Deep Purple / Brussels 1973 / 1CD

Deep Purple / Brussels 1973 / 1CD / Darker Than Blue

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Live at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 20th March 1973

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It is a new excavation of unknown treasured live album. It is contained in this work “Brussels Performance March 20, 1973”. “1973” coexists with the end of the second phase and the start of the third phase, but this work is “the second phase of golden”. It is a precious record that corresponds to the end of that period. Let’s take a step back from the release of “WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE” to the second stage collapse and image the position of the show.

“January 13” Release of Purple “release”
· January 16 – February 10: Europe # 1 (16 performances)
· February 16 – 28: UK (10 performances)
· March 5th – 20th: Europe # 2 (10 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 12 – June 19: North America (42 performances)
· June 23 – 29: Japan (6 shows)
“Phase 2 DEEP PURPLE collapse”

This is the timeline in the first half of 1973. Speaking of the live album of March, we have introduced “VIENNA 1973 (Shades 224)” and “LYON 1973 (Darker Than Blue 131)”, but this work is the third following it. It is the final concert of “Europe # 2”.
As a matter of fact, this show had audience recordings before, but it was not very pleasant. Sound that made quite far away on short recordings up to “Lazy”. Originally, it was a silo mono that did not quite extend even if it was “golden second period” that I would like to listen to as much as a single performance. However, this work is different from that, master of excavation new. It is a long recording recorded up to “The Mule” “Mary Long” “Space Truckin” “Black Night”.
Normally, when a long master comes up, it will be “I can listen to ○○ that I could not listen to before!”, But this work is not done with that. The quality that goes through the full story is also quite different. Whereas the traditional master was somehow looking for riffs among the boiled sounds, this work is a wonderful audience sound that balances vintage feeling and clearness. Far from “searching”, performances and singing voices cleared up to details are struck with plenty of direct feeling. Besides, it is not a kind of explosion / roar, and the ringing does not stagnate glossy. I think you can imagine from being pressed as a CD, but that image is not clear sound so far … Is that such a wonderful live album.
A wonderful thing of the show flowing out with that quality … …. Actually, the core mania who managed to catch up even with the bad old ones is a live that we used as “a good performance for 1973”, but it is clear that when it became clear sound, it was an awesome performance. In 1973 I did not have a very good impression from the image of the collapse straight line, but there are certain shows that support the image, but this work is different. Improvisions of Richie and John Road are full of flash, and sharing is also sharp. Ian Gillan also sounds the greatest shouting shouts and makes a long tone that shows youthfulness. It is definitely a 1973 year because there is a valuable “Mary Long”, but until that time it is a performance that I think is “maybe it is 1972?” Moreover, it flows out at full scale. It is a masterpiece whose tamele leaks to the depths of the world of recording … that such a great performance still remains.

Nevertheless, a new excavation live album with the best performance in 1973 with unusual sounds. This is exhausted. It is not a dimension like “I want to listen even a song a lot” or “I want to archive history”, but sweat blurs in my hands, cherish listening to the beautiful sound I am a splendid vintage album. The second period of gold was still special …… It is one that is noticed once again by such facts. Please enjoy forever with a permanent preservation press CD.

知られざる秘蔵ライヴアルバムの新発掘です。本作に収められているのは「1973年3月20日ブリュッセル公演」。“1973年”は第2期の終焉と第3期の始動が共存していますが、本作は“黄金の第2期”。その末期にあたる貴重な記録です。まずは、『WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE』リリースから第2期崩壊までの歩みを振り返り、ショウのポジションをイメージしてみましょう。

・3月5日-20日:欧州#2(10公演) ←★ココ★

これが1973年上半期のタイムライン。3月のライヴアルバムと言えば当店でも『VIENNA 1973(Shades 224)』『LYON 1973(Darker Than Blue 131)』をご紹介した事がありますが、本作はそれに続く3本目。「欧州#2」の最終公演にあたるコンサートです。
実のところ、このショウは以前からオーディエンス録音が存在しましたが、あまり芳しいものではありませんでした。「Lazy」までの短い収録の上に、かなり遠くモコモコしたサウンド。本来であれば、1公演でも多く聴きたい“黄金の第2期”であってもなかなか手が伸びないシロモノだったのです。しかし、本作はそれとは違う、新発掘のマスター。「The Mule」「Mary Long」「Space Truckin’」「Black Night」まで収録した長尺録音なのです。
そのクオリティで流れ出るショウの素晴らしい事……。実は、音の悪い既発でも何とか聞き取ったコアなマニアは「1973年にしては良い演奏」としていたライヴなのですが、それがクリア・サウンドになると凄まじい名演だった事がよく分かる。1973年は崩壊直線のイメージからあまり良い印象が持たれない上に、そのイメージを裏付けるようなショウも確かにあったりするのですが、本作は違う。リッチーやジョン・ロードのインプロヴィゼーションは閃きに溢れ、かけ合いも鋭い。イアン・ギランも絶好調の苛烈なシャウトが響き、若々しさを見せつけるようなロングトーンを轟かせる。貴重な「Mary Long」があるので間違いなく1973年ではありますが、そこに至るまでは「もしかして1972年?」と思うほどの熱演ぶりなのです。しかも、それがフルスケールで流れ出す。これほどの名演がまだ残っていたとは……録音の世界の奥深さにタメ息が漏れる名作なのです。



1. Announcement 2. Intro. 3. Highway Star 4. Smoke On The Water 5. Strange Kind Of Woman
6. Lazy 7. Drum Solo 8. The Mule 9. Mary Long 10. Space Truckin’ 11. Black Night

Ian Gillan – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 256

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