Deep Purple / Bournemouth 1971 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Bournemouth 1971 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

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Live at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, UK 29th September 1971

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Fall in 1971, which is also considered “unknown vertex” in the second stage of golden DEEP PURPLE. That Treasures Live album is appearing in permanent storage press 2CD.
DEEP PURPLE has changed its appeal greatly in a long history. Not only a myriad of member changes, but also at that time, that night’s condition directly connects to a spontaneous ensemble, it makes me feel like a different expression. It is not easy to decide “apex” in it, but “autumn of 1971” is one of the most promising among maniacs. This work is a name recording that drew such a split shine with a wonderful sound. It is a superb audience recording of “Bournemouth performance on September 29, 1971”.
The main point of this work is in the sound of shock and shock which is too wonderful, but first of all, the basic knowledge to tell it. Let’s start with the outline of “FIREBALL TOUR”.

“July 9” FIREBALL “release”
· July 2 – August 12: North America # 1 (25 performances)
· September 1 – 5: Germany / Austria (2 shows + TV)
· September 13 – October 11: UK (13 performances + BBC) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 22 – 24: North America # 2 (3 performances)
“Interruption due to Guillain’s hepatitis”
“December” MACHINE HEAD “Production”

This is what happened between two masterpieces “FIREBALL” and “MACHINE HEAD”. Those who released “FIREBALL” will start the world tour, but in October the tour stopped due to Ian Guillain’s hepatitis. Even in the second stage of golden we will shift to “MACHINE HEAD” with only a modest number of performances. Among them, the Bournemouth performance of this work was a concert that will be the 8th tour of ‘UK’ tour.
This ‘UK’ tour was also an important turning point. Until then DEEP PURPLE was a demon of Impoviation which exceeded 30 songs per song, but masterpieces increased from this tour. In addition to “No No No”, “The Mule” and “Fireball” of “FIREBALL”, “Incomplete initial version” “Highway Star” “Lazy” also appears. As a result, the entire show also changed to “two pillars of Impro and Famous Songs” style, and the basic form which is familiar to the first visit to Japan was born.
The passion of the band wanting to listen to new songs is delicious, but it also has secondary effects. As much as the number of song parts increased, Impro became more compact than before, but its contents are special. There is a remarkable free mood in which the flow of promises as well as later is left unremarkable and filled with tasty flash phrases in a short time. The feeling of immersion to paralyze the sense of time around 1970 was diminished, but the extraordinary concentration was born by that much.
This work is a name recording representative of the time of such “extreme”. This Bournemouth show has been known for a long time recording, and the famous board “AUTUMN OF 1971 (BON 247-249)” of BONDAGE label is particularly famous. This work is the highest peak board which used the new master which was newly excavated while recording same as the name board. That sound is like a different thing from already-made. It is a matter of course that it has become even more vibrant than the previous episode, and it is wonderful that it is getting better as far as direct feeling. If it is the feeling that the pre-departure is ringing in the loudspeaker from afar, this work is just before the eyes of PA. Guitar subtleties and organ touches are very crisp as far as one syllable of lyrics. It is supposed to be the same recording as before as long as confirmed by the voice and balance of the audience, but it seems as if the recording position shifted several rows before. It sounds like a vintage recording of the 1970s that sounds out of my mind. In case
The “Autumn of 1971” painted with that sound is wonderful enough to breathe in. Although the premiere of “Highway Star” “Lazy” is not clear, it is a very early version almost similar to it. If the lyrics are provisional, arranging is also simple, and that solo does not come out that texture. Of course “No No No” is one of the most exciting rare performances in PURPLE’s entire history, and it is interesting even before the space between the drum kits is strangely vanished before “Fireball” which decorates the last part of the main set. And, as stated above, the storm of Improvisation of Cireckie with plenty of tension …… Now, anything can only be done at this time. Besides, all of them are unfolded with exceptional tension even in the second phase of gold.

Phase 2 DEEP PURPLE leaving a huge name in the UK lock history. Is engraved in this work is “extreme spirit” that existed only in a short period of Hong even in that legend. A new excavation live album that draws such a show with the highest peak sound. Please, experience this impact sound and the ultimate concert with permanent preservation press 2CD.

