Deep Purple / Definitive The End / 2CD

Deep Purple / Definitive The End / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 29th June 1973

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“June 29, 1973: Osaka Health and Welfare Pension Hall” was the last night of the glorious Phase II DEEP PURPLE. The iconic legendary name recording is re-digitized and reprinted from the original master.
The legendary recording is “” THE END “”. In the final recording of the final night that appeared in 2006, in addition to the first appearance of “DTB 031/032”, the 2015 up edition “DTB 201/202” is also a standard among the staples that have become very popular. This work has been digitized again with the latest equipment from the original cassette master. It is the latest and highest-class board that completely transfers the sound that the tape has sucked into the CD up to the minute parts.
The sound is legendary, but the most important thing is the content. It is a show that is famous for its fact that it was the last night of Phase II PURPLE and the fairwell speech by Ian Gillan, “This is the last night … the end, god bless you, thanks a lot, good night” . This week, the new icon “BUDOKAN 1973 ORIGINAL MASTER (Darker Than Blue 277/278)” which recorded another symbol of 1973, “Night of riots” will be released at the same time, so please arrange the positions from the schedule at that time Let’s go.

・ June 24 “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1973”
× June 26: Nippon Budokan (cancelled)
・ June 27 “FINAL BLACK (Osaka)”
・ June 29: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall (final performance) ← ★ This work ★
* Note: The above are representative works only.

Above, all 5 performances. A riot occurred on June 25, and the show on June 26 was canceled the following day. From there, we moved to Osaka and performed twice in a row at the Employees’ Pension Hall. As mentioned above, we have permanently preserved all the performances of the historic tour, but none of them are as important as this one. The recording itself has been known for a long time, but there is no essential last speech (would you like to identify the venue?), And if the pitch is unstable, the sound cutoff and sound will have a feeling of processing of the initial boot Me. Although it was a superb recording called a “sound board”, it was a sweet nail. “” THE END “” changed that greatly. All of the above-mentioned drawbacks were eliminated because the CD was directly converted from the Omoto cassettes that had already been released, and the last night of the glory II was revived.
作 This work was digitized again in order to update the highest peak of the decided master cassette. In fact, the value is fully felt. The range is much wider than conventional “THE END”, yet overwhelmingly natural. The feeling that I heard suddenly is not pressing, but the fineness of the fine part is definitely up. The rich texture of analog feels plenty, but it is even more realistic and reborn. This is probably due to cassette deck performance differences. Although the specific equipment name will be hidden, we are using a high-end machine that is also used by analog maker specializing in maker, and it is possible to transfer the vibration that the master tape itself was sucking into digital to fine parts It was done.
Of course, this work also carries out meticulous mastering on it. Of course, it’s ruined to process “sound of dignity”. Instead, they corrected the deterioration points of the Omoto tape one by one. For example, the distortion of the left channel before the start of the performance or the moment that occurs at 2:18 of “Highway Star”. Although it was also gathered in the group that has already been released, this work has a natural feeling of the original sound (subtle), but it has a more natural finish. In addition, although the side of the master tape was slightly higher than the side of the master tape on the side of the master tape, the level was also balanced and the overall beautiful work feeling was realized.
ラ The last show revived by that sound has a great sense of reality. Just because it was the last moment, I felt more energetic than usual, and the improvisation was flexible and flexible. The guitar solo that plays longer than usual from “Highway Star” bursts out, and the intro of “Smoke On The Water” is rich with Ritchie’s singing spirit and flexible Ian Pais. Giran was so impressed by the “Smoke On The Water” that she couldn’t sing, or she screamed intensely as if she uttered a clogged voice.
And as the show progresses, the interaction between Richie and Gillan heats up. The long scream that stretches and stretches as soon as saying, “This is the last!”, And Richie responds to the spirit of the fissure with an impressive solo. “Child In Time (intro miss code is a joke?)” Or “Space Truckin ‘” to play a long solo and terrible thing … In addition, when John Road, “Space Truckin ‘” not only “Zaratustra tells the story” but also “Sunshine Of Your Love” riff and “Happy Birthday”. He also plays a variety of phrases, and Jar makes a furious bass solo. Each of these phrases has a sense of being “just right there”, and has the realism that the vibes produced by each instrument arrive with wind pressure. The previous version was also a master sound, but not enough. The actual cassette was indeed inspired by the reality … it’s a heartwarming sound.
It is Giran’s last speech, which is a symbol of this night, that his passion is deeply carved. As mentioned above, a great riot occurred at Nippon Budokan for four days, which caused the audience to scream like a scream and seek an encore for more than five minutes in an unusual atmosphere. Giran’s speech, talking to those fans alone. It’s too symbolic, so let’s write down the full text again.
“All I want to say to …. all of you, is thank you very much, you’ve been great.Thank you for everything you’ve given us in Japan.And thank you, really you’re the representatives of the whole world as far as we’re concerned.Thank you and God bless you for everything you’ve ever given us.Um, this is the last night.The end.God bless’ em.
“I want to say thank you to everyone, you guys are the best. I’m grateful to all the Japanese fans who have done us. Indeed, you are representatives of fans all over the world. Thanks and blessings of God for all your memories with Japanese fans.That’s the last day.It’s the end.Thank you very much.Goodbye.

