Deep Purple / Definitive Budokan 1972 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Definitive Budokan 1972 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 17th August 1972 Upgrade From Original Masters.

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In the history of Western music in Japan …. No, the first visit to DEEP PURPLE shining brilliantly in the rock history of the world. A new generation master who carries the scene of the scene is a certain excavation beyond the time of 45 years.
It is included in this work “August 17, 1972: Nippon Budokan” performance. Of the legendary first visit to Japan, the last day to Tokyo show only. It is a concert which also became the scene of “The Mule” “Lazy” recorded “LIVE IN JAPAN”. Two kinds of audience recordings are known on this day, one as Disk 5-6 of “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE (Darker Than Blue 044-049)” and the other as “LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE (Darker Than Blue Introduced as “237-238)”. What was excavated this time is the same as “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE”, while it is a young master of good generation and generation.
In fact, this work is longer than “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE”. First of all, in the past, the part of “Strange Kind Of Woman” that had been divided by fade processing is seamlessly connected, and the legend MC at “Black Night” “It is extremely difficult to remember the concert tonight Continuing to play, maybe I will do another song.DEEP PURPLE! “After the fade process was still part of the original” buzz “sounds vividly recorded. Actually, you can see that you repeatedly paused to save tapes (This part was left as it is because it’s a recording document, but the missing recording of “Lazy” about 32 seconds involved in the performance sound I supplemented it with the “LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE” master).
Furthermore, if the cheers after the “Space Truckin ‘performance are about 3 seconds long, the opening scene / the opening scene is also about 1 second long. As usual it says, “The difference of a few seconds is only evidence of another master”, but the site of this work is a legendary Nihon Budokan. Even if it is a few seconds “miracle site” is a hidden treasure, it is a blissful pleasure to inhale its history with the real odor.
But, again, it was “only evidence.” Actually, the shock more than that is the sound that goes through the full story. The sound freshness of several generations of young Genes is really fresh, detail is also vividly brilliant. Especially wonderful is bass. The distortion occurs like “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE” which was unfamiliar, but between the distortion and the medium and high sound is depressed in the pre-departure, the whole is strangely light, only the distortion pops out and it sounds It was. Of course, I thought that “such a recording” for many years, but this work is packed plenty of response to the bass performance sound itself. Besides the distortion of the peak, it is clearly recorded with the body of the rich bass. Of course, it is not just bass. The detail of the middle and high tone is also remarkable, and the line of guitar and keyboard rampaging on that extensive base is also brilliant.
Such a difference is not something that can be created with remaster level. No matter how modern digital technology is progressing, “sound” once lost in the process of dubbing will not be revived. This work is full of sounds that could be saved, definitely because it is a young generation. Until now, the legendary Nippon Budokan’s highest peak was “LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE”, but the master this time is the same level as that of the famous Daimyo board. It was enhanced to the dimension that competes vertices with two kinds of recording.

The performance itself can be enjoyed even with the official full version, but because it is a miracle good performance, I want to be present at the scene. I want to approach even one step or half step. It is a new generation master who responds to that feeling. Soundboard is a completely different life, breathing of the audience. The reborn of the name recording which told the legend of Nippon Budokan until today. One that jumps over the 45-year-old space-time with the sound appropriate for the name of “DEFINITIVE”. Please do not miss it.

★ Concert / Ticket replica included. (Tickets are printed on May 16 (Tuesday), scheduled performance days before the postponement.)

日本の洋楽史上……いえ、世界のロック史に燦然と輝くDEEP PURPLEの初来日。その現場の空気を運んでくれる新ジェネレーション・マスターが、45年の時を超えてまさかの発掘です。
本作に収められているのは「1972年8月17日:日本武道館」公演。伝説の初来日3日間のうち、唯一の東京公演にして最終日。『LIVE IN JAPAN』収録の「The Mule」「Lazy」の現場ともなったコンサートです。この日には2種類のオーディエンス録音が知られており、一方は『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE(Darker Than Blue 044-049)』のディスク5-6として、もう一方は『LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE(Darker Than Blue 237-238)』としてご紹介済み。今回発掘されたのは、そのうち『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE』と同じ録音ながら、グッとジェネレーションの若いマスターなのです。
実際、本作は『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE』よりも長い。まず、既発ではフェイド処理で分断されていた「Strange Kind Of Woman」の入りの部分がシームレスに繋がっており、「Black Night」での伝説MC「大変に今晩の演奏会を、名残惜しそうに演奏続けまして、多分、もう1曲やってくれるはずです。DEEP PURPLE!」の後にフェイド処理されていた部分も元のまま「ブッ」音も生々しく収録。実はテープを節約するために一時停止を何度も繰り返していたことも分かるのです(このパートは録音のドキュメントなのでそのままにしましたが、「Lazy」中盤32秒ほどの録音漏れは演奏音に関わりますので『LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE』マスターで補完いたしました)。
さらに「Space Truckin’」終演後の歓声が約3秒長ければ、開演シーン/終演シーンも約1秒ずつ長い。いつもであれば「数秒の違いは別マスターの証拠に過ぎない」と書くところですが、本作の現場は伝説の日本武道館。たとえ数秒であろうとも“奇跡の現場”は秘宝であり、その歴史を本生の匂いで吸い込めるのは無上の喜びなのです。
しかし、やはり「証拠に過ぎなかった」。実は、それ以上に衝撃なのは全編を貫くサウンドなのです。数段若いジェネのサウンド鮮度は実に瑞々しく、ディテールも格段に鮮やか。特に素晴らしいのは低音。歪みが発生するのは馴染み抜いた『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE』と同じですが、既発ではその歪みと中高音の間が落ち込んでおり、全体的には妙に軽く、歪みだけが飛び出して聞こえていました。もちろん、長年の間に「そういう録音」と思っていたのですが、本作では低音の演奏音そのものに手応えがたっぷりと詰まっている。ピークの歪みだけでなく、リッチな低音の本体までハッキリと収録されているのです。もちろん、低音だけではありません。中高音のディテールも格段に克明で、その図太いベースの上で暴れるギターやキーボードのラインも鮮やかなのです。
これほどの違いは、リマスター程度で生み出せるものではありません。いかに現代のデジタル技術が進歩していても、一度ダビングの過程で失われてしまった“音”は甦らない。本作は、確実に若いジェネレーションだからこそ保存し得たサウンドが詰まっている。これまで伝説の日本武道館の最高峰は『LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE』でしたが、今回のマスターはかの大名盤と同レベル。2種の録音で頂点を競い合う次元にまで高められたのです。




Disc 1 (52:03)
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Child In Time
5. The Mule 6. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 2 (51:55)
1. Lazy 2. Space Truckin’ 3. Black Night 4. Speed King

★「LIVE IN JAPAN COMPLETE」(DTB 048/049 – Disc 5/6) と同一音源ながら、テープジェネが明らかに若く音質が良い。初来日・武道館公演のオーディエンス録音の決定盤タイトルです。


Darker Than Blue 257/258

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