David Gilmour / Wroclaw 2016 Video / 1DVDR

David Gilmour / Wroclaw 2016 Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Plac Wolnosci, Wroclaw, Poland 25th June 2016. Pro-shot


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In the apex of the “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”, main press 3CD, which is also a different dimension of the music album “WROCLAW 2016”. In the bonus, will gift you a day of superb professional shot.
This day is also the fact that the feast of the orchestra one night only, has also been HD broadcast on television. This work, which matches the broadcast in the best quality. Its image quality and sound quality, camera work and direction …… Gilmore huge circular screen from the mouth of, up to on top of that venue Aerial, everything is perfect official class picture. However, Oshimurakuwa not a full show. The configuration of the “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”, which has become a big “Part 1 + Part 2 + encore”, what is recorded in this work is only the “first part”. However, still more than 70 minutes. Speaking of the past “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”, almost no video, only further if a professional shot of the early tour BBC broadcast “LATER … WITH JOOLS HOLLAND”. However, this is in the studio live on the television program, it was different like the concert that make full use of huge visual effects. Is why came to not come true is that “witness” RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR “” until today. It is, we can finally witness in the best quality. The is “the other side of the live album” was only imagine in the picture is drawn in an ultra-Katsuaki multi-camera professional shot until now.
Animation is also the wonderful new song group made full use of “RATTLE THAT LOCK”, but would still beat the chest classic group of PINK FLOYD, which account for about half. “What Do You Want From Me” In pours circle of light from a circular screen, “Money” and “Us And Them” in “High Hopes” …… that “that” the video is projected. About 20 years from “PULSE”. Finally, it that scene is going to be reproduced.

Although we mentioned above, also I want to see far “LATER … WITH JOOLS HOLLAND” only there was no “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. 70 minutes than to less than 30 minutes, 11 songs, including the FLOYD Classics for the new song three, is a long-awaited best professional shot in a huge concert …… every sense of the word for the BBC studios. Moreover, the sight of spread to the other side of the main press 3CD of different dimension experience, the video masterpiece that can be witnessed even feast of the orchestra one night only. Please, please refer to Katsumoku.


“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の頂点にして、異次元の音楽盤でもある本編プレス3CD『WROCLAW 2016』。そのボーナスには、同日の極上プロショットをお贈りします。
この日は一夜限りのオーケストラとの饗宴ということもあり、テレビでもHD放送されました。本作は、その放送を極上クオリティで収めたもの。その画質・音質・カメラワーク・演出……ギルモアの口元から巨大な円形スクリーン、果ては会場空撮に至るまで、すべてが完璧なオフィシャル級映像です。ただし、惜しむらくはフルショウではない。“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の構成は、大きく「第1部+第2部+アンコール」となっていますが、本作に収録されているのは「第1部」のみです。しかし、それでも70分以上。これまで“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”と言えば、ほとんど映像がなく、さらにプロショットとなればツアー初頭のBBC放送『LATER… WITH JOOLS HOLLAND』だけ。しかし、これはテレビ番組でのスタジオライヴで、巨大な視覚効果を駆使したコンサートとはまるで違いました。今日に至るまで「“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”を目撃する」ことは叶わずにきたわけです。それが、遂に極上クオリティで目撃できる。今まで写真で想像するしかなかった“ライヴアルバムの向こう側”が超・克明なマルチカメラ・プロショットで描かれるのです。
アニメーションも駆使した『RATTLE THAT LOCK』の新曲群も素晴らしいのですが、やはり胸を打つのは約半数を占めるPINK FLOYDのクラシック群でしょう。「What Do You Want From Me」では円形スクリーンから光の輪が降り注ぎ、「Money」や「Us And Them」「High Hopes」では“あの”映像が映し出される……。『PULSE』から約20年。ついに、あの光景が再現されていくのです。

前述しましたが、これまで見たくても『LATER… WITH JOOLS HOLLAND』しかなかった“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”。30分弱に対して70分超、新曲3つに対しFLOYDクラシックスも含めた11曲、BBCスタジオに対して巨大なコンサート……あらゆる意味で待望の極上プロショットです。しかも、異次元体験の本編プレス3CDの向こうに広がる光景、一夜限りのオーケストラとの饗宴さえも目撃できる映像傑作。どうぞ、刮目してご覧ください。

1. Intro 2. 5 A.M. 3. Rattle That Lock 4. Faces Of Stone 5. Wish You Were Here
6. What Do You Want From Me 7. A Boat Lies Waiting 8. The Blue 9. Money
10. Us And Them 11. In Any Tongue 12. High Hopes


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