IIDEEP PURPLE, the second stage of the phase, has come to an end. Until now, the start / stop of the tape was processed in fade, but this time, all of the cassette masters are permanently saved without processing. For them … No, this is a permanent preservation two-disc press that draws as much as possible from the cassette master at the end of one big chapter in British rock history. Please experience it with all your feelings.

★ Great sound quality and content like an official live record.

栄光の第II期DEEP PURPLE最後の夜となった「1973年6月29日:大阪厚生年金会館」。その象徴となる伝説的な名録音がオリジナル・マスターから再デジタル化して復刻です。
その伝説録音とは『”THE END”』。2006年に登場した最終夜の決定録音で、初登場の『DTB 031/032』の他、2015年のアップ盤『DTB 201/202』も大好評となってきた定番中の第定番です。本作は、その元となったカセット・マスターから最新機材で改めてデジタル化。テープが吸い込んでいた音を微細部まで完全にCDに移し替えた最新・最高峰盤なのです。
そのサウンドも伝説ですが、何よりも重要なのは内容。第II期PURPLEの最終夜となった事実と、イアン・ギランによる「This is the last night… the end, god bless you, thanks a lot, good night」というフェアウエル・スピーチによって歴史に名高いショウなのです。今週は1973年のもう1つの象徴「暴動の夜」を記録した新名盤『BUDOKAN 1973 ORIGINAL MASTER(Darker Than Blue 277/278)』も同時リリースとなりますので、当時のスケジュールからポジションを整理しておきましょう。

