Deep Purple / Definitive Nagoya 1975 / 2CD + Ticket Replica

Deep Purple / Definitive Nagoya 1975 / 2CD + Ticket Replica / Calm & Storm

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Live at Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Nagoya, 8th December 1975


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After the release of “COME TASTE THE BAND” in 1975, from December 8, the first day, the Nagoya City public hall performance performed from the first and last Japan tour to the 4 th DEEP PURPLE, original, cassette master by Miracle Man recording More sounded! It is an ultra-high-quality audience source that exceeds the sound source of the same day which was known in the past, and it makes colorful revival of a special arrival in Japan. A piece that can not be overlooked absolutely for all DEEP PURPLE mania will appear here in full-length press CD of 105 minutes full length recorded version · 2 sheets!

Because Ritchie Blackmore has withdrawn, DEEP PURPLE is in danger of “band dissolution”. However, members such as David Cavadair and Glenn Hughes, as well as record companies and management supported the continuation of the band, so the band searched for continued activity with a new guitarist.
Tomie Bolin, who has experience in ZEPHER and JAMES GANG, appeared there. Tommy and band sessions were full of vibrancy, making the band feel new possibilities, while being completely different from Ritchie. Tommy himself was also inspired by the playability of the roads and paces who have the depth of British rock and decided to join the band. Here the fourth period DEEP PURPLE was born. A new work “COME TASTE THE BAND” which was recorded in Munich in August ’75 was announced in November. The band has also started a world tour from the Pacific region including the Hawaii and Honolulu shows since November 2, as a warming up.
However, during this tour, the Jakarta show has a problem surrounding the guarantee with the local promoter, and Tommy also continues to trouble such as injuring his left arm by taking uninsurance. The planned Hong Kong performance was canceled and the band came to Japan at the end of the twists and turns.

The performance of the Nagoya city public hall of December 8 recorded in this work precisely premiered in Japan. Regarding this first day, “FIRST TASTE IN NAGOYA” was released before, and the sound source itself was in a state that it can listen. However, this preexisting sound source is (for material quality very valuable) sound quality is aimed for mania, it was hard to say that light users can enjoy easily.
The newly discovered Miracle Man Master has overwhelmingly overwhelmed the lightness and ease of listening to the performance, not to mention the freshness and condition of the master, compared with its predecessor! According to the taper, it is about recording from column 35 (ticket / replica attachment) on the 1st floor, but direct feeling of sound and separation feeling of each part are excellent items, the performance performed on this day stage is fine Enter into fine, you can grasp with a sense of stability.
From the sound check just before the live performance, it is as real as a broadcast sound source. The spectators in the front row are very exciting, but there are no elements that impede the recording around the tapers, the listener can listen to the patterns of the live without feeling stress.
The performance begins with “Burn” which is Japan’s first performance. As the first Japanese performance after joining the band, Cavardere and Glen’s singing is filled with energy and John Road and Ian Pace’s play is fulfilling as expected. Unfortunately, however, the superb sound of this work truly expresses clearly to Tommy’s play. Tommy ‘s play with trouble in his arms clearly told me that he was miserable. Although Tommy’s glimpse can be seen in the small skill which is dispatched in places, the harsh situation will continue in the second and third period songs in which Ritchie strongly left the importance of the guitar.
Nonetheless, support for John and Glenn works effectively in the songs of “COME TASTE THE BAND”, and you can listen to a band and ensemble that is consistent. Especially “Love Child” and “Gettin ‘Tighter” Glenn’s funky personality and John’s intention The subtle play intertwines intensely, listens to the players’ battle and entertains plenty.
At the beginning of Disc 2 “I Need Love”, Cavadair’s Deep Voice and Glenn’s soulful singing show superb co-star. Cavadel is a continuing “Soldier Of Fortune”, I will listen to a wonderful vocal on John’s organ. This is a big listening place for live! In “Lazy” (and drum solo) pouring in from John’s organ solo, drums swinging with pace will play a superb play and sound!
“This Time Around” that Glen resonates emotional singing with a plot of a plenty of organ is a highlight of the live. “You Keep On Moving” that Cavadel joins there will entertain the taste of the fourth period PURPLE.
The climax of the live “Stormbringer” and “Highway Star” (“Highway Star” on this day has not been recorded yet, this time appears for the first time!) However John’s organ is very active like covering Tommy. With a sense of unity with a band sound, the skill of directing the lively excitement exactly is “Maestro” John Road! In case

The fourth period DEEP PURPLE is a special show engraved in the premiere of Japan, full length version including the last “Highway Star” and announcement of the end, revived by the sound which is unlikely to be an old recording for nearly 40 years I made this great recording excavation that remains in the collector’s item history of PURPLE! There are many scenes in which Tommy’s play is surely painful, but the contribution of the four members who follow it steadily is wonderful.
A definitive sound source that reveals one history of DEEP PURPLE must listen to all hard rock · mania. PURPLE mania around the world is also surprised excavation sound source is a fully qualified press CD 2 set suitable for its value, it is a release decision with full!

