David Sanborn / New York Serendade / 1CD

David Sanborn / New York Serendade / 1CD / Moonchild Record

Translated text:

Recorded live at Artpark, Lewiston, New York, USA 15 August 1994. Stereo SBD

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One piece of fulfilling mixture of mellow songs and upper songs. August 15, 1994 Live at Art Park, New York. The Impro conference starting from “SNAKES” “CHICAGO SONG” is also really cool. People who have not heard it yet would like you to listen. It is already funky and the best in the rainy days! And last was a famous song in masterpieces whose tears cheeked when noticing “THE DREAM”! I think this is the first time that I can listen to this on the sound board itself and it will be recorded on the press CD. Please enjoy the wonderful ballads carefully. No, it is really wonderful! Certified as masterpiece!


メロウな曲とアッパーな曲が混在する充実の1枚。1994年8月15日ニューヨーク、アートパークでのライヴ。”SNAKES”から始まるインプロ大会 “CHICAGO SONG”もめっちゃかっこいいんだよ。まだ聴いた事無い人は是非聴いて欲しい。もうファンキーでノリノリで最高なのよ!そしてラストは”THE DREAM”気づくと涙が頬をつたう名曲中の名曲!これをサウンドボードで聴ける事自体が少ないしプレスCDに収録されることもこれが初めてだと思います。すばらしいバラードをじっくり楽しんでください。いや〜ほんと素晴らしいです!名盤認定!

tk-01 : AS WE SPEAK
tk-02 : SNAKES
tk-05 : MIRAGE
tk-07 : THE DREAM
◆Recorded live at Artpark, Lewiston, New York, USA. 15th August 1994

Moonchild Record. MC-110

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