David Lee Roth / Fresno 1986 Complete / 2CD

David Lee Roth / Fresno 1986 Complete / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Selland Arena, Fresno, CA. USA 14th December 1986

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The strongest recording of the strongest band appeared in the full version of the ultimate quality. Permanent preservation press 2CD conversion decision!
That “strongest band” is, of course, DLR BAD in 1986. EAT ‘EM BAND “which produced the superstars’ famous board ‘EAT’ EM AND SMILE ‘with Steve Vai & Billy Scene’ s transcendental strings team. And “the strongest board” is the best audience recording of “Fresno Performance December 14, 1986”. It is a complete version digitized directly from its grand master.

【Complete version of representative recording treated as sound board】
This Fresno recording is a big staple from ancient times. “EAT ‘EM BAND If you listen to the first time!” Is a name recording that is said, “SHYBOY IN FRESNO (Shades 459)” is also popular in our shop. What is wonderful is exhausting to the quality. At that time … … No, even now some collectors are trading as sound boards, the sound and thick sounds are outstanding. Of course, as a matter of fact it is an audience recording, but the venue acoustics which are slightly clear are transparent and I do not feel the distance feeling. Despite sucking in enthusiasm of popularity, it is a spectacle element to the last. It is a feeling that spreads far away than extreme performance / singing voice.
Even in the record of a number of EAT ‘EM BANDs, only this Fresno performance is treated as a sound board. It is truly the strongest recording, but there was also a big drawback. It is short. Most of the past episodes so far were incomplete versions, and it was about 77ths of “SHYBOY IN FRESNO” that was regarded as the highest quality.

【Master Direct’s Ultimate Quality】
But this work is different. Although it is the same recording as the masterpiece group so far, it is a complete recording album of the full show. Besides, it is not just a complete recording. This work was digitized directly from Omoto master cassette. Since it was not expanded with another recording’s shadow haigi, it completely penetrates the whole thing with super high quality sound.
Moreover, the sound itself is also upgraded. The direct feeling which has been treated as a sound board so far more vividly, the detail is more detailed, the ringing is more beautiful. The vibe at the site sucked in by the master cassette is spilled out of the speaker with the ultimate freshness freshness. Although such an original sound was a transcendent as it was, meticulous mastering was also aimed at ultimate just for the freshness of the vertex. Adjusting vividly while adjusting original stereotypes as it is, stereo sense that was biased to the right. We corrected the distortion of the peak which was in several places neatly. As a result, the guitar solo and the battle with the bass realized the sound which super clearly emerges up to one tone.

【The ultimate rock · show of the strongest band】
The strongest band show drawn by that quality … after all, it is amazing! One of the most heyday of a diamond entertainer, Diamond Dave. The more prolific the more popular he is, the more terrible it is, but it is nothing to worry about it without knowing the ceiling. And above all, Vai & Billy’s strongest strings team! Billy, MR. BIG and others are also trying to develop a skill battle, but the level of Vai is still different. It is not simply fast, but the transformation phrase that he created creates a violent flight. Billy is better than defeating any band than defeating that Vai.
Even if it is seen by Vai itself, it is not hampered. Dave’s amazing American HR is clearly a perfect match for VI than ALCATRAZZ or WHITESNAKE. Synchronized with humor and excitement by meeting with Dave, the super personality phrase is sublimated to the inevitable sound not rare. Although I can not expect as much perfection as a solo live that controls everything, there will be no bands shined by Vai more than EAT ‘EM BAND in a band with songs.
And the set painted with that ensemble is also the best! Elegant daimyo’s famous “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE” number also gains momentum, closing with battle increment, but the repertoire of the early VAN HALEN who was born again is amazing. Indeed, eight songs on the big floor, none of them are powerful versions of super strings. The impressive phrase of Eddie became even more bizarre, and Billy who actually joined VAN HALEN also said “I wanted to play this way!” The directionality and volume obviously aimed at the update of the initial VAN HALEN, in contrast with the original family who changed clothes leaving only a few representative songs. This work is also a live album that you can experience such “continuation of legend”.

EAT ‘EM BAND which took over the initial VAN HALEN sound and made further updates. And Dave, Billy, Vai, it was a super luxury ensemble that I could never have exceeded. This work is a complete version which made Master Direct direct the representative recording of that vertex live. It is exactly two super masterpieces live album of novels. In rock history, a piece of unprecedented vertex. Please, experience it thoroughly with the permanent preservation press 2CD!

