David Gilmour / Wiesbaden 2016 / 3CD

David Gilmour / Wiesbaden 2016 / 3CD / Sigma

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Live at Bowling Green, Kurhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany 18th July 2016



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Finally entered the climax “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. That is the latest in the best of the live album appeared. Current tour ends the European leg, became just leave the last performances land Royal Albert Hall 5 performances. This work is the audience album that contains the “July 18, Wiesbaden performances 2016 (Germany)” than its European leg.
Even so, the European leg of this time is amazing. Since the beginning of September last year, always, but we have to report the tour with the latest sound source, more than ever in the finest recording comes appeared from the next to the next. While tour early in the hope that it will be “…… you want to press”, but had been preoccupied with reports in the CDR in the subtle line, storm of the best sound source to be driven by coming here to the feelings of the “to do not press”. Starting with the “WROCLAW 2016 (Sigma 159)” of the European leg the first day, this week, this work as “JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016 (Sigma 162)” has become a simultaneous release. Carefully selected to repeated carefully, it was not able to be as you try a stingy poking the nest of boxes, high-quality machine that goes beyond a line. This work, I its third edition.
In fact, this work a maximum of points grade of mellow sound. The fact that’s the audience recording the audience of the site was recorded at hand, but the recording technique is not a dimension like something longer. Its Zubutoku crisp musical tone is vivid to the limit, direct sense of plenty. Has also been engraved audience likeness to fresh cheers, but it is also a very modest level, not in only in the decoration of the tone of the strong force that through the whole of this work. ‘s The grade is devoted without hesitation the words of the “official-class audience” goods.
Simultaneous release of “JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016” is also only in either but I a place that does not thought of as a top electrode, a feature of this work is What bass rich. Usually, but audience recording I supposed bass is not good, the bass of this work is transmitted to attentive vibe yet thick. Simply differences Wake is as large bass balance, while resound the five viscera, glossy enough to make this morning Toro the dropped. Nice but over the whole volume, songs, but, what if dare mention “Sorrow”. The guitar solo of this song last, I would like your attention by all means. The atmosphere bass synth earthshaking beautiful universe, edge also vivid guitar cut through …. Rich bass up to this point, is trying to never experience in the audience recording. Although eggplant there once in a while that I think “how was recorded doing?” To the wonderful sound, is the first time I was surprised, “Do this sound in our house of the equipment that was able to play” is.
Wiesbaden performances to be drawn in such a sound is, the European leg all 17 12 performances th concert in performance. Since the European leg has also become a topic set list of daily specials, Let’s check again also the point. First of all, this “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” is in two parts. In the European leg has four patterns in two patterns, Part 2 to Part 1, we make a variation in the form of combining it. Closer look at each of the ….

[Part 1 (SET A · B)] · SET A: “Us And Them”
· SET B: “The Great Gig In the Sky”

[Part 2 (SET C · D · E · F)] · SET C: “One Of These Days” and “Dancing Right In Front Of Me”
· SET D: “One Of These Days” and “Fat Old Sun”
· SET E: “Astronomy Domine” and “Fat Old Sun”
· SET F: “Astronomy Domine” and “Dancing Right In Front Of Me”

…… And, it looks like this. First appearance songs in the European leg in this is the three songs of “The Great Gig In the Sky,” “One Of These Days,” “Dancing Right In Front Of Me”. It was also a combination of only once during the most often was the eight performances of “SET B + D”, followed by “SET A + D” 4 performance, “SET A + E” two