Deep Purple / Long Beach Arena 1974 / 1CD

Deep Purple / Long Beach Arena 1974 / 1CD / Darker Than Blue
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Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 20th November 1974

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A valuable live album of ‘The Messenger of Arash’ era is appearing. This era is also famous for the official board “MADE IN EUROPE” “MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS”, but this work is a little before that. It is an audience album of “November 20, 1974 Long Beach Performance”. First of all, let’s take a closer look at the overview of “STORMBRINGER TOUR 1974-1975” which was short.

“November 1974 release of” The messenger of Arash ”
· November – December 1974: North America (19 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 25, 1975: Australia (one performance)
“1975 2 – March” Production of the Champion ‘s Champion ”
· March 1975 – April: Europe (12 performances)
“Richie Blackmore withdrawal”

Over all, 32 performances. If you say “STORMBRINGER TOUR 1974-1975” to one person, you imagine a huge world tour for two years, but only a very few shows are real. Long beach performance of this work is the 5th performances eyes. It was a concert four days after the release of “Messenger of Arash.”
This work which recorded such a show is an incomplete version which has not cut the encore yet, there is also a cut like the second half of “Burn” that cared about the remaining amount of the tape. However, it is all oddly valuable recording alone. As a matter of fact, “STORMBRINGER TOUR: 1974 edition” has long been a “darkness of history” for a long time. After all, because this is only a short tour, there are few records themselves, and most of them are Ricci Blackmore ‘s end of the year’ 1975 ‘recordings. When I say “STORMBRINGER TOUR” in 1974, there were only Milwaukee performances so far. This work is a live album that clears up the darkness of such history.
Not only valuable but also this work is a wonderful vintage audience quality. Of course, it is not a type that can be called “just like a sound board”, but in the 70 ‘s, a splendidly brutal musical note reaches straight, clear sound with no noise and no distortion found. Besides, the master freshness is also wonderful, and almost no deterioration due to dubbing or aging is felt. The clearness can be realized from the vivid separation of each instrument. Even though four instruments and two vocals burst into a gig of a total performance, it sounds splendidly and splendidly, and Glenc Hughes’s clawed feeling is clear up to a single grain. I do not know the recording environment, but there is almost no audience / noise. Even if Ritchie plays with a pianissimo, it sounds clearer up to its subtlety …. Such a delicate recording.
“STORMBRINGER TOUR: 1974 edition” drawn with that sound is also wonderful. About half a year from the legendary California jam, DEEP PURPLE, which has returned to the United States again, has plenty of momentum and confidence. Richey had something dissatisfied, but once it got up to the stage it filled with the shine of great success that will do as well. In addition, new songs “Stormbringer” “The Gypsy” “Lady Double Dealer” are attracting ears. It is the first live performance that I have stayed so far, but it is due to that and polite and hot performance. It is a bit different from the explosive power like the second season, but you can taste plenty of fresh performances.

Here is Ritchie Blackmore before experiencing a session with Ronnie James Dio. It is a valuable live album telling the last term of era that did not know that fate changed, but was not anything other than “guitarist of DEEP PURPLE”. Please be sure to taste it by all means now that the spotlight is hit by “Richie’s rock” again.
『嵐の使者』時代の貴重なライヴアルバムが登場です。この時代はオフィシャル盤『MADE IN EUROPE』『MK III: THE FINAL CONCERTS』でも有名ですが、本作はそれよりも少し前。「1974年11月20日ロングビーチ公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは、短かった“STORMBRINGER TOUR 1974-1975”全体の概要から俯瞰してみましょう。


以上、全32公演。ひと口に“STORMBRINGER TOUR 1974-1975”と言うと2年に渡る巨大なワールドツアーを想像してしまいますが、実態は極少数のショウだけ。本作のロングビーチ公演は、その5公演目。『嵐の使者』のリリースから4日後となるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作はアンコールが未収録の上、「Burn」後半などテープ残量を気にしたようなカットもある不完全版。しかし、それだけでも異様に貴重な録音のすべてなのです。実のところ、「STORMBRINGER TOUR:1974年編」は、これまで長らく“歴史の闇”だったのです。何しろ、これだけ短いツアーですから記録自体が少なく、出てきてもほとんどがリッチー・ブラックモア最末期の「1975年」録音ばかり。“STORMBRINGER TOUR”の1974年と言うと、これまでミルウォーキー公演くらいしかなかった。本作は、そんな歴史の闇を晴らすライヴアルバムなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる「STORMBRINGER TOUR:1974年編」がまた素晴らしい。あの伝説のカリフォルニアジャムから約半年、再びアメリカに戻ってきたDEEP PURPLEは勢いも自信もたっぷり。リッチーには何かと不満もあったわけですが、一度ステージに上がってしまえば何をやっても上手くいく大成功期の輝きに満ちている。さらに耳を惹くのは新曲「Stormbringer」「The Gypsy」「Lady Double Dealer」。現在までに残る最初期のライヴパフォーマンスなわけですが、そのせいもあってか丁寧で熱い演奏ぶり。第2期のような爆発力とはまたひと味違っていながらフレッシュな演奏がたっぷり味わえるのです。

ここにいるのは、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオとのセッションを経験する前のリッチー・ブラックモア。運命が変わるとも知らず、“DEEP PURPLEのギタリスト”以外の何者でもなかった時代の最後期を伝える貴重なライヴアルバムです。“リッチーのロック”に再びスポットライトが当たっている今だからこそ、ぜひじっくりと味わってください。
1. Intro 2. Burn 3. Stormbringer 4. The Gypsy 5. Lady Double Dealer 6. Mistreated
7. Smoke On The Water 8. You Fool No One

Darker Than Blue 242

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