Deep Purple / Definitive Berlin 1971 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Definitive Berlin 1971 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue
Live at Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany 21st May 1971

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The 1971 DEEP PURPLE was evolving into “FIREBALL” without the shock of “IN ROCK”. The ultimate upgrade of the miracle of the name recordings that tell the scene! Introduced in the permanent preservation press 2CD.

[Reel master with greatly improved length and sound] “This performance was recorded in “May 21, 1971 Berlin performance”. It is the finest audience recording. This show is also famous for having some of the best recorded recordings in 1971, and it has been familiar to collectors for a long time. In particular, the “BERLIN 1971 (Darker Than Blue 157/158)” that appeared in 2012 was very popular as a decision board that kicked off the already-released. This work is also a traditional recording, but it is an upgrade master that was recently discovered. It’s not just an up version, it’s also the ultimate version of the original master reel that was directly digitized!
And the upgrade isn’t humpard. The length and sound are super-ups that are incomparable. First, the length. Although it had evolved into a two-disc set at the time of the previous edition “BERLIN 1971”, the opening part was still largely missing. I was even whispered, “Did you miss the recording itself?” After all it was recorded. Firmly suppressed from announcements and long tunings that introduce the band, Ritchie and Guillan’s humorous “Bavarian Yodeler” is amazing! Of course, you can also enjoy all the parts that you could listen to afterwards, and the tape change after “Paint It Black” will not be caught in the performance. As it was, the “Lucille” of Angkor was in perfect condition. Even though there were many technical and equipment challenges in the early 70’s, a complete miracle recording was realized!
I’m already dizzy by this, but it’s too great because the sound is not comparable. Even the conventional version had a clear and direct feeling that was the masterpiece of 1971, but the truly original reel is completely different in freshness. The subtleties that were lost in the dubbing are left beautifully, the high stretches, the midrange has a mass level response, and the deep bass is vibe and detailed. It is powerful without the need to raise the sound pressure, and it is sharp without even bringing out the edge. And because it does not need to be processed, distortion does not occur at the edges of the sound, and it remains vivid and ultra-realistic. Although it was an introduction that was difficult to understand for those who have not experienced conventional boards, this recording is not a vintage audience like that. It’s a masterpiece with a strong sense of closeness without a sense of distance even if it remains the same as before. It was mutated to another class… It is a masterpiece that reigns at the peak of “1971”, which is too special.

[“1971” with plenty of rich and sharp improvisation] The master sound drawn is the full show of Phase II DEEP PURPLE, which was evolving at a tremendous rate. At that time, it was a period of rapid growth where the condition of the band was different only by one month. Check the show position from the schedule at that time.

・January 1+2: Holland (2 performances)
<< February single “Strange Kind of Woman” release >>
・January 29th-March 8th: UK (21 performances)
・April 7-June 25; Europe #1 (29 performances) ←★Coco★
<<FIREBALL release on July 9>>
-July 2-August 12: North America #1 (25 performances)
・September 4-October 11: Europe #2 (15 performances)
・October 22-24: North America #2 (3 performances)
《Tour interruption due to Giran hepatitis→December production of “MACHINE HEAD”》

This is 1971 of DEEP PURPLE. The Berlin performance of this work is the 21st performance of “Europe #1”, but this is just before the completion of the album “FIREBALL”. Therefore, the set is centered around the “IN ROCK” number, but plenty of early repertoire such as “Paint It Black”, “Mandrake Root” and “Lucille”. The new song “Strange Kind of Woman” just released has appeared, and the set is just beginning to become colorful.
And, when you say the taste of this time, improvisation! In 1970, we played freely as if we were looking for our own style, and in 1972, the refined delicious phrases became a fixed form instead of solidifying. 1971 is in the middle. As the number of songs has increased, it is no longer “30 minutes or more per song”, but it is not the tension down but the phrase density. Of course, there are plenty of thrills where you don’t know what’s going to come out because the standard hasn’t been decided yet.
As can be said for the entire DEEP PURPLE, especially during the second period, the taste of the period is different. Under such circumstances, “1971” was a time when both high tension and deliciousness of the phrase were compatible. This work is a live album where you can fully experience such extraordinary moments with the best sound.

Although the great masterpieces of the official live album are full of “1970” and “1972”, it is also good, but during that time “1971” was special. This work is a sound proof/witness telling the fact. A miracle master reel excavation that approaches the essence of DEEP PURPLE, the hero of rock history. It’s a case board. Please engrave it in your soul with the Permanent Storage Press 2CD.

