Deep Purple / Film Anthology 1970-1974 / 1 DVDR

Deep Purple / Film Anthology 1970-1974 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Granada TV Studios, Manchester, UK 14th July 1970 ( Aired On 21st August 1970).

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The first thing to appear is the second trimester of was recorded in a professional shot it can be said that the most excellent “Doing Their Thing”. TV appearances in the UK Manchester of 1970 July 14, have enjoyed a particularly good master in this work (at the time of the broadcast date is that of the August 21, 1970).
And beginning in the “Speed ​​King”, “Child In Time”, “Wring That Neck” and “Mandrake Root”, you can enjoy a typical set of the time. Richie has selectively used the Stratocaster and the ES-335 by the song, the big point of this state can see clearly. Richie is the camera is likely to be nervous when entering, in the state this time that percentage relax, is the impression you are playing freely. And superhuman vocal of Guillain, is also a must-see drum dynamic Pace. Many is the shame of the songs piecemeal of, the terrible of PURPLE was unusual performance population as a hard rock band of the time, you’ll feel clearly more than the sound source.

Followed by the September 9, 1970, when who appeared in music program “Top Of The Pops”, “Black Night”. In a tone that was purple, such as according to the band of the image, you can see a figure that was a lively young band. The performance itself is a mime, but it is not much of a sense of discomfort.

And that is also a big interest in this Sakuchu, of the 1970 October 8, “Pop Deux”. It was incomplete in “Doing Their Thing” at the beginning “Wring That Neck” and “Mandrake Root” from being seen in the long version of the happy word. Both songs I do not extend to about 30 minutes had been played in a normal live, but still there is more than enough volume and force. While maintaining the even tension side to watch but rather, it will enjoy a terrific of their improvisation at once.

To appear at the end of the second phase part, from “Top Of The Pops” of ’71 December 16, valuable “Fireball”. This is like a mime, rare is the same song the band in the color images show the performance, will place you want to check if the fan (music program in the middle has reached the ending).

The second half of this work than the third period PURPLE, which celebrated its David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, have enjoyed and live in London “Hammersmith Odeon” of May 9, 1974, an interview with members. Known this image is in the name of “Leeds Polytechnic Project”, but you will be watching the definitive edition in the “LONDON 1974” in the press DVD title, this work is the Journal from there to not favorably excellent master. It is just good take to easily enjoy.
Thrilling performance of the band, you’ll feel hot audience to enjoy the performance aboard the glue, the air of the Hard Rock Live at the time realistically.

This work is the second phase and the third phase, in the figure of the band that strikes early in each of the times, a fan must-see footage that was withdrawn a particularly delicious part. Gift title unique handy and fun (and 95 minutes of the volume with the original menu!) The one, is a fan of everyone I would like enjoy.

最初に登場するのは、第二期の初期を最優良と言えるプロショットで収録した”Doing Their Thing”です。’70年7月14日のイギリス・マンチェスターでのテレビ出演を、本作では特に優れたマスターで収めています(当時の放送日は’70年8月21日との事)。
「Speed King」に始まり「Child In Time」、「Wring That Neck」そして「Mandrake Root」と、当時の代表的なセットを楽しめます。リッチーは曲によってストラトキャスターとES-335を使い分けており、この様子をはっきり確認できるのは大きなポイント。リッチーはカメラが入るとナーバスになりがちですが、この時は割合リラックスした様子で、伸び伸びとプレイしている印象です。ギランの超人的なヴォーカルや、ダイナミックなペイスのドラムも必見です。多くの曲が断片的なのは残念ですが、当時のハードロック・バンドとしては飛び抜けた演奏集団であったPURPLEの凄みを、音源以上にはっきりと感じられるでしょう。

続いては’70年9月9日、音楽番組”Top Of The Pops”に出演した際の「Black Night」。バンドのイメージに合わせたような紫がかった色調の中で、若いバンドの溌剌とした姿を観る事が出来ます。演奏そのものはマイムですが、さほどの違和感はありません。

そして本作中でも大きな見所なのが、’70年10月8日の”Pop Deux”。冒頭の”Doing Their Thing”では不完全だった「Wring That Neck」や「Mandrake Root」をロング・バージョンで見られるのは嬉しいの一言。両曲とも通常ライヴで演奏されていた約30分には及ばないのですが、それでも充分以上のボリュームと迫力があります。むしろ観る側も緊張感を維持したまま、彼らの即興の凄まじさを一気に楽しめるでしょう。

第二期パートの最後に登場するのは、’71年12月16日の”Top Of The Pops”より、貴重な「Fireball」。これはマイムのようですが、カラー映像でバンドがパフォーマンスを見せる同曲は珍しく、ファンならばチェックしたい所でしょう(曲中盤で番組がエンディングを迎えています)。

本作の後半はデイヴィッド・カヴァデールとグレン・ヒューズを迎えた第三期PURPLEより、’74年5月9日のロンドン”ハマースミス・オデオン”でのライヴと、メンバーのインタビューを収めています。”Leeds Polytechnic Project”の名で知られるこの映像は、プレスDVDタイトルの「LONDON 1974」で決定版を観られますが、本作はそちらにも遜色ない優良マスターからの収録。手軽に楽しむにはちょうど良いテイクです。


“Doing Their Thing”
Granada TV Studios, Manchester, UK 14th July 1970 (Aired on 21st August 1970)

1. Speed King 2. Child In Time 3. Wring That Neck 4. Mandrake Root

“Top Of The Pops”
TV Studios, London, UK 9th September 1970
5. Black Night

“Pop Deux”
Live at TV Show “Pop Deux”,Paris, France 8th October 1970(Aired on 14th November 1970)

6. Wring That Neck 7. Mandrake Root

“Top Of The Pops”
TV Studios, London, UK 16th December 1971
8. Fireball

Ian Gillan – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums

“Leeds Polytechnic Project”
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 9th May 1974
9. Burn 10. Interviews 1. Jon Lord Solo 12. Wring That Neck

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar David Coverdale – Vocal Glenn Hughes – Bass & Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums


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