Deep Purple / Leeds 1972 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Leeds 1972 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue
Translated text:
Live at Town Hall, Leeds, UK 29th September 1972


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A new excavation live album of “Golden 1972” appears. In the history of DEEP PURPLE that it will arrive soon in the half a century, “1972” is special.
Began the super name board “MADE IN JAPAN”, “MACHINE HEAD”, “WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE” was produced, and the sparkle of that talent was the year when the peak was reached. This work is an audience album containing “Leeds September 29, 1972 September 1972” even in such a 1972 year.
Speaking of “the mother country of 1972,” the recently released “RAINBOW 1972 (Darker Than Blue 229-232)” is also a fresh remembrance. However, while over there was a July show, this film is in September. Do not look sweetly as “just 2 months”. Meanwhile, the legendary first tour of Japan arrives, and its meaning is completely different. Since it is hard to understand even if it explains slipping by sentences, please first check the schedule.

“March 25” MACHINE HEAD “Release”
· March 17 – 31: North America # 1 (11 shows)
“31 March Ritchie collapses with hepatitis”
· April 6: Quebec Performance (Replacement Randy · California)
· May 25 – June 6: North America # 2 (9 shows)
· June 27 – July 1: Europe # 1 (3 performances) “RAINBOW 1972”
· July 6 – 18: North America # 3 (11 shows)
“July” portrait of purple “basic recording”
· August 15 – 17: Legend’s first visit to Japan (3 performances)
· August 22 – September 3: North America # 4 (10 shows)
· September 13 – October 16: Europe # 2 (19 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“October” Portrait of purple “completed”
· November 6 – December 16: North America # 5 (25 shows)
(Since the information is not finalized, the number of shows etc. are uncertain)

This is a step from “MACHINE HEAD” to “portrait of purple”. I have been doing a tour in January / February before and I can see how deep a year it was. “RAINBOW 1972” was “after returning from Richie who fell into hepatitis before> before the performance in Japan”, but this work corresponds to “after Japan performance → before purple portrait completion”. Actually, in the meantime, it is a huge turning point. Ian Gillan has announced withdrawal in “North America # 4” and agreed with management on condition that “I will remain until the end of the tour”. Moreover, the intention of withdrawal was told to the members, it was a time when human relationship was the worst. This “Europe # 2” was just a little known to the Bristol performances on September 16, but this time the second Leeds performance appeared. Moreover, although Bristol recording was incomplete recording ending in the middle, this work is a live album which can enjoy “Space Truckin ” until about 19 minutes (It is regrettable not to reach the end!).
Such a valuable new excavation work, the quality is also a wonderful audience sound. Even if you make a mistake, it is not a type called “just like a sound board”, but it is not done with “just being able to listen”. Although the venue acoustics are also inhaled, the bass that is prone to weakness in audience seating is also strong, and above all, Ritchie guitar is recorded vividly. It puts on the hand clapping of the audience and cuts it finely. It transmits cleanly up to 1 tone, and if the fingertip of the magician dances, it reaches straight with a thick tone that suppresses even its cheers. Giran ‘s singing voice is as sharp as that Richie. The shout hanging over Richie and the phrase is beautiful without stagnation, and it also sharply roars as to break the venue again.
A show drawn with such a sound is a unique mood drifting a strange air feeling. Of course, there is no such thing as enlightening dissatisfaction with the audience in the field, but we can feel the atmosphere that there is one thing in the belly for us exploring the sound source beyond the century. Even in the scenes where phrases intersect, rather than embarrassing emotions, it is an impression that I am trying as cool as I am impressed, but it is somewhat different from the “work mode” that I shirred. For example, if you think that you played “Child In Time” with a powerful force, John Road plays a comical piece of music, calling “Strange Kind Of Woman” to the venue where it will soar. I feel like I’m in a good mood and it looks like I’m playing around with irritation. Furthermore, with the “Strange Kind Of Woman” guitar and vocal multiplication, knowing circumstances makes me nervous. Richie’s fingertips slide smoothly, and Guillain’s voice also makes us feel youthful force enough, it is rather strangely thrilling.

