Deep Purple / Gothenburg 1975 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Gothenburg 1975 / 2CD / Darken Than Blue

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Live at Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 21st March 1975


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“While born RAINBOW, still DEEP PURPLE” is …… new excavation live album was a raw record turning point of such history appeared. “DEEP PURPLE of Ritchie Blackmore” the last three days, the official album “MADE IN EUROPE”, “MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS” even is famous, this work is the Nordic schedule, “March 1975, which was its just before 20 days audience album of Copenhagen performances “. First of all, in order to image the positional relationship of this live, let’s check the dates of “STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR 1974-1975”. To begin with, this tour is only only 32 performances, will be divided into it also three large.

“11 May 1974” storm of the messenger, “released”
· 1974, November 13 – December 18, 2011: North America (19 performances)
– 1975 January 25, 2011: Australia (1 performance)
“1975 2-March” Ginrei of champion “production”
– 1975 March 16 – April 7, 2011: Europe (12 performances) ← ★ here ★
“Ritchie Blackmore withdrawal”

Whole picture of this is “STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR”. Prior to this not be playing new songs such as “Stormbringer” and “Gypsy,” “Lady Double Dealer”, live after this will be after “COME TASTE THE BAND”. Of this work has been recording in this, Ritchie after decided to DEEP PURPLE withdrawal, the end of the European tour. At this time, it was already produced a “champion of Ginrei”, 12 performances were overlapping “RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE”. …… And take a look at the 12 performances in more detail.

– March 16 & 17, 2011: Yugoslavia 2 performances
– March 20, 2011: Denmark [this work] – March 21, 2011: Sweden “RIDE THE RAINBOW”
– March 23 – 30, 2011: Germany Tour 5 performances
– April 3, 2011: Austria (Official Version)
– April 5, 2011: Germany (Official Version)
– April 7, 2011: France (Official Version)

…… And, it looks like this. Although the shop has been to introduce the Swedish performance as “RIDE THE RAINBOW (POWER GATE-259)”, this work is equivalent to the day before. On top of the valuable “STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR” even just, 12 performances was also a major turning point of history. Soredakeni is where you want to listen to many in one performance, but this work is the live album to respond to the feelings.
The “March 20, 1975 Copenhagen performance” is had from the recording has been known for some time, this work is a master who appeared on the Internet recently. Published the famous collector of overseas, you sound source mania has become abuzz. The center of the topic, quality to say the least. A very great vintage audience, while plenty of Furimaki 41 years ago of the smell, vivid musical tone is great. It does not mean super-beautiful sound, but its muscular musical tone is just as lock of (rock). Sense of distance is like without whom a thundering guitar also be vocal in direct will want is called “like the sound board.” Cut-in “Stormbringer”, because there is a recording leakage for tape change in 6-minute stand of “Mistreated”, “absolutely perfect” and I do not go, you a downright powerful sound of the live album.
If the sound is also Chikarazuyokere, intense even playing. At the time, youthful momentum to a furious David Kavaderu & Glenn Hughes was a 23-24-year-old, as if the bleeding until the spirit of “stand to bear in the future band”. Richie was decided to leave there collide head-on. Although at the time of re-withdrawal in 1993 there was also glimpse the lack of dial care, also 29-year-old this time Richie. While out missing from mannerism sense of determination of the “withdrawal”, inflaming also concentration of “It’s the other end.” Ensemble that was offered at the motivation that has already off to a new start I run through in the sprint of the final sprint.
Of course, Jon Lord and Ian Paice also great. Only to the original band jam is in the foundation, performance, such as out of the fire is not likely to spread to the whole, but still this tour is a special 12 performances for feeding the old friend. Countdown of one performances, become the focus of one song, breathe life into sympathetic of one phrase. There was a somewhat unhealthy shape, but the “great performance that was as much as possible to become by the great performance” is jammed with plenty.

It did not be revived again, the third period of glory. Its last European tour, had shot the best shine. While this production 100% of such a moment, is the name recordings fully drawn in the thick of the sound. While playing also the repertoire of the “storm of the messenger”, live album last Richie flare up. New excavation of this bliss, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.


“RAINBOWが生まれつつ、まだDEEP PURPLE”……そんな歴史の転換点を生記録した新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です。“DEEP PURPLEのリッチー・ブラックモア”最後の3日間は、オフィシャル盤『MADE IN EUROPE』『MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS』でも有名ですが、本作はその直前となった北欧日程「1975年3月20日コペンハーゲン公演」のオーディエンス・アルバム。まずは、このライヴの位置関係をイメージするため、“STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR 1974-1975”の日程を確認してみましょう。そもそも、このツアーはわずか32公演しかなく、それも大きく3つに分けられます。

・1975年3月16日-4月7日:欧州(12公演) ←★ココ★

これが“STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR”の全容。これ以前には「Stormbringer」や「Gypsy」「Lady Double Dealer」といった新曲は演奏されず、この後のライヴは『COME TASTE THE BAND』以降になります。この中で本作が録音されたのは、リッチーがDEEP PURPLE脱退を決意した後の、最後のヨーロッパ・ツアー。この時、すでに『銀嶺の覇者』を制作し、“RAINBOWとDEEP PURPLE”が重なり合った12公演だったのです。その12公演をさらに詳細に見てみると……。

・3月20日:デンマーク 【本作】
・3月21日:スウェーデン 『RIDE THE RAINBOW』
・4月5日:ドイツ   (公式盤)
・4月7日:フランス  (公式盤)

……と、このようになっています。当店ではスウェーデン公演を『RIDE THE RAINBOW(POWER GATE-259)』としてご紹介してきましたが、本作は、その前日にあたる。ただでさえ貴重な“STORMBRINGER WORLD TOUR”の上に、歴史の大きな転換点でもあった12公演。それだけに1公演でも多く聴きたいところですが、本作はその想いに応えるライヴアルバムなのです。


Disc 1(50:29)
1. Intro. 2. Burn 3. Stormbringer 4. Gypsy 5. Lady Double Dealer
6. Mistreated incl. Rock Me Baby 7. Lazy Intro. 8. Smoke On The Water 9. Georgia On My Mind

Disc 2(63:56)
1. MC 2. You Fool No One incl. Blues 3. Drum Solo 4. The Mule
5. Space Truckin’ 6. Goin’ Down 7. Highway Star

David Coverdale – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Glenn Hughes – Bass, Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 233/234

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