventional “MADE IN JAPAN”, “LIVE IN JAPAN” and the powerful sound of a different dimension. It sounds comparable to modern remastered CD pressure but, of course, does not was pulling force in mastering. No matter how advanced digital technology, edge and irregularities had collapsed at a time never to return. No matter how efforts in the current of the remastered CD, remains the original delicacy is lost forever. However, the sound, which has been housed in 8 tigers, while fine edge remains of iodine is left and clearly, you intense sound pressure was also living.
Of course, the sound pressure is not only a first impression. Enough to proceed to hear, the figure of “MADE IN JAPAN” never heard until now is relief. After all amazing three-dimensional feeling. Not that of the three-dimensional feeling between the instruments (No, it is also certain of). “Grain”, “sound” of each sound of each instrument can be felt in the three-dimensional. Honestly, it is because the sound quality of the story all the notes of all the instruments is different from, but dare one example, if a drum. 1 sound of Tam to be battered is spread from the rise in the drum solo, and up to the convergence can feel the “thickness”, such as to draw a Yamagata. Also in the “MADE IN JAPAN” up to now (in the excellent board), but there was also a sense of three-dimensional, three-dimensional feeling like it was piled up paintings on glass. Even the white label, was a sensation, such as 3D TV superimposed a flat layer. In contrast, this work is to “feel a sense of” on the first sound itself. Person if painting is your hobby, when it becomes to see the real thing in the exhibition, I think that it is felt to a thickness of irregularities and recoating of paint. The sound of this work, we its dimension.
If you are a outdoor enthusiasts, please try to imagine that you stand barefoot on top of the rocks. “MADE IN JAPAN” up to now stood on wearing climbing shoes. Also felt the unevenness of the rock in the back of the foot, it’s was a feeling of it became on once flat in the shoe sole. In contrast, this work barefoot feeling. Per direct fine irregularities of the rock face is on the skin, not only a fine of irregularity “Here there is a rock” different though the presence of. On top of that, the feel of the rock itself, the friction coefficient, the presence of a grain of sand …. All of which are felt truth. A three-dimensional feeling presence of this work is, those things. 8 is the tiger of the artwork I have a word of “The Biggest Sound Around”, but just the sound of the word street.

[Remaining mystery] Rather than was Noboritsume known mountain, it has a “new mountain” also left but therefore a mystery. First of all, why only “8 tiger of the British Gramophone” is what got made to this sound. When carefully, listen carefully, there is a master of switching sound to silence, it also finds that the record company had been working in the music unit, further surprised with “Space Truckin ‘”. Unlike “MADE IN JAPAN” of 16 beat hi-hat is of conventional intro, (you swung strongly to the left when it is especially open) you are swung to the left and right. Honestly, or different song order from the characteristics of 8 tiger, cheers of “Strange Kind Of Woman” is interrupted abruptly. Never, it is no state in which a specially elaborate work for 8 tiger. Nevertheless, … until the only mix (!?) To 8 tiger of the distribution amount of very small.
Such this work is a mystery as well, including shortcomings, the “UK 8 tiger of truth” was in place as it is transferred to a CD. It is as it is also interruption of “Strange Kind Of Woman” cheers, but there was also the sound vibration of about one second in the 20 th second of the “Child In Time”, which is also as it is. The only, what was the work only was connected was divided into two parts ‘and “(Part 1)” Space Truckin Space Truckin “‘ the (conclusion)” into one. Song order also of different dimension sounds, this is the appearance of truth.

Once Unusual top “road to the world’s best”. However, it is not at the top of the true highest point has been climbed conventional “Japanese board LP”, was in the home country, “the United Kingdom of 8 tiger”. If even unexpected circumstances of the discovery, the sound was also unexpected “true highest peak”. This historic breakthrough, this weekend in Your hand.

何という、何という秘宝。ロック史に輝く超名盤『MADE IN JAPAN』の最高峰サウンド・バージョンの歴史的発掘です。あの歴史的な偉大盤『THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE PROMO LP WHITE LABEL』さえも超越する異次元の『MADE IN JAPAN』が存在したのです。

言わずと知れたロックの超名盤『MADE IN JAPAN』。もはやDEEP PURPLEの存在そのものさえも超越して“ロック・ミュージックの象徴”とさえなっているライヴアルバムです。それだけに、ロック史には頂点クオリティを求める幾多のマニア/コレクターの足跡が刻まれてきました。長年、その最高峰と言われていたのは「日本盤の初回プレスLP(通称グリーンラベル)」でした。世界のトップ・コレクター達は、グリーンラベルの最良コンディションを競ってきたわけです。
それが一変したのは『THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE PROMO LP WHITE LABEL』の登場。これは「日本盤初回プレスLPのプロモ盤」であり、「グリーンラベル」を超える最良プレスの「白ラベル」。つまり、ベスト・マスター/カッティングの追求の末に見出された最高峰。日本盤LPが「世界一高い山」だとすれば、グリーンラベルは「その頂上」。白ラベルは「その頂上にある岩のてっぺん」のようなものなのです。

【異次元サウンドのMADE IN JAPAN】
その新たなる世界最高峰が存在したのは、本国イギリス。グラモフォンの英国本社がリリースした8トラック・カートリッジ(8X2-TPSP 351)でした。従来から「MADE IN JAPANの8トラ」も存在は知られてはいましたが、それはアメリカ盤。本国イギリスの8トラはコアなコレクターでも存在すら知らなかった激レア品なのです。その未使用品を入手したわけですが、正直なところ「珍しいもの」以上の期待はしておりませんでした。ところが、そこかられ出てきたのは異常なサウンド。これまで一度も聴いたことがない超・高音質だったのです。
カンタンに「超・高音質」と書きましたが、やはり「異常な高音質」と言った方が良いかもしれません。本作を初めて聴かれる方は、まず、その音圧に驚かれることでしょう。従来のあらゆる『MADE IN JAPAN』『LIVE IN JAPAN』とは次元の違う迫力サウンド。現代のリマスターCDにも匹敵する音圧なのですが、もちろん、マスタリングでムリヤリ引き上げたのではありません。いかにデジタル技術が進歩しようとも、一度潰れてしまったエッジや凹凸は二度と戻らない。現行のリマスターCDでいくら努力しても、オリジナルの繊細さは永久に失われたままです。ところが、8トラに収められていたサウンドは、素のままで微細なエッジがクッキリと残されつつ、強烈な音圧も同居していたのです。
もちろん、音圧は第一印象にすぎません。聴き進めるほどに、今まで聴いたことのない『MADE IN JAPAN』の姿が浮き彫りになる。何と言っても凄いのが立体感。楽器間の立体感のことではありません(いや、それもあるのですが)。各楽器の1音1音の“粒”・“鳴り”が立体に感じられる。正直なところ、音質の話なので全楽器の全ノートが異なるのですが、あえて1つ例を挙げるならドラム。ドラムソロで連打されるタムの1音が立ち上がりから広がり、そして収束に至るまで山形を描くような“厚み”を感じられる。今までの『MADE IN JAPAN』にも(優れた盤には)立体感もありましたが、それはガラスに描いた絵を重ねたような立体感。白ラベルでさえも、平らな層を重ねた3Dテレビのような感覚でした。それに対し、本作は1音そのものに“手触り感”まである。絵画がご趣味の方なら、展覧会で実物をご覧になったとき、絵の具の凸凹や塗り重ねの厚みまで感じられると思います。本作のサウンドとは、その次元なのです。
アウトドア派の方なら、岩場の上に素足で立つことを想像してみてください。今までの『MADE IN JAPAN』は登山靴を履いた上で立っていた。足の裏で岩の凹凸は感じられても、それは靴底で一度平坦になった上での感触だったのです。それに対し、本作は素足感。岩肌の細かな凹凸が皮膚に直接当たり、凹凸の細やかさだけでなく“ここに岩がある”の存在感がまるで違う。その上で、岩肌そのものの感触、摩擦係数、砂粒の存在……。そのすべてがありのままに感じられる。本作の立体感・存在感とは、そういうもの。8トラのアートワークには「The Biggest Sound Around」の一言があるのですが、まさにその言葉通りのサウンドなのです。

既知の山を登り詰めたのではなく、“新たな山”であるが故に謎も残されています。まず、なぜ「英グラモフォンの8トラ」だけがこのサウンドになり得たのか。よーく耳を澄ますと、無音部にマスターの切り替え音があり、レコード会社が曲単位で作業していたことも分かるのですが、さらに驚くのは「Space Truckin’」。イントロの16ビートハイハットが従来の『MADE IN JAPAN』とは違い、左右に振られている(特にオープンになった時に左に強く振られます)。正直なところ、8トラの特性から曲順が異なったり、「Strange Kind Of Woman」の歓声が唐突に途切れる。決して、8トラのために特別に精緻な作業をした様子はないのです。にも関わらず、流通量極少の8トラに専用ミックス(!?)まで……。
そんな本作は謎も欠点も含め、“英8トラの真実”をそのままCDに移し替えました。「Strange Kind Of Woman」歓声の途切れもそのままですし、「Child In Time」の20秒目に1秒ほどの音ブレもありましたが、これもそのまま。唯一、作業をしたのは2パートに分かれていた「Space Truckin’ (Part 1)」と「Space Truckin’ (conclusion)」を1つに繋げただけです。曲順も異次元のサウンドも、これが真実の姿なのです。


1. Highway Star 2. Child In Time 3. The Mule 4. Strange Kind Of Woman
5. Smoke On The Water 6. Lazy 7. Space Truckin’

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