Deep Purple / Rockpalast 1985 / 1DVD Wx OBI Strip

Deep Purple / Rockpalast 1985 / 1DVD Wx OBI Strip / Round About Archives

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Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, 09th July 1985. PRO-SHOT



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In addition to master-quality, switchable guitar track of 5.1ch surround and original stereo & Ritchie, the voice of three kinds!  First step work Deep Purple expert Label Round About Archives launch! !Latest remastered video footage of the classic “1985 Paris concert!” This is the definitive edition just by taking advantage of this big picture was not good enough the presence of definitive classic while in the classic second stage reunion, the function of the DVD. It is the one that was known as a video of the screen dark originally, but overall, DVD transfer of this time carefully conduct firmly on the black level adjustment from the original master. It becomes very easy to see in the video 30% have become brighter screen than its outstanding version. In addition, in the audio portion Notably, there was a chronic disease “that guitar of Richie not hear at all certain” that one of the reasons was not good enough decision version of this video, but the present work is also guitar Richie course I hear so good!It not only because it is a sound that originally was clear of separated, digital remix in professional studio them, we have recorded in 5.1ch surround specification for the first time what. This sense of reality is characteristic. Other than that, and things, of the stereo sound of the original, has become possible to also select the “voice of the only guitar of Ritchie Blackmore,” which was extracted in the course of digital remix, and the dying make the Richie freak has become. It is possible to observe in detail the play of Richie this day.  As a feature of this DVD one another, that the chapters are struck at locations of the guitar solo of Richie in chapter other than the track and so on. It is made ​​with Richie freak for this and also can be called immediately (as well as beheading cues example) attractions in the long song.  With that said live reunion of the second phase of the legend, the tension of Richie abnormally high this day, we have to play like crazy. Also between the Guillain that cats and dogs is repeated, and the like grin Richie to fit your eyes occasionally, grinning what boss Richie is most likely (that you can see that it was before the feud persists still this day Although it is still a mystery or were referring …). There are quite emotional to think such scenes take steps three Glover, Richie, of Guillain is aligned, the trajectory of the subsequent purple. It is regrettable condition of Guillain is a good enough’s, but the remaining members of the top form. The choice was also included Ritchie Blackmore mix that can be observed in detail the guitar playing of Ritchie and 5.1ch mix of first, the latest remastered version of the classic image of purple! Athletic press platen of permanent preservation in the Picture Disc specification. Japanese with belt. Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, 09th July 1985

マスター・クオリティに加え、5.1chサラウンド &オリジナル・ステレオ& リッチーのギタートラックと、三種類の音声が切り替え可!

Deep Purple専門レーベルRound About Archives立ち上げ第1弾作品!! 定番映像「1985年パリ公演」の最新リマスター映像!! 再結成第2期の定番中の定番ながら決定版の存在が今ひとつ無かったこの映像の、DVDの機能を大きく生かしたまさに決定版です。元々全体的に暗い画面の映像として知られていたものですが、今回のDVDはオリジナル・マスターから黒レベル調整をしっかりと行い丁寧にトランスファー。既発版より30%は明るい画面になっており大変見やすい映像になっています。 また、注目すべきは音声部分で、この映像の決定版が今ひとつ無かった理由のひとつに「リッチーのギターが全く聴こえないものがある」という持病がありましたが、本作はもちろんリッチーのギターもバッチリ聴こえます! それだけではなく、元々が分離のはっきりしていた音声であるため、それらをプロ用スタジオでデジタルリミックスし、なんと初の5.1chサラウンド仕様で収録しています。この臨場感はさすがです。それ以外に、元々のステレオ音声のもの、そして、デジタルリミックスの過程で抽出された「リッチー・ブラックモアのギターのみの音声」も選択することが可能になっており、リッチーフリークにはたまらない作りとなっています。この日のリッチーのプレイを細部まで観察することができます。
伝説の第2期の再結成ライブということで、この日はリッチーのテンションが異常に高く、弾きまくっています。犬猿の仲が繰り返されたギランとの間も、この日はたまにリッチーが目を合わせてニヤリとするなど、まだ確執が再発する前だったことが分かります(もっとも御大リッチーが何を考えてニヤリとしていたのかはやはり謎ですが…)。グローバー、リッチー、ギランの3人が揃ってステップを踏むシーンなど、その後のパープルの軌跡を考えるとなかなか感慨深いものがあります。ギランの調子が今ひとつなのが残念ですが、残りのメンバーは絶好調。パープルの定番映像の最新リマスター版を、初の5.1chミックスとリッチーのギタープレイを細部まで観察できるリッチー・ブラックモアミックスも収録した決定版! ピクチャーディスク仕様で永久保存のがっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, 09th July 1985
01. Toccata d- moll (J.S.Bach works No.565) 02. Highway Star 03. Nobody’s Home 04. Strange Kind Of Woman 05. Ritchie’s Blues – A Gypsy’s Kiss 06. Perfect Strangers 07. Under The Gun 08. Lazy ? Drums 09. Knocking At Your Back Door 10. Difficult To Cure (Beethoven’s Ninth) – Keyboard Solo 11. Space Truckin 12. Woman From Tokyo 13. Black Night 14. Smoke On The Water


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