Deep Purple / Hellfest 2017 / 1Blu Ray R

Deep Purple / Hellfest 2017 / 1Blu Ray R / Lost And Found
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Live At Main Stage 01, Val De Moine, Clisson, France On 16th June, 2017. Pro-Shot

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The stage of Deep Purple who served as a headliner on the first day of HELLFEST which was held in June this year for three days in Chrison, France, appears as a pro shot in June this year!
It is about 60 minutes recording for TV broadcasting, but the sound can be enjoyed with the same quality as the official in recording with linear PCM stereo and Dolby 5.1 surround for full HD picture quality.
In the second half, we also won the award ceremony at last year’s ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in the same professional TV shot shot.
While not participating in the performance for 2 songs, each member ‘s speech including David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes must be a must – see, as well as a multi – audio stereo to the full HD, a multi – audio surround to couple the video if it is Blu – ray It is a recommended item!

更に後半には昨年のROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAMEでの受賞式を同じくTV放送のプロ・ショットで収録。

Live At Main Stage 01, Val De Moine, Clisson, France On 16th June, 2017
1. Intro/2. Time For Bedlam/3. Fireball/4. Bloodsucker/5. Strange Kind Of Woman/6. Uncommon Man/7. Perfect Strangers/8. Space Truckin’/9. Smoke On The Water/10. Peter Gunn/Hush/11. Black Night
L31st Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony: Live At Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, Usa On 8th April, 2016
1. Introduction/2. Lars Ulrich Presenting/3. Ian Gillan Speech/4. Roger Glover Speech/5. Ian Paice Speech/6. David Coverdale Speech/7. Glenn Hughes Speech/8. Hush/9. Smoke On The Water
Lost And Found. LAF 2498

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