1975年の「COME TASTE THE BAND」リリース後、第四期DEEP PURPLEにとって最初で最後になったジャパンツアーより、初日の12月8日,名古屋市公会堂公演が、Miracle Man録音によるオリジナル・カセット・マスターより音盤化! 過去に知られていた同日音源を完全に上回る超高音質オーディエンス・ソースで、特別な来日初演を色鮮やかに蘇らせます。全てのDEEP PURPLEマニアにとって絶対に見逃せない一本が、105分間の全長収録版・2枚組の完全限定プレスCDでここに登場します!

リッチー・ブラックモアが脱退した事で、DEEP PURPLEは「バンド解散」の危機に瀕します。しかしデイヴィッド・カヴァデールやグレン・ヒューズといったメンバー、さらにレコード会社やマネージメントはバンドの存続を支持したため、バンドは新たなギタリストを迎えての活動継続を模索しました。
そこで登場したのが、ZEPHERやJAMES GANGでの活動経験を持つトミー・ボーリンでした。リッチーとは全く異なる音楽性ながら、トミーとバンドのセッションは活気に溢れ、バンドに新たな可能性を感じさせました。トミー自身もブリティッシュ・ロックの深みを持つロードやペイスらのプレイアビリティに触発され、バンドへの加入を決意。ここに第四期DEEP PURPLEが誕生したのです。’75年8月にミュンヘンでレコーディングされた新作「COME TASTE THE BAND」は11月に発表。バンドはウォーミング・アップを兼ねて、11月2日よりハワイ・ホノルル公演を含む太平洋地域からワールドツアーを開始しました。

本作に収録された12月8日の名古屋市公会堂公演は、まさにその来日初演。この初日については、以前に「FIRST TASTE IN NAGOYA」がリリースされ、音源そのものは聴ける状態になっていました。しかしこの既発音源は、(資料性は非常に貴重ながら)音質的にはマニア向けであり、ライトユーザーが気軽に楽しめるサウンドとは言い難いものでした。
今回新たに発掘されたMiracle Manマスターは、その既発と比べ、マスターの鮮度や状態は言うに及ばず、明度や演奏の聴き易さまで圧倒的! テーパーによれば1階て列35番(チケット・レプリカ付属)からの録音との事ですが、音のダイレクト感や各パートの分離感は絶品で、この日ステージで繰り広げられた演奏を、微に入り細に至るまで、高い安定感で掴めます。
とはいえ「COME TASTE THE BAND」の楽曲ではジョンやグレンのサポートが有効に機能し、まとまりのあるバンド・アンサンブルを聴かせます。特に「Love Child」や「Gettin’ Tighter」は、グレンのファンキーな個性とジョンの当意即妙なプレイが激しくせめぎ合い、プレイヤー同士のバトルを聴き応えたっぷりに楽しませます。
ディスク2の冒頭「I Need Love」では、カヴァデールのディープ・ヴォイスとグレンのソウルフルな歌唱が極上の共演を見せます。カヴァデールは続く「Soldier Of Fortune」で、ジョンのオルガンに載せて素晴らしいヴォーカルを聴かせます。ここはライヴの大きな聴き所でしょう! ジョンのオルガン・ソロからなだれ込む「Lazy」(およびドラムソロ)では、ペイスのスウィングするドラムが絶品のプレイとサウンドを繰り広げます!
ふくよかなオルガンの調べに乗せて、グレンがエモーショナルな歌唱を響かせる「This Time Around」はライヴのハイライト。そこへカヴァデールも加わるような「You Keep On Moving」は、第四期PURPLEの旨みを楽しませます。
ライヴのクライマックス「Stormbringer」そして「Highway Star」(この日の「Highway Star」は既発未収録で、今回が初登場!)でも、トミーをカバーするようにジョンのオルガンが大活躍。一体感のあるバンド・サウンドで、ライヴの盛り上がりをきっちりと演出する手腕は、さすが”マエストロ”ジョン・ロードです!

第四期DEEP PURPLEが日本初演で刻んだ特別なライヴを、ラストの「Highway Star」と終演アナウンスをも含む全長版で、さらに40年近くも昔の録音とは思えないほど優れたサウンドによって蘇らせた本録音は、PURPLEのコレクターズ・アイテム史に残る大発掘! 確かにトミーのプレイは苦しい場面が多いですが、それを堅実にフォローするメンバー4人の貢献は素晴らしいものがあります。
DEEP PURPLEの歴史をまたひとつ明らかにする決定的音源は、全てのハードロック・マニア必聴必携。世界中のPURPLEマニアも瞠目する驚きの発掘音源が、その価値にふさわしい完全限定プレスCD2枚組で、満を持してのリリース決定です!


Disc 1 (39:53)
1. Opening 2. Burn 3. Lady Luck 4. Love Child 5. Gettin’ Tighter 6. Smoke On The Water
7. Georgia On My Mind

Disc 2 (65:31)
1. I Need Love 2. Soldier Of Fortune 3. Jon Lord Solo 4. Lazy 5. Drum Solo 6. Lazy (reprise)
7. This Time Around 8. Owed to G 9. Tommy Bolin Solo 10. Drifter 11. You Keep On Moving
12. Stormbringer 13. Highway Star

David Coverdale – Vocal Tommy Bolin – Guitar Glenn Hughes – Bass & Vocal Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums

Recorded by Miracle Man

Calm & Strom 052


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