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Deep Purple / Sapporo 1996  / 2CD  / Darker Than Blue

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Live At Kosenenkin Hall Sapporo, Japan, 06th November 1996.


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Now 20 years ago to leave, it is the first Hokkaido performances live album appeared that was realized in 1996. Japan tour in “PURPENDICULAR WORLD TOUR 1996”, which is why Steve Morse was also a first visit to Japan of a subscriber, this day was the first of Hokkaido performances in DEEP PURPLE all history. This work is the audience, the album should be the memorial.
1996 Japan tour, which was scheduled to be vertical on the scale of even all 10 performances throughout Japan, of this work has been recorded hits in 9 performances eyes “November 6, Sapporo performances in 1996”. Recording house, Sapporo master, known as “there is the person” in Hokkaido. While recently in the “SAPPORO 1996 (Wardour-172)” Paul Rogers and Jeff Beck “SAPPORO 2005 (Wardour-163)” was called the topic in high-quality sound, taper was that super masterpiece group to mono is.
Direct ceded master from such gurus, recording to be this time all the world’s first public. It had been Fujikoma there was a great sound to enhance its prestige. Anyway, the tone is clear, bass also Zubutoku roar. Became the site “Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall (now: Nitori Culture Hall)” is, I Hall of Hokkaido largest in the 2300-seat, and even clear the reverberation while feel the space spectacle, all of vivid until the instrument of edge. On top of that, nice is also rich bass, such as travel to to vibration is the venue of the floor and walls. Speaking of Hokkaido, but there are images of the barren zone stricken in years taper shortage, the quality of this work, even in the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan area crowded virtuoso-class more than enough. On the contrary,’s the name recording of level that could surpass.
However, what is Fujikoma there, definitely valuable first Hokkaido of Annals. In this work, it has been containment also a big cheer to enthusiastic to finally tossed was DEEP PURPLE, the heat, there is no Ttara joy so. From the curtain of “Fireball”, it seems to be literally fireball. That should be it, I mean there is even “for the first time of PURPLE”, also looking back the whole family, Hokkaido performances much WHITESNAKE of the 1978 tragedy of RAINBOW and 1983 – 1984. Of course, age is also an already ’90s, in the eyes of the valuable opportunity rather than mayhem, such as the 1978, but is why concentration is amazing that you try to burn the ears, A surge each time on one song one song ends with the beautiful is without joy is parable so spread in the hall on. Unawares of outside sauce concert also become commonplace, almost forgotten have had that joy. He had continued to keep to the time that can be recorded that feeling in high quality. Exactly Sapporo unique air, it spreads a clear sense of precisely because 1996.
Performance of DEEP PURPLE, such as pulled up in such a frenzy also great. There is no already figure of Ritchie Blackmore, the band potential of the masterpiece “PURPENDICULAR” which is billed as the “masterpiece after Richie” is also intact, even a set in six songs to be about half. Although this tour was let me listen to the impassioned performance of trying to prove the charm of the new organization in Japan, in the first Hokkaido thanks to the audience to take its appeal obediently, it is unusually overdue. Do not listen to the official board even “LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA ’96,” “The Aviator” is also just happy, the most impressive thing is still in the classic masterpieces “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming”. Entanglement beautifully Dandy tones and the late Jon Lord of tradition Hammond organ of Morse, well extend Ian Gillan of Shout is colorful beautiful climax. No, really, this when I made the official live album in Sapporo performances, I think we became a ridiculous name board.

This 1996, Ie best …… after Richie had left, maybe was the best time since the reunion maybe in 1985. Overflows charm of such band, innocent Sapporo fans receive a warm show. So much beautiful live album, it what might be since “MADE IN JAPAN” in 1972. One that I was fully contained in the look eyes beautiful master sound sympathetic of such a band and the audience.
5 May 2016, Hokkaido performances of the third time to become DEEP PURPLE has been announced. This time, in addition to Sapporo, will be held in Hakodate. They shine in the lock of the Hall of Fame, just because now you are trying to Koyo back to Hokkaido, I want to look back “for the first time in Sapporo”. From the scene of the original master sucked plenty of air, band and shiny fan sympathetic overflows live album. By all means, please taste to fully.