Newly appearing “After MADE IN JAPAN”. It is a “witness of sound” to testimate the turning point where the countdown to collapse began at 100% of the original while leaving the finish of the new work “purple portrait”. Thrilling live album valuable. We will contain it in a press 2 CD that will last forever and we will deliver it to you at hand this weekend.
“黄金の1972年”の新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です。もうすぐ半世紀に届こうというDEEP PURPLE史において、“1972年”は特別。
超名盤『MADE IN JAPAN』を始め、『MACHINE HEAD』『WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE』を制作し、その才能のきらめきは頂点を迎えた1年でした。本作は、そんな1972年でも後期にあたる「1972年9月29日リーズ公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。
“1972年の母国”と言えば、先日リリースされた『RAINBOW 1972(Darker Than Blue 229-232)』も記憶に新しいところ。しかし、あちらは7月公演だったのに対し、本作は9月です。これを「わずか2ヶ月」と甘く見てはいけない。その間にはあの伝説の初来日公演を挟んでおり、その意味合いはまるで違うのです。文章でズラズラ説明しても分かりづらいので、まずは日程をご覧ください。

《3月25日『MACHINE HEAD』リリース》
・6月27日-7月1日:欧州#1(3公演)『RAINBOW 1972』
・9月13日-10月16日:欧州#2(19公演) ←★ココ★

これが『MACHINE HEAD』から『紫の肖像』までの歩み。この前の1・2月にもツアーを行っており、いかに濃密な1年だったのかがうかがえます。『RAINBOW 1972』は“肝炎に倒れたリッチーの復帰後→日本公演前”だったわけですが、本作は“日本公演後→紫の肖像完成前”にあたる。実は、この間こそが巨大なターニング・ポイント。「北米#4」でイアン・ギランが脱退を表明しており、「ツアーが終わるまでは残る」ことを条件にマネジメントと合意。しかも、脱退の意志はメンバーにも告げられており、人間関係が最悪になっていた時期でした。この「欧州#2」は9月16日ブリストル公演がわずかに知られるだけでしたが、この度2本目となるリーズ公演が登場したわけです。しかも、ブリストル録音は途中で終わる不完全録音でしたが、本作は「Space Truckin’」も約19分まで堪能できるライヴアルバムなのです(最後まで届かないのが残念!)。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、奇妙な空気感も漂う独特なムード。もちろん、現場の観客に不仲を悟らせるようなことはありませんが、世紀を超えて音源を探る私たちには腹に一物あるような雰囲気も感じられる。フレーズが交差するシーンでも感情がハジけるというよりは冷静を装ってキッチリこなしている印象なのですが、だからと言ってシラけた「お仕事モード」ともちょっと違う。例えば、「Child In Time」をド迫力に演奏したかと思うと「Strange Kind Of Woman」をコールして沸き上がる会場に向け、ジョン・ロードがコミカルな小曲を弾き出す。上機嫌でノリノリのような気もするし、イラついて遊んでいるような気もする。さらに、その「Strange Kind Of Woman」のギターとヴォーカルの掛け合いでは、事情を知っているこっちが緊張してしまう。リッチーの指先は滑らかにすべり、ギランの声も若々しい迫力を十分に感じさせるだけに、却って妙にスリリングなのです。

新たに現れた「MADE IN JAPANの後」。新作『紫の肖像』の仕上げを残しつつ、崩壊へのカウントダウンが始まったターニング・ポイントを本生100%で証言する“音の証人”です。貴重にしてスリリングなライヴアルバム。永久に息づくプレス2CDに封じ込め、今週末あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
Disc 1(44:23)
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Child In Time 5. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 2(38:02)
1. MC 2. Lazy 3. Drum Solo 4. Mule 5. Space Truckin’

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ian Gillan – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 240/241

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