Deep Purple / Live In Osaka / 2CD With OBI Strip

Deep Purple / Live In Osaka 1972 / 2CD With OBI Strip / Shakuntala

Festival Hall Osaka Japan, August 15, 1972. Digitally Remastered

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Richie Blackmore, who has been to Japan on many tours, was the first member of Deep Purple to step into Japan. Purple’s first performance in Japan was 1972. Grand Funk and Zeppelin have already performed in Japan, and in the 1970s when many of the performances that were now a part of history were held in Japan, this purple shines particularly well for Japanese fans. It is my first visit to Japan. Even the Beatles were noisy for their long hair, and just five years after the criticism of noisy music, the world had changed dramatically, not just rock. Although only three performances of this purple came to Japan, it has left a huge footprint in Japanese rock history in every sense.

One of the major factors that tells us that Purple’s first performance in Japan is a legend is that the fact that “ LIVE IN JAPAN ”, a famous masterpiece among all live albums, was recorded . After that, many musicians such as Dylan, Cheap Trick, and Clapton released Live in Japan, which is also a significant beginning. At this time, purple was the second stage, and the members were fulfilling, so it was very good. Initially, it was scheduled to be released only in Japan, but the reimported disc gained a reputation for its good content, and was subsequently released and hit worldwide. Especially in the United States, where sales were sluggish, it is particularly noteworthy that this first live album in Japan greatly increased the popularity and name recognition.

For LIVE, “LIVE IN JAPAN” is regarded as a very important album, and it has been repeatedly released in various forms or with retitled titles until now. At present, you can listen to almost all songs for three days in “full version” and remastered version with different contents. However, as a day to feel the heat and air at the venue on the day, and as the day when the masterpiece was born, a full recording version of this audience recording at the Osaka Festival Hall on August 15, 1972 is also indispensable for fans Isn’t it a monumental thing that can’t be seen?

This work has recorded the performance of the Osaka Festival Hall on August 15, 1972 in a high-quality audience sound source among the three performances in this historic purple first visit to Japan. Although the same source as the previously released board, the hall echo that was conspicuous in the previously released board has been reduced, making it very easy to listen to. Although the generation of the original source is unknown, ears accustomed to the sound quality up to now may be surprised by the sound image that is very natural and has a different impression than before, without forcibly processing it with equalizing. A permanent press machine with a beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese obi.


パープルの初来日公演が伝説として現在に伝えられる大きな要因のひとつは、来日公演のみならずあらゆるライヴ・アルバムの中でも傑作として名高い『LIVE IN JAPAN』が収録された点が大きく寄与している。その後、ディランやチープトリック、クラプトンなど、数多くのミュージシャンがライヴ・イン・ジャパンをリリースするが、その嚆矢として意義深いものでもある。この時期パープルは第二期にあたり、メンバー的にも充実していたこともあり、非常に優れた内容となっている。当初は日本国内のみでのリリース予定だったが、その内容の良さから逆輸入盤が評判を呼び、その後世界各国でリリースされヒットしたのである。特にセールス的に低迷していたアメリカでは、この初来日のライヴ盤によって人気と知名度が大きくアップした事が特記される。

パープルにとってもこの『LIVE IN JAPAN』は非常に重要なアルバムと位置付けられており、現在に至るまで様々な形で、あるいは改題を重ね、繰り返しリリースされてきた。現在ではそれぞれ内容の異なる「完全版」やリマスター版などで、三日間のほぼ全曲を聴くことが出来る。しかしこと当日の会場での熱気と空気を感じさせるものとして、そして名盤が生まれた日として、この1972年8月15日大阪フェスティバル・ホールでのオーディエンス録音による完全収録版もまた、ファンにとって欠かすべからざる記念碑的なものになるのではないか。


01. Introduction
02. Highway Star
03. Smoke On The Water
04. Child In Time
05. The Mule
06. Strange Kind Of Women

01. Lazy
02. Space Truckin’
03. Black Night
04. Speed King

Shakuntala. STCD-156/157

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