Deep Purple / Musician Of Bremen 1974 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Deep Purple / Musician Of Bremen 1974 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Stadthalle Bremen, Germany September 18, 1974. Digitally Remastered

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Deep purple has become a band which has already had a history of 50 years since its debut. It is a rare band that has been reunited in 1984 even after it was dissolved in 1976, and has repeatedly changed its members and continues touring as a currently active band. There are many former members who have been enrolled at once, some former members who are already in a rut, and it seems that it tells the length of the history of the band.

Some people appear only at the dawn of the band, but for the first time five members, centered on John Road, Ritchie, Ian Pace, who finished as the members of the first stage, deep purple for the first time I will call on you. And as a second stage Roger Glover – as a base, Ian Gillan to the vocal and five new team formation, deep as a hard rock band we know, both musically and internationally Is not it purple? Since worshiping the dust of contemporary Zeppelin, Ritchie asked for hardness by the band and produced “in lock” and “fire ball”. Furthermore, even now it will establish its position with “Machine Head” which recorded “Smoke On The Water” which is one of the representative songs.

1974 is the third period for the band. I wrote that John Road, Ritchie, Ian Pace, composed the initial band of the axis, but Ian Gillan and Roger Grover from the second phase passed away and David Coverdale to the vocal, Five organized teams who greeted Glenn Hughes on the base is this third stage. Also for many Richie fans, except after reunion, it will be Deep Purple by this third stage. This work is completely recorded in Bremen ‘s performance on September 18, 1974, the first day from the 8th performance in Germany in September 1974, by the third stage purple which was the last time Richie.

Not only was it famous as a sound source with excellent balance between sound quality and balance, as well as the title that completely recorded the surprising 1974 tour is little, it is an irreplaceable standard sound source for purple mania. In this work, the pitch was also adjusted to Prama Zero, and except for rough parts of the sound that was in the original source, it was relaxed, and it is recorded with almost the sound quality of the master street. I definitely want you to enjoy the wonderful performances of Phase III purple. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


バンドの黎明期にのみ登場する人物もいるが、一般的に第一期のメンバーとして終結したジョン・ロード、リッチー、イアン・ペイスの3人を軸とした5人のメンバーで初めてディープ・パープルを名乗る事になる。そして第二期としてベースにロジャー・グローヴァ―、ボーカルにイアン・ギランを迎え新たな5人編成となってからが、音楽的にも世間的にも我々が知るハード・ロック・バンドとしてのディープ・パープルではないだろうか。同時代のツェッペリンの後塵を拝していたため、リッチーはバンドによりハードさを求め、『イン・ロック』と『ファイアボール』を製作。さらに現在でも代表曲のひとつである「Smoke On The Water」を収録した『マシンヘッド』でその地位を確固たるものにする。




01. Introduction
02. Burn
03. Might Just Take Your Life
04. Lay Down Stay Down
05. Mistreated
06. Smoke On The Water

01. You Fool No One
02. Space Truckin’
03. Going Down
04. Highway Star


Shakuntala. STCD-131/132

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