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Deep Purple / In Rock /1 CDR /Non Label

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Taken From UK Original 1st Pressing LP (Harvest SHVL 777 GramophoneXMatrix M-1.

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A masterpiece of DEEP PURPLE, from the state best of the original record and digitized directly in the superlative equipment of professional use, the fan absolute must listen 3 title! Even now compared to listen to the various albums that have been official release, the difference is obvious. Natural texture and glossy, and the best of the powerful, let taste the real attraction of the work.
This “original analog reprinted Series”, the miracle of the series that was able to be achieved because of gift title. Of course, for those of avid fans in Kikikon from the analog era, it is also a fan of your analog not experience, is one that I would like you to listen by all means!

DEEP PURPLE from “art rock” is by Jon Lord led, diverted to the hard rock of Ritchie Blackmore led, in 1969, which became a huge masterpiece in the history of rock “IN ROCK”. Name board similar to this piece of the other of the same era, such as the analog era, as well on CD and later also “Anniversary Edition” and high-quality materials board, I have worked without release many times before. These for any work that is said also common, texture difference between the analog board and the CD of the subsequent sound source. In particular, the difference is particularly noticeable in the deep-richness of the natural is and tone, audio fans will have a lot of people that still “people of analog is the preference.”
Further, in between mania “more of the first edition has a higher cutting level, there is a sound groove to near label, yet the sound is good,” and then there is a deep-rooted theory say. The analog board, which is its “best” in this work, and play in the equipment environment of the professional class, as it is digitized into direct! General of the fans is also difficult sound “get” even “Play”, feel free to (of course wasting even without having to worry about!) Many times you can enjoy.

Direct use the “matrix No. 1” in the United Kingdom version of the original record of what is in this work “IN ROCK”! In the first edition in the first edition, which is engraved with the “SHVL 777A-1” in the matrix, which is available itself is miraculous, also on the ultra-ultra-stick rare record. Tone of this work to be played at the highest peak of the system is sound PURPLE mania around the world to envy and “once want to listen!”

Etc. said to 1969 at the time DEEP PURPLE (initial of “Hush” and Concerto in attention although received), stage of the still “young”. Equipment that can be used for financial and recording not be said to be a thorough, recording itself of “IN ROCK” was carried out in a pretty rough environment. Or shorten the texture difference between each song by the current CD in remastered, but covers the roughness of the sound, at the same time had been confined to the album “bare vivid” and “wax texture” is also lost in were sisters.
It is what about in this “SHVL 777A-1”! The spurting such energy and power of the first track from the “Speed ​​King” will suddenly surprised! Fierce guitar young Richie of the shoot with great ambition, to at the time (especially bass drum of force must listen!) Still 21-year-old Ian Paice is pounding drums, you remember even excitement over the surprise. Charm intact of the master of containment in good condition the most alive the master tape (M-1), unfolds in the great power sound like a studio live “Bloodsucker”, “Into The Fire” is overwhelming. Already skilled John Hammond organ that was full of flavor drifting in of fertility and excellent depth “Child In Time” and “Flight Of The Rat,” “Living Wreck” is said to great listening stations.
But nor was remastered, glossy enough to the entire sound is incredible throughout the whole volume. Compared to this, the current CD is felt even in like a dubbing tape. Deep parts of the sound that has been recorded in any song also clear, and I sound image that punchy. This bare of low-power, and when the Lively a powerful what is “IN ROCK” original charm, everyone listening hand would be convinced while too late!

Off direct from the record, so (but repeatedly stated) do not have is any of processing, will also be included in needle crackling sound in various places. But even you brew the taste of “analog unique” (CD is only a younger generation of fans who do not know, you might feel rather interesting).
While this work is gift-title, press CD quality of its contents is unmistakable. The sound jump out of “Speed ​​King” one sound eyes immediately after the disc playback, even might change fundamentally “IN ROCK” image that has been heard until now. For those of mania that has been familiar with the more than 40 years “IN ROCK”, it is one that I would like you to listen to it!

