Deep Purple / Made In Europe UK 8 Track Stereo Cartridge / 1CD

Deep Purple / Made In Europe UK 8 Track Stereo Cartridge / 1CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Taken from the original UK PURPLE RECORDS (EMI Records Ltd) 8 track cartridge (8X-TPSA 7517)

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“MADE IN JAPAN” “MACHINE HEAD” “UK 8 TRACK” shook the maniacs all over the world. That shock is three times. This time is the third stage live album “MADE IN EUROPE”!
Anyway, the UK 8 track of “MADE IN JAPAN” “MACHINE HEAD” was nothing but a shock. Rock’s masterpiece can be pursued for the highest peak sound, but many were supposed to be honored as “good sound” should be good, such as home country or Japan’s first press LP. However, DEEP PURPLE ‘s second big name was sleeping at the highest peak in “8 track cartridge” that everyone did not expect. In the first place, “UK board 8 tigers” is not as good as LPs, so it is not enough to produce the actual thing to confirm … … Is it said that most collectors forget the existence itself Extremely rare item. No way, nobody even thought that such a rarity might contain a terrible high quality sound.
It is “UK board 8 tiger” which overturned the common sense of the world in a stroke, but it was released also in the third term DEEP PURPLE. It is this work, masterpiece live album “MADE IN EUROPE (8X – TPSA 7517)” by Gramophone ‘s British headquarters. That sound is crucial, but “8 tiger” is unlike LP, it is also a point divided into 4 parts. First of all, let’s take a bird’s-eye view of the contents.

And it is recorded like this. Although the studio work “MACHINE HEAD” was also changing the order of the songs, this work is sometimes referred to as a live or song order as it is. Each part is recorded in less than 12 minutes, “Mistreated” “You Fool No One” is divided into two.
What a rough recording is also an era feeling, but the sound is a time-shock impact! This is the world’s best peak of beautiful noise. First of all, as with “MADE IN JAPAN” “MACHINE HEAD” powerful sound pressure is amazing. It is a powerful sound that is not inferior at all compared to the existing remaster board, but of course no equalization. Powerful sounds were kept contained in analogue that did not handle at all.
While it is just that sound pressure, the natural feeling of ringing, the density of the sound is overwhelming. For example, the current remastered board is a dynamism as if the peak was pulled up with tweezers, and if it says without fear of misunderstanding, the attack sound differs from the other sounds. In contrast, this work draws a mountain smoothly from a weak note to a peak whether or not it can be heard even by headphones, boasts a lot of sounds at all stages. If you compare this with sight, the difference between 3D movie and reality. If the current remastered board is a 3D movie split into several layers, the stereoscopic effect of this work is the same reality as “reality” without “stratum” etc.
In addition, the space feeling which spreads is also wonderful. For example, Richie’s solo being stamped in the middle part of “Mistreated”. Richie standing on the left, playing the strato, passing through the brains and glittering sounds spread to the right channel. Sense of being a live album. Since it was produced at that time and was not played too badly, it is precisely inscribed with the originally unique master that was left behind.
What a wonderful thing about “MADE IN EUROPE” that revived with such quality … …. Of course, the show is organized from the last three performances of Richie, but due to the subsequent release boards such as “MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS”, “PARIS 1975”, “GRAZ 1975”, the presence of “MADE IN EUROPE” The feeling has faded away. However, this one is full of the glow that is not in the subsequent board. The point is that it should be said to be the dignity produced as an official work.
Initially, Ritchie of that time had already decided to form RAINBOW, and often lacked precision even in the live. It was a time when I could never say that it was a heroish and wildest condition in the history of DEEP PURPLE. However, such a review is a story throughout the whole concert. Young Richie who was in the 30s’ song can not play with Dadara in the end, the phrase which flares up at the ends of the show gleaming and the moment when the dynamism exploded is popping out. It was “MADE IN EUROPE” that gathered such sporadic moments and finished “one album work”. It might have been a business reason that it became an analog one piece, but that is why it is a dense feeling of no use. The performance was carefully scrutinized, and it is perfection degree created at the end of the editing that combines with other performances mercilessly in one song. Of course, not only Richie who left but also the remaining members are plentifully concentrated and delicious with delicious phrases and famous scenes.
This is also one ideal of the live album. For persons who think “live board = document”, it is better to have a later issue “PARIS 1975” and a number of audience recordings. However, if you think that “live edition = live performance work”, album is fantastic while being built like “MADE IN EUROPE” alive. As expected it is not possible to find value in halfway “MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS”, but “MADE IN EUROPE” still shines now even now. The sound of this work makes us realize the charm of such a famous board again.

The stylish of the third phase DEEP PURPLE, and the masterpiece “MADE IN EUROPE” condensing the last charm of “PURPLE’s Richie Blackmore” into one LP. It is the highest peak sound board of that unknown history. “UK board 8 tiger” The third shock, please do not be afraid to face it.


★ There is no doubt, “MADE IN EUROPE” of highest and best sound quality ever. If you listen it you will understand.

