Deep Purple / Long Beach Arena 1971 Complete / 2CD

Deep Purple / Long Beach Arena 1971 Complete / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 30th July 1971 SBD

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DEEP PURPLE – LONG BEACH ARENA one thousand nine hundred seventy-one COMPLETE (2CD)
Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. Usa SBD 30th July one thousand nine hundred seventy-one  second phase of the DEEP PURPLE “FIREBALL” U.S. tour in 1971 after announcing more performances in Long Beach, Calif., July 30, located in the final stage, the longest recorded history appeared in the best quality board. You combine the existing two sources, the first in a collector’s item “complete recording of broadcast sources,” this work is realized, “but all-too-idea, not actually” items. Of course sound quality is excellent performances this work, the appropriate phrase is literally a single alternative formula, long awaited Limited Edition CD2 Disc Mania Press!  This “Long Beach Arena” concert recorded live recordings, the radio station KUSC in Los Angeles is a local, “Monday Night Airbag Live” that was broadcast on the show propagated it. Worth even more than that the only decent sounding board instrument in 1971 tour, in the splendor of the playing Mania “must listen live” absolute masterpieces of masterpieces and positioned. Sound from the analog era is known for many source-air broadcasting, of course, among them “LONG BEACH ARENA 1971” is “the best title to listen to a sound and safe” as long there in the classic position. But already from the title is “incomplete acquisition” that there were weak points. Songs broadcast on the air in this day “Speed ​​King” · “Strange Kind Of Woman” · “Child In Time” · “Wring That Neck” · “Mandrake Root” a total of five songs (contents still well over 80 minutes !), but why in the above-mentioned already-issued “Wring That Neck” has remained unreleased. On the other hand this “Wring That Neck” to those containing the “PURPLE FOR A DAY” item that I exist, live here in the first half of “Strange Kind Of Woman” and “Child In Time” is not recorded. Causing more noise in the analog such as a scratch yet, and certainly makes sense from the perspective of looking back to the current sound could hardly take. This time, however this work appeared in number than those sources said, comparing the sources and digitized through a full treatment of the various master Daewon, on the order of songs was reconstituted at the time, 83 min 5 songs Press has recorded two CD to all! The source itself has played to improve dramatically in terms of quality with air check same as before, the contents of the experience rated at Mania whatever, I can enjoy once again the stage this special leave to ever live in DEEP PURPLE!  Already-issued “LONG BEACH ARENA 1971” While there is a sense of unity and stability to the sound, the sound was a slight gathering at the center of the position lacks the wide, that spoil the charm of a dynamic live stage II PURPLE Rashii There is an impression. This work is housed in sound but also much more direct feel and stereo spread, with no exaggeration to express a different image of the sound no longer confused as never. Now clear grasp of the members also play with more intensity it has been brushed up. Gillan and Ritchie guitar vocals, John Hammond also has clearly emerged as each of the spotlight. Bottom-up is the thickness of the sound at the same time, we also increase the power of rhythmic weirdness build the base for Roger Paice drums. A crazy song Gillan, Ritchie’s guitar playing on the rampage freely, lunge is the energy blend together like boiling magma “Speed ​​King” knockout performances without overwhelming even a fan of whatever happen! Grooves to be played in full “Strange Kind Of Woman” is also excellent. Gillan and Ritchie’s dialogue, but I feel a little short, Richie’s solo play that combines melodic and witty ride is great (“LONG BEACH ARENA 1971” DJ After playing the same songs that were cut in Even some of the MC and MC by Guillain, this recording as it has been recorded). “Child In Time” intro by John played the intro is too delicate, existing in the development of low sound pressure is hard to listening, you can see clearly in this work well here. Gillan screaming jump out of the sides of the channel’s vitally intense (Beware if you listen through headphones)! The destructive power of the solo competition and John Ritchie, the other not even say brilliant dexterity firmly together at the last minute of the configuration, yet it breaks down. Thrilling performances and the beauty of a clear introduction, development, turn, conclusion, and testify to the dreadfulness of the second stage was at the height PURPLE everything.  Disc 2 is where the greatest crisis of this work extends to minute 15 “Wring That Neck” begins. In this take becomes clear tone than one disk, ease of listening is a wonderful thing. To flow in the speedy deployment, will determine how melodic solo John Ritchie and very comfortable, immerse listeners will be able to play them to the hilt.Roger is also clear that Doraivingu base notes, more excitement and swing music with drum Pace. Near the conclusion of the song Richie (To make matters 7) “White Christmas” is also worth a glance that play. The last is a major feature film “Mandrake Root”. First, the vocals are overwhelmed from the body, such as the Guillain squeeze, band interplay to rush from one part of the epic two minutes or more. As the storm swept guitar, incessantly surging torrent of Hammond will be exciting to listeners. To control the flow of the song while drums of Pace, in situations where it counts and then rampage, play is a perfect score Suponteniasu members heard answer. Releasing captured the ears of many listeners can be fed continuously ad libitum, in a thrilling 26 minutes and 40 seconds throughout the whole volume is amazing!  Everyone “I want this there,” concerts this work imposes Long Beach Press-year CD in ’71 shape, all single-awaited Mania DEEP PURPLE. Showed a peak live in the second phase PURPLE live, I would like to enjoy over the full 83 minutes. Heights can be pushed up a notch Tsuranku the sound source in the past, was completed as the ultimate collector’s item, the decision imposing the release of press here in CD2-Disc Limited Edition! As fans, please do not miss it! Only the first 50 pages ★, will be released in numbered with a sticker into. A Disc 1. Speed ​​King two. Strange Kind Of Woman three. Child In Time Disc 2 a. Wring That Neck 2. Mandrake Root SoundBoard RECORDING Ian Gillan – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboard Ian Paice – Drums May 6, Darker Than Blue 128/129

Darker Than Blue 128/129

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