その“最強バンド”とは、もちろん1986年のDLR BAD。スティーヴ・ヴァイ&ビリー・シーンの超絶ストリングス・チームを擁し、希代の大名盤『EAT ‘EM AND SMILE』を生み出した通称“EAT ‘EM BAND”です。そして、“最強盤”とは「1986年12月14日フレズノ公演」の極上オーディエンス録音。その大元マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化された完全版なのです!

このフレズノ録音は、古くからの大定番。「EAT ‘EM BANDを聴くならまずはコレ!」と言われる名録音で、当店でも『SHYBOY IN FRESNO(Shades 459)』が好評を博しています。何が素晴らしいかと言えば、クオリティに尽きる。当時は……いえ、現在でも一部のコレクターがサウンドボードとして取引しているほどでして、その骨太・肉厚な演奏音は絶品。もちろん、事実としてはオーディエンス録音なのですが、ほんのりした会場音響もクリアに透き通っており、距離感を感じない。人気絶頂の熱狂も吸い込んではいるものの、あくまでスペクタクル要素。極太な演奏/歌声よりも遠くに広がる感覚なのです。
数あるEAT ‘EM BANDの記録でも、サウンドボード扱いされているのはこのフレズノ公演だけ。まさに最強録音なのですが、大きな欠点もありました。それは短さ。これまでの既発はほとんどが不完全版で、最高クオリティとされてきた『SHYBOY IN FRESNO』でも約77分の1枚物だったのです。


そのクオリティで描かれる最強バンドのショウ……やっぱり、凄い! 希代のエンターテイナー、ダイヤモンド・デイヴの一大全盛期。お調子者は人気が高いほど凄まじいものですが、それが天井知らずにノリまくっている。そして何より、ヴァイ&ビリーの最強ストリングス・チーム! MR. BIG他でも技巧バトルを繰り広げていくビリーですが、やはりヴァイはレベルが違う。単に速く巧いのではなく、彼が生み出した変態フレーズが鮮やかに舞い狂う。そのヴァイに対抗するからこそ、ビリーもどのバンドよりもド派手に引き倒せるというものです。
ヴァイ自身で見てもハンパない。デイヴの豪快アメリカンHRは、明らかにALCATRAZZやWHITESNAKEよりもヴァイにぴったり。デイヴと出会ったことでユーモアと豪快さがシンクロし、超個性フレーズも珍奇ではなく必然の音に昇華している。すべてをコントロールするソロライヴほどの完成度は望めないものの、歌入りバンドではEAT ‘EM BAND以上にヴァイが輝いたバンドはないでしょう。
そして、そのアンサンブルで描かれるセットも最高! 希代の大名盤『EAT ‘EM AND SMILE』ナンバーも勢いアップ、バトル増量で迫りますが、生まれ変わった初期VAN HALENのレパートリーも凄い。実に8曲の大盤振る舞いで、どれも超ストリングスのド迫力バージョン。エディの印象的なフレーズはさらに奇抜になり、実際にVAN HALENに加入しかけたこともあるビリーも「こうやって弾きたかった!」と言わんばかり。方向性もボリュームも明らかに初期VAN HALENのアップデートを狙っており、いくつかの代表曲だけを残して衣替えしてしまった本家とは対照的。本作は、そんな“伝説の続き”を体感できるライヴアルバムでもあるのです。

初期VAN HALENサウンドを引き継ぎ、更なるアップデートを期したEAT ‘EM BAND。そしてデイヴにしろ、ビリー、ヴァイにしろ、一度も超えることはできなかった超豪華アンサンブルでした。本作は、その頂点ライヴの代表録音をマスター・ダイレクトで甦らせた完全版。まさに2つとない希代の超傑作ライヴアルバムなのです。ロック史上、類を見ない頂点の一作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで徹底的にご体験ください!


Disc 1 (48:29)
1. Shy Boy 2. Tobacco Road 3. Unchained 4. Panama 5. Drums Solo 6. (Oh) Pretty Woman
7. Elephant Gun 8. Ladies Night In Buffalo? 9. Everybody Wants Some!!
10. On Fire 11. Dave’s Love Rap 12. Bump And Grind

Disc 2 (54:41)
1. “The Story Of Raymond” 2. Ice Cream Man 3. Big Trouble 4. Yankee Rose
5. Guitar & Bass Solos 6. Instrumental Jam 7. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 8. Goin’ Crazy!
9. Jump 10. California Girls

David Lee Roth – Vocals Steve Vai – Guitar Billy Sheehan – Bass
Gregg Bissonette – Drums Brett Tuggle – Keyboards

Zodiac 300

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