今を去ること20年前、1996年に実現した初・北海道公演のライヴアルバムが登場です。“PURPENDICULAR WORLD TOUR 1996”での来日公演は、スティーヴ・モーズが加入しての初来日でもあったわけですが、この日はDEEP PURPLE全史でも初めての北海道公演でした。本作は、その記念すべきオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
1996年のジャパンツアーは、日本全国を全10公演ものスケールで縦断するスケジュールでしたが、本作が記録されたのは9公演目にあたる「1996年11月6日・札幌公演」。録音家は、北海道に“その人あり”と知られる札幌の達人。最近ではポール・ロジャースの『SAPPORO 1996(Wardour-172)』やジェフ・ベックの『SAPPORO 2005(Wardour-163)』がハイクオリティ・サウンドで話題を呼びましたが、あの超傑作群をモノにしたテーパーです。
しかし、そこに封じ込まれているのは、間違いなく貴重な初・北海道の実録。本作には、やっと出逢えたDEEP PURPLEに熱狂する大歓声も封じ込められているのですが、その熱さ、喜びようったらない。「Fireball」の開演から、文字通り火の玉のようです。それもそのはず、“初めてのPURPLE”でもあるわけですが、ファミリー全体を振り返ってみても、北海道公演は1978年悲劇のRAINBOWや1983年・1984年のWHITESNAKEくらい。もちろん、時代は既に90年代でもあり、1978年のような騒乱ではなく貴重な機会を目に、耳に焼き付けようという集中力が凄いわけですが、その上で1曲1曲が終わるごとに沸き上がっては会場中に広がる歓喜が喩えようもなく美しいのです。いつしか外タレのコンサートも当たり前になり、忘れかけていたあの歓喜。その気持ちをハイクオリティに録音できる時代にまで保ち続けていた。まさに札幌ならではの空気、1996年だからこその透明感が広がるのです。
そんな熱狂に引っ張り上げられるようなDEEP PURPLEのパフォーマンスも素晴らしい。既にリッチー・ブラックモアの姿はありませんが、“リッチー後の最高傑作”と謳われる名作『PURPENDICULAR』のバンド・ポテンシャルもそのままに、約半数となる6曲もがセットイン。このツアーでは日本全国で新編成の魅力を証明しようという熱演を聴かせてくれましたが、初の北海道ではその魅力を素直に受け止める観客のおかげで、いつになくノビノビとしています。オフィシャル盤『LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA ’96』でも聴けない「The Aviator」も嬉しいところですが、一番感動的なのはやはり名曲中の名曲「Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming」。モーズの美しくもダンディなトーンと故ジョン・ロードの伝統ハモンドオルガンが絡み、良く伸びるイアン・ギランのシャウトが絶頂を美しく彩る。いや、本当に、この札幌公演で公式ライヴアルバムを作っていたら、とんでもない名盤になったのではないでしょうか。

この1996年は、リッチーが去った後でもっとも良い……いえ、もしかしたら1985年に再結成してから一番良い時期だったのかも。そんなバンドの魅力が溢れ出し、初々しい札幌ファンが暖かく受け止めるショウ。これほど美しいライヴアルバムは、それこそ1972年の『MADE IN JAPAN』以来かも知れません。そんなバンドと観客の交感を見目麗しい達人サウンドで収めきった1本なのです。
2016年5月、三度目となるDEEP PURPLEの北海道公演が発表されました。今度は札幌に加え、函館でも開催されます。彼らがロックの殿堂に輝き、北海道に戻ってこようとしている今だからこそ、振り返ってみたい“初めての札幌”。現場の空気をたっぷりと吸い込んだオリジナル・マスターから、バンドとファンの輝く交感が溢れ出るライヴアルバム。ぜひ、存分に味わってください。

Disc 1(57:06)
1. Intro 2. Fireball 3. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic 4. Pictures Of Home 5. Black Night
6. Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover 7. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming 8. Woman From Tokyo
9. The Aviator

Disc 2(63:27)
1. MC 2. Rosa’s Cantina 3. No One Came 4. Smoke On The Water 5. When A Blind Man Cries
6. Speed King

7. Perfect Strangers 8. Hey Cisco 9. Highway Star

Ian Gillan – Vocal Steve Morse – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass Ian Paice – Drums
Jon Lord – Keyboards


Darker Than Blue 220/221

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