Deep Purple / Kiev 1996 / 1DVDR

Deep Purple / Kiev 1996 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Central Republic Stadium, Kiev, Ukraine 15th September 1996 PRO-SHOT



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Main press 2CD is, inspiring work of DEEP PURPLE was sympathetic for the first time in Hokkaido fan. It was ideal if you can also introduce the one and only of sight if true, does not start even if the desiring too much. Therefore, we gift you the closest about 2 months before the pro-shot video at the sight.
Of this work it has been shooting “September 15, 1996 Kiev (Ukraine) performance.” Its quality is a quality as possible as it is the official of the image quality and sound quality in a perfect multi-camera professional shot. Not only be watched live in a variety of angles, turning licking over the large crowd from the distant view, and Do not camera work also is frequently used moving boldly to the stage, very dynamic. The in the emphasis which tends to rock concert carefully at hand is the camera work that is not too much to watch, but it also might be that unfamiliar feeling of Eastern Europe. And, strangely illuminate the ceiling of the venue rather than a luxury, but if for some reason members lighting, simple stage set also something strange in reverse. It will probably rendition that was prepared to study the image of Western Europe lock, but are offset, yet, somewhere a quality which made full use of the (then) state-of-the-art technology. This unfamiliar feeling without necessarily bad, of them all give off coupled with the mood of “the 1990s Eastern Europe” profusely fresh.
And, the ooze is Eastern Europe likeness is not the only screen. Voice is the ultra-direct sound a desk directly, but large cheer almost zero. Cheer the I is not obviously aware that mix recorded microphone. Moreover, the great enthusiastic performance of DEEP PURPLE approaching in the ultra-direct sound. That should be it, as main press 2CD was the first of Hokkaido, it was the first land set foot for this day also DEEP PURPLE. They you, but from Hungary per performance in 1987 became to perform live in Eastern Europe little by little, Ukraine was also the former Soviet Union of the Member States, this day is the first live. Of course, although not required is realistic, such as the main press 2CD to cheer zero sound, enthusiasm of the large crowd that is projected is not odd. And, the performance of DEEP PURPLE to face with it, you hot enough to compare favorably to main “SAPPORO 1996”.

The world had been turbulent 1990s, welcomed the new blood that Steve Morse, DEEP PURPLE, which went to the just-opened Eastern Europe. Where to have the audience who is enthusiastic to not trapped in the past, it has been game by slamming the “All that you can now” themselves also. The freshness of hardball that with its spontaneous, is a large masterpiece professional shot taste wrapped in the mood of Eastern Europe unique. In the same way as Hokkaido performances of the main press 2CD, appearance of DEEP PURPLE to meet the hot air that was hungry to lock. Please, please enjoy plenty.


本編プレス2CDは、初めて北海道のファンと交感したDEEP PURPLEの感動作。本当ならその唯一無二の光景もご紹介できれば理想的だったのですが、ないものねだりをしても始まらない。そこで、その光景にもっとも近い約2ヶ月前のプロショット映像をお贈りします。
そして、東欧らしさが滲み出すのは、画面だけではない。音声は卓直結な超ダイレクト・サウンドなのですが、大歓声がほぼゼロ。声援をマイク収録してミックスするという意識が明らかにないのです。しかも、その超ダイレクト・サウンドで迫るDEEP PURPLEの熱演が凄い。それもそのはず、本編プレス2CDが初の北海道だったように、この日もDEEP PURPLEにとって初めて足を踏み入れた土地でした。1987年のハンガリー公演あたりから少しずつ東欧でもライヴを行うようになっていった彼らですが、旧ソ連の構成国でもあったウクライナは、この日が初ライヴ。もちろん、歓声ゼロ・サウンドに本編プレス2CDのような臨場感は求められないものの、映し出される大観衆の熱狂ぶりはハンパではない。そして、それに対峙するDEEP PURPLEの演奏は、本編『SAPPORO 1996』にも引けを取らないほどに熱いのです。

世界が激動していた90年代、スティーヴ・モーズという新しい血を迎え、開かれたばかりの東欧へと赴いたDEEP PURPLE。そこでは過去に囚われずに熱狂する観客達がいて、彼ら自身も“今できることのすべて”を叩きつけて勝負している。そのノビノビとした真剣勝負の清々しさを、東欧ならではのムードに包み込んで味わえる大傑作プロショットです。本編プレス2CDの北海道公演と同じように、ロックに飢えた熱い空気に応えるDEEP PURPLEの姿。どうぞ、たっぷりとご堪能ください。

1. Intro 2. Fireball 3. Ted The Mechanic 4. Pictures Of Home 5. Black Night
6. Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover 7. Guitar Solo 8. Woman From Tokyo 9. Smoke On The Water
10. Keyboard Solo 11. Speed King 12. Perfect Strangers 13. Highway Star

Ian Gillan – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass Steve Morse – Guitar Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums



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