黄金の第2期DEEP PURPLEでも“知られざる頂点”とされる1971年の秋。その秘宝ライヴアルバムが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
長い歴史の中で大きく魅力を変えてきたDEEP PURPLE。無数のメンバー・チェンジだけでなく、その時期、その夜のコンディションがスポンティニアスなアンサンブルに直結し、まるで違う表情を聴かせてくれます。その中で“頂点”を決めることは容易ではないのですが、マニアの間で最有力候補のひとつとなっているのが“1971年の秋”。本作は、そんな刹那の輝きを素晴らしいサウンドで描ききった名録音。「1971年9月29日ボーンマス公演」の極上オーディエンス録音なのです。
本作最大のポイントは素晴らしすぎるショウと衝撃のサウンドにあるのですが、まずはそれをお伝えするための基礎知識。“FIREBALL TOUR”の概要から始めましょう。


これが2枚の名作『FIREBALL』『MACHINE HEAD』間に起きた出来事。『FIREBALL』をリリースした彼らはワールドツアーを開始するも、10月にはイアン・ギランの肝炎によってツアーが中断。黄金の第2期でもほんのささやかな公演数だけで『MACHINE HEAD』へと移行していくのです。その中で本作のボーンマス公演は「英国」ツアー8公演目となるコンサートでした。
この「英国」ツアーこそ、重要なターニング・ポイントでもありました。それまでのDEEP PURPLEは1曲30分を超えるようなインプヴィぜーションの鬼だったわけですが、このツアーから名曲が増加。『FIREBALL』の「No No No」「The Mule」「Fireball」に加え、未完成の初期バージョンながら「Highway Star」「Lazy」も登場する。その結果、ショウ全体も「インプロと名曲の2本柱」スタイルへと変化し、初来日にも通じる基本形が誕生したのです。
本作は、そんな“極めつけ”の時期を代表する名録音。このボーンマス公演は以前から録音が知られており、BONDAGEレーベルの名盤『AUTUMN OF 1971(BON247-249)』が特に有名。本作は、かの名盤と同じ録音ながら新たに発掘された新マスターを使用した最高峰盤なのです。そのサウンドは、既発とはまるで別物。既発より一層鮮やかになっているのは当然の次元で、それ以上にダイレクト感までグッと上がっているのが素晴らしい。既発が遠くから拡声器で鳴らしているような感触だとすれば、本作はまさにPAの目の前。ギターの機微も、オルガンのタッチも、歌詞の1音節に至るまで超鮮明に迫る。オーディエンスの声やバランスで確認する限り既発と同じ録音のはずなのですが、まるで録音ポジションが何列も前に移ったような間近感。とても70年代のヴィンテージ録音とは思えないサウンドが流れ出すのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる“1971年の秋”は、息を飲むほどに素晴らしい。「Highway Star」「Lazy」の初演はハッキリとしていませんが、ほぼそれに近い極初期バージョン。歌詞も仮ならアレンジもシンプルでソロでもあのキメが出てこない。もちろん「No No No」はPURPLE全史でも屈指の激レア・パフォーマンスですし、本編セットのラストを飾る「Fireball」の前にはドラムキットの交換で妙に間が空くさえ面白い。そして、前述したように緊張感たっぷりにキレッキレのインプロヴィゼーションの嵐……もう、何から何までこの時期にしかあり得ない。その上、そのすべてが黄金の第2期でも格別の激テンションで繰り広げられるのです。

英国ロック史に巨大な名を残す第2期DEEP PURPLE。本作に刻まれているのは、その伝説でもホンのわずかな期間にだけ存在した“極めつけ”です。そんなショウを過去最高峰サウンドで描き出す新発掘ライヴアルバム。どうぞ、この衝撃のサウンドと究極のコンサートを永久保存プレス2CDでご体験ください。


Disc 1 (47:31)
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Strange Kind Of Woman 4. No No No 5. Child In Time

Disc 2 (48:51)
1. The Mule incl. Drums Solo 2. Lazy 3. Fireball 4. Speed King 5. Lucille

Ian Gillan – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

Darker Than Blue 261/262

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