DEEP PURPLEの名作を、状態最良のオリジナル・レコードから、プロユースの最上級機材でダイレクトにデジタル化した、ファン絶対必聴の3タイトル! 現在オフィシャル・リリースされている各種のアルバムと聴き比べても、その違いは一目瞭然。ナチュラルな質感と艶やかさ、そして最高の迫力で、作品の本当の魅力を味わわせます。

DEEP PURPLEがジョン・ロード主導による”アート・ロック”から、リッチー・ブラックモア主導のハードロックへと方向転換し、ロックの歴史に残る大傑作となった1969年の「IN ROCK」。他の同時代の名盤同様この作品も、アナログ時代はもとよりCD化以降も”アニバーサリー・エディション”や高品質素材盤など、これまで何度と無くリリースを重ねてきました。これらどの作品についても共通して言われるのが、アナログ盤とCD化以降の音源の質感差。特にナチュラルさや音色の深み・豊かさで違いは顕著に見られ、オーディオ・ファンは今なお「アナログの方が好みだ」という人も大勢います。
さらにマニアの間では「初版のほうがカッティング・レベルが高く、レーベル近くまで音溝があり、なおかつ音が良い」と言う説が根強く存在します。本作ではその”最も良い”とされるアナログ盤を、プロフェッショナル・クラスの機材環境で再生し、そのままダイレクトにデジタル化! 一般のファンでは”入手”も”再生”も難しいサウンドを、何度も気軽に(もちろん消耗も気にする事無く!)楽しめます。

本作では何と「IN ROCK」のイギリス版オリジナル・レコードの「マトリックス1番」をダイレクト使用! マトリックスに”SHVL 777A-1″と刻印されている初版中の初版で、これは入手自体が奇跡的な、超の上にも超が付くレア盤。最高峰のシステムで再生される本作の音色は、世界中のPURPLEマニアが「一度は聴きたい」と羨望するサウンドです!

1969年当時はDEEP PURPLEといえど(初期の「Hush」やコンチェルトで注目は受けたものの)、まだまだ”若手”の段階。資金面やレコーディングに使用できる機材も万全とは言えず、「IN ROCK」の収録そのものが、かなり粗雑な環境で行われました。現在のCDではリマスターによって曲ごとの質感差を縮めたり、音の荒さをカバーしていますが、それと同時にアルバムへ封じ込められていた「剥き出しの生々しさ」や「ロウな質感」も失われてしまいました。
それがこの”SHVL 777A-1″ではどうでしょう! 1曲目の「Speed King」から迸るようなエナジーとパワーにはいきなり驚かされます! 若き日のリッチーが野心を込めて放つ壮絶なギター、当時まだ21歳のイアン・ペイスが叩き出すドラム(特にバスドラの迫力は必聴!)には、驚きを越えて感動すら覚えます。マスター・テープを最も活きの良い状態で封じ込めた原盤(M-1)の魅力そのままに、スタジオ・ライヴのような大迫力サウンドで繰り広げられる「Bloodsucker」・「Into The Fire」は圧倒的。すでに熟練の旨みを湛えたジョンのハモンド・オルガンが絶品の深みと豊饒さで漂う「Child In Time」や「Flight Of The Rat」・「Living Wreck」は大きな聴き所と言えます。
リマスターした訳でも無いのに、全体の音は全編通して信じられないほどに艶やか。これに比べると、現行CDはまるでダビング・テープのようにすら感じられます。どの曲でも収録されている音のパーツが深くまたクリア、そしてパンチの効いた音像なのです。このむき出しのロウ・パワー、そしてライヴリーな迫力こそ「IN ROCK」本来の魅力であると、聴き手の誰もが今更ながらに確信するでしょう!

本作はギフト・タイトルながら、その中身は紛れも無いプレスCDクオリティ。ディスク再生直後の「Speed King」一音目から飛び出す音色に、今まで聴いていた「IN ROCK」像すら根本的に変わるかも知れません。40年以上「IN ROCK」に慣れ親しんできたマニアの方にも、是非聴いて頂きたい一本です!

1. Speed King 2. Bloodsucker 3. Child in Time 4. Flight of the Rat 5. Into the Fire
6. Living Wreck 7. Hard Lovin’ Man


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