David Gilmour / Royal Albert Hall 2016 4th Night / 3CD

David Gilmour / Royal Albert Hall 2016 4th Night / 3CD / Sigma

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Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 29th September 2016



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It attracted attention from all over the world of Floyd fans as a solo tour of nine years “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR 2015/2016”. The last (!?) Masterpiece live album of it appeared in the press 3CD.
Of this work it has been recording “September 29, Royal Albert Hall (hereafter,” RAH “) 2016 performance.” “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR” is RAH5 of continuous performances overnight that have been made as the final leg of. So far in our shop, which has been run together the whole tour in the recording, than the other day, “ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2016 1ST NIGHT (Amity 360)”, “same 2ND NIGHT (Amity 361)”, “same 3RD NIGHT (Amity 362)”, “same FINAL NIGHT ( Amity 363) “and has been report. This work, and to the decision board, the last of the one-piece. Even five days is a super-best live albums that reach the very top.
All five days but is Dave Gilmour was Mise concluded a world tour in a series of great performance, this work is vertex in the vertex. Speaking of what is special, nothing but the finest quality. Or there is also attention of nine years, this tour is intensely high-quality recordings from around the world has been barrage. The shop, with the help of the world authority of Pink Floyd research, carefully selected born out recording from the next to the next. Just super masterpiece, such as show off the insight eye skilled in Gilmore music and sound knowledge we have been delivered. This work is also one in which the authority has been carefully selected. In fact, RAH5_nichikan’nouchi, this “Day 4” only for you but it takes time to the selection of the authority, because the it had become cautious in the final decision of the sound that becomes the apex even 5 days It seems it was. If, when I downright evil thoughts as “the last of the memorial” is even a little, it’ll be the last day was pressed. The Otherwise became the “fourth day” but is, the quality until the stoic, you nothing more than a nasty-hunting center of the study who were asked to vertex.
Those sound flowing from this work, more than enough to support its history. In the past also, but 1 installment 1 installment was just name recording of the press-class, this work is still exceptional. From the heavy bass of rhythm up to the treble coming directly touch the heartstrings, all of the range and beautiful glossy, artistic is also up to the balance. Yet the tone of the direct sense of plenty in the thick, dressed up “like a sound board” as the “official class,” praised the words is an insult to the rich “sound”, even the sense of space, three-dimensional sense of a rarity. It sounds which would be raised to fame of the traditional venue “RAH” itself. After this film before “everything is great” 憚 is even the “Korezo perfection” would say to the easy and the like. Beauty of Gilmore music, traditional venue acoustic, recording home of equipment and technology, we miracle surrounding environment, which cheers …… that all of the audience engaged without any deviation of the millimeter.
In the past while also deliver many of the masterpiece from “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”, in fact actually had to press of the “WROCLAW 2016 (Sigma 159),” “JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016 (Sigma 162),” “WIESBADEN 2016 ( this work is his fourth next to Sigma 164) “. All of which not only the home of record was a Europe, in the audience, because the deep understanding and reverence to the Gilmore Music at the venue was full. This work center Among them, the highest peak of home recording. Precisely because the United Kingdom, is the traditional venue “RAH” That’s why What polar live album obtained form.

If the original, final RAH only was present in the leg “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD final form of TOUR” and also perhaps should we introduce excitement of winding occur chanting in a small configuration and Floyd number also say. However, such trivialities has already been talked about many times. It you’ve lined up a little image preceding words, there is no choice but to apologize for lack of learning, I want to tell on the only single-mindedly that is what this film is only that the “extremely”. More than that, no different from you how much to layer the words, the truth is no unwavering so.
So far a masterpiece group to all of the people who have run together a tour of. And, also for anyone who wants it to touch in the future for the first time “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”, the climax of only one. Round one year, rice thanks to Gilmore for giving me the time of bliss to press CD, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.

9年ぶりのソロツアーとして全世界のフロイド・ファンから注目を集めた“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR 2015/2016”。その最後(!?)の傑作ライヴアルバムがプレス3CDで登場です。
本作が録音されたのは「2016年9月29日ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール(以後、「RAH」)公演」。“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”の最終レッグとして行われたRAH5連続公演の一夜です。これまでツアー全体を録音で併走してきた当店でも、先日より『ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2016 1ST NIGHT(Amity 360)』『同 2ND NIGHT(Amity 361)』『同 3RD NIGHT(Amity 362)』『同 FINAL NIGHT(Amity 363)』とレポートしてきました。本作は、その決定盤にして、最後の1ピース。5日間でも頂点を極める超・極上ライヴアルバムです。
これまで“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”からは幾多の名作をお届けしつつも、実は実際にプレス化したのは『WROCLAW 2016(Sigma 159)』『JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016(Sigma 162)』『WIESBADEN 2016(Sigma 164)』に次いで本作が4作目。そのすべてがヨーロッパだったのは録音の本場というだけでなく、観客に、会場にギルモア・ミュージックへの深い理解と敬愛が満ちていたから。本作はその中でも中心地、本国録音の最高峰。イギリスだからこそ、伝統会場“RAH”だからこそ成し得たライヴアルバムの極地なのです。

本来であれば、最終RAHレッグにだけ存在した“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOURの最終形”とも言えるショウ構成やフロイド・ナンバーで巻き起こる唱和の感動もご紹介すべきなのかも知れません。しかし、そうした些事はすでに何度もお話ししてきました。ややイメージ先行な言葉が並んでしまったことは、浅学非才をお詫びするしかありませんが、その上でただひたすらにお伝えしたいのは、本作こそが“至極”ということだけ。それ以上は、いくら言葉を重ねようと変わらない、揺るぎようがない真実です。
これまでの傑作群でツアーを併走してくださった総ての方々へ。そして、これから初めて“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”に触れようという方にも、1本だけの絶頂を。丸1年間、至福の時を与えてくれたギルモアに感謝をプレスCDに込め、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (72:21)
1. 5 A.M. 2. Rattle That Lock 3. Faces of Stone 4. What Do You Want From Me
5. The Blue 6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. A Boat Lies Waiting 8. Wish You Were Here
9. Money 10. In Any Tongue 11. High Hopes

Disc 2 (42:29)
1. One Of These Days 2. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back To Life
5. On An Island

Disc 3 (61:03)
1. Member Introduction 2. Us And Them 3. Today 4. Sorrow 5. Run Like Hell 6. Time
7. Breathe (Reprise) 8. Comfortably Numb
Sigma 170

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