・6月27日『FINAL BLACK(大阪)』

以上、全5公演。“6・25”に暴動が発生し、翌「6月26日」のショウは中止。そこから大阪へ移動し、厚生年金会館で2回連続公演が行われたわけです。以上のように、当店では歴史的なツアーの全公演を永久保存してきたわけですが、本作ほどの重要作はない。録音自体は古くから知られてきたわけですが、そこには肝心のラスト・スピーチがなく(会場を特定されたくなった?)、ピッチも不安定なら音切れやサウンドも初期ブートの加工感がキツめ。「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれる極上録音でありながら、ツメの甘いものでした。それを大きく変えたのが『”THE END”』。既発群の大元カセットからダイレクトにCD化したために上記した欠点がすべて解消され、栄光の第II期最後の夜を正鵠に甦らせたのです。
本作は、その決定マスター・カセットの最高峰を更新すべく、再度デジタル化を図ったもの。実際、その甲斐が十分に感じられる。従来の『”THE END”』に比べてもレンジが格段に広くなり、それでいて圧倒的にナチュラル。パッと聴いた感じは迫力押しにはなっていませんが、微細部の細やかさは確実にディテール・アップしている。アナログのリッチな質感がたっぷりと感じられつつ、さらにリアルで克明に生まれ変わっているのです。この要因は(恐らく)カセットデッキの性能差でしょう。具体的な機材名は伏せさせていただきますが、アナログ起こしの専門メーカーでも使用されているハイエンド機を使用しており、マスター・テープ自体が吸い込んでいた振動を微細部までデジタルに移し替えることが出来たのです。
もちろん、本作はその上で細心マスタリングも実施。もちろん、“品格の音”をムリヤリ加工しては台無し。そうではなく、大元テープの劣化ポイントを逐一補正していったのです。例えば、開演前の左チャンネルの音落ちや「Highway Star」の2:18に発生する瞬間の歪み。既発群でも集成していましたが、本作は原音のナチュラル感もあって(微妙にですが)更に自然な仕上がりになっている。また、マスター・テープではA面がB面に比べるとハイ落ち気味でもありましたが、それも均整を取り、トータルで美しい作品感も実現しています。
そのサウンドで甦ったラスト・ショウは、現実感が凄い。最後というだけあっていつも以上に気合いが感じられ、インプロヴィゼーションも自在で柔軟。「Highway Star」からしていつもより長く弾き倒すギター・ソロが炸裂し、「Smoke On The Water」のイントロではリッチーの歌心と柔軟に応えるイアン・ペイスが素晴らしい。ギランはその「Smoke On The Water」から感極まって歌えなくなったり、詰まった声を吐き出すように苛烈な絶叫を飛ばしたり………。
そしてショウが進むほどリッチーとギランのかけ合いは加熱していく。「これが最後だ!」と言わんばかりに伸びしに伸ばすロング・スクリームが轟き、リッチーもその裂帛の気迫に鬼気迫るソロで応える。「Child In Time(イントロのミスコードはジョーク?)や「Space Truckin’」で弾きに弾き倒す長いソロの凄まじい事と言ったら……。また、ジョン・ロードにしても「Space Truckin’」で「ツァラトゥストラはかく語りき」だけでなく「Sunshine Of Your Love」のリフや「Happy Birthday(この日はペイスの誕生日)」等々、いつにも増して多彩なフレーズを繰り出しますし、とジャーも猛烈なベースソロを轟かせる。そんなフレーズの1つひとつに「すぐそこにいる」という存在感が感じられ、それぞれの楽器が生み出したヴァイヴが風圧を伴って届くような現実感が宿っている。従来盤もマスター・サウンドではありましたが、十分ではなかった。現物カセットには、確かに現実が吸い込まれていた……その感慨に胸が熱くなるサウンドなのです。
“All I want to say to…. all of you, is thank you very much, you’ve been great. Thank you for everything you’ve given us in Japan. And thank you, really you’re the representatives of the whole world as far as we’re concerned. Thank you and God bless you for everything you’ve ever given us. Um, this is the last night. The end. God bless ’em. Thanks a lot. Goodnight.”

こうして終焉を迎えた第II期DEEP PURPLE。これまではテープの開始/停止部をフェイドで処理してきましたが、今回は未処理でカセット・マスターのすべてを永久保存しました。彼らにとって……いえ、英国ロック史にとって大きな1章が終わってしまった夜をカセット・マスターから最大限に引き出した永久保存プレス2枚組。どうぞ、万感の想いを込めてご体験ください。


Disc 1 (41:39)
1. Intro.
2. Highway Star
3. Smoke On The Water
4. Strange Kind Of Woman
5. Child In Time

Disc 2 (45:46)
1. Lazy
2. Drum Solo/The Mule
3. Space Truckin’
4. Applause
5. Ian Gillan Closing Speech

Ian Gillan – Vocal
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 279/280

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