(Remastered memo)
★The sound quality and pitch of this board are perfect, so we only corrected the sound drop that occurs at all the cut points.

★Comparison with the existing ones, both sound quality and length are different levels.

『IN ROCK』の衝撃覚めやらぬまま、『FIREBALL』へと進化しつつあった1971年のDEEP PURPLE。その現場を伝えてきた名録音が奇跡の究極アップグレード! 永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

そんな本作が記録されたのは「1971年5月21日ベルリン公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。このショウは1971年でも屈指の名録音が残された事でも有名で、コレクターには古くからお馴染み。特に2012年に登場した『BERLIN 1971(Darker Than Blue 157/158)』は既発を一蹴する決定盤として大人気を博しました。本作もその伝統録音なのですが、ごく最近になって発掘されたアップグレード・マスター。それも単なるアップ版ではなく、大元マスター・リールからダイレクトにデジタル化された究極盤なのです!
そして、そのアップグレードぶりがハンパじゃない。もう長さも、サウンドも、比較にならない超アップなのです。まず、長さ。前回盤『BERLIN 1971』の時点で2枚組に進化していたものの、それでも開演パートが大きく欠落していました。「録音自体が間に合わなかったのでは?」とさえ囁かれたくらいなのですが、今回は大元リール。やはり録音されていました。バンドを紹介するアナウンスや長いチューニングからしっかりと押さえられ、リッチーとギランによるユーモラスな「Bavarian Yodeler(凄い!)」から雪崩れ込む「Speed King」もばっちり。もちろん、その後の既発で聴けたパートもすべて楽しめ、「Paint It Black」後のテープチェンジも演奏には引っかからない。そのままアンコールの「Lucille」まで見事に整っていた。技術・機材的に難題の多かった70年代初頭にも関わらず、奇跡の完全収録が実現していたのです!

そんなマスター・サウンドで描かれるのは、凄まじい勢いで進化を重ねていた第II期DEEP PURPLEのフルショウ。当時は1ヶ月違うだけでバンドのコンディションが異なる急成長期。ここで当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションも確かめておきましょう。

《2月シングル『Strange Kind of Woman』発売》
《ギランの肝炎によりツアー中断→12月『MACHINE HEAD』制作》

これがDEEP PURPLEの1971年。本作のベルリン公演は「欧州#1」の21公演目にあたるわけですが、これはアルバム『FIREBALL』の完成間際というタイミング。そのため、セットは『IN ROCK』ナンバーを軸としつつ、「Paint It Black」「Mandrake Root」「Lucille」といった初期ならではのレパトーリーがたっぷり。そこにリリースされたばかりの新曲「Strange Kind of Woman」が登場し、セットがカラフルになり始めたばかりのショウなのです。
そして、この時期の旨みと言ったらインプロヴィゼーション! 1970年は自分たちのスタイルを探っていくように自由奔放に演奏し、1972年になると磨き込まれた美味しいフレーズが固まる代わりにやや定型になっていきました。1971年は、そのちょうど中間。曲数が多くなってきたことで「1曲で30分以上」ということはなくなりつつ、それがテンションダウンではなく、フレーズの濃密さになっている。もちろん、まだ定型が定まっていないからこそ次に何が飛び出すか分からないスリルもたっぷり。
DEEP PURPLE全編に言える事ですが、特に第II期は時期の好みが分かれる。そんな中で“1971年”はテンションの高さとフレーズの美味しさを両立していた時期。本作は、そうした特濃な刹那を極上サウンドでフル体験できるライヴアルバムなのです。

公式ライヴアルバムの超名作がひしめく“1970年”・“1972年”も良いですが、その間の“1971年”こそが特別だった。本作は、その事実を伝える音の証拠・証言者です。ロック史に輝く英雄DEEP PURPLEの真髄に迫れる奇跡のマスター・リール発掘。まさに事件盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで魂に刻みつけてください。




Disc 1 (51:43)
1. Pre-Show ★初登場
2. Intro ★初登場
3. Bavarian Yodeler ★初登場
4. Speed King ★初登場
5. Strange Kind of Woman
6. Into The Fire
7. Child In Time

Disc 2 (56:06)
1. MC
2. Paint It, Black (incl. Drum Solo)
3. Mandrake Root
4. Black Night
5. Lucille

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Ian Gillan – Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards
Roger Glover – Bass
Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 281/282

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