『MADE IN JAPAN』『MACHINE HEAD』で世界中のマニアを震撼させた「UK 8 TRACK」。あの衝撃が、三度。今度は第3期の名盤ライヴアルバム『MADE IN EUROPE』です!
とにかく、『MADE IN JAPAN』『MACHINE HEAD』のUK8トラックは衝撃以外の何物でもありませんでした。ロックの名盤は最高峰サウンドを追い求められるものですが、多くは本国や日本の初回プレスLPなど「良いサウンドのはず」と当たりが付けられるものでした。ところが、DEEP PURPLEの2大名盤は誰もが予想だにしなかった“8トラック・カートリッジ”に最高峰が眠っていた。そもそも“UK盤8トラ”はLPとは比べものにならないほど生産数が少なく、確認しようにも現物が手に入らない……と言いますか、ほとんどのコレクターが存在自体を忘れてしまうほどの超激レア品。まさか、そんな珍品に凄まじいハイクオリティ・サウンドが封じ込まれていようとは、誰も考えすらしなかったのです。
世界の常識を一気にひっくり返した“UK盤8トラ”ですが、第3期DEEP PURPLEでもリリースされていました。それが本作、グラモフォンの英国本社制作による名作ライヴアルバム『MADE IN EUROPE(8X-TPSA 7517)』です。そのサウンドこそが肝心要なのですが、“8トラ”はLPとは異なり、4パートに分割された構成もポイント。まずは、その中身を俯瞰してみましょう。

[PROGRAMME 1 (11:47)] Burn
Mistreated (part 1)

[PROGRAMME 2 (11:50)] Mistreated (conclusion)
Lady Double Dealer

[PROGRAMME 3 (11:39)] You Fool No One (part 1)

[PROGRAMME 4 (11:37)] You Fool No One (conclusion)

と、このように収録されています。スタジオ作『MACHINE HEAD』は曲順の入れ替えもしていましたが、本作はライヴと言うこともあってか曲順はそのまま。各パート12分弱で収録されており、「Mistreated」「You Fool No One」が二分割されています。
なんとも乱暴な収録も時代感覚ですが、そのサウンドは時間を超越した衝撃! まさに世界最高峰となる美音が流れ出るのです。まず、『MADE IN JAPAN』『MACHINE HEAD』と同じように強力な音圧が凄い。現行のリマスター盤と比較してもまったく劣らない力強いサウンドなのですが、もちろんノー・イコライジング。まったく手を付けないアナログのままで強力なサウンドが封じ込まれていたのです。
そんなクオリティで甦った『MADE IN EUROPE』の何と素晴らしい事……。もちろん、ショウはリッチー最後の3公演から組まれているわけですが、『MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS』や『PARIS 1975』『GRAZ 1975』といった後発盤のせいか、現在『MADE IN EUROPE』の存在感は薄れてしまいました。しかし、この1枚には後発盤にない輝きで満ち溢れているのです。その要は、オフィシャル作品として制作された品格とも言うべきものです。
そもそも、この当時のリッチーは既にRAINBOW結成を決めており、ライヴでも精彩を欠くことが多かった。決してDEEP PURPLE史でも全盛・絶好調とは言えない時期でした。しかし、そうした評はコンサート全編を通しての話。30代を目前にした若きリッチーが延々ダラダラと演奏するはずがなく、ショウの端々でブワッと燃え上がるようなフレーズが沸き立ち、ダイナミズムが爆発する瞬間が飛び出していました。そんな散発する瞬間をかき集め、“1枚のアルバム作品”に仕上げたのが『MADE IN EUROPE』でした。アナログ1枚物になったのはビジネス的な理由だったかも知れませんが、だからこそ無駄のない濃密感。しっかりと演奏が精査され、1曲の中だろうが容赦なく他公演と組み合わせる編集の末に生み出された完成度。もちろん、去ってしまったリッチーだけでなく、残りメンバーも美味しいフレーズや名演・名シーンがたっぷりと濃縮還元されているのです。
これもまた、ライヴアルバムの1つの理想。「ライヴ盤=ドキュメント」とお考えの方には後発盤『PARIS 1975』や数々のオーディエンス録音の方が良いでしょう。しかし「ライヴ盤=生演奏による作品」と考えるなら、『MADE IN EUROPE』のように作り込まれながらも生々しいアルバムこそが素晴らしい。さすがに今となっては中途半端な『MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS』に価値は見いだせませんが、『MADE IN EUROPE』は今でも、今だからこそ輝く。本作のサウンドは、そんな名盤の魅力を改めて思い知らせてくれるのです。

第3期DEEP PURPLEの粋、そして“PURPLEのリッチー・ブラックモア”最後の魅力をLP1枚分に凝縮した名作『MADE IN EUROPE』。その知られざる史上最高峰サウンド盤です。“UK盤8トラ”三度目の衝撃、どうぞ刮目して正対してください。


★疑いの余地なく、史上最高・最良の音質の「MADE IN EUROPE」。聴けば判ります。


1. Burn
2. Mistreated (part 1)
3. Mistreated (Interpolating Rock Me Baby) (conclusion)★4:14 で トラック替わり
4. Lady Double Dealer
5. You Fool No One (part 1)
6. You Fool No One (conclusion) ★11:39 でトラック替わり
7. Stormbringer

David Coverdale – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Glenn Hughes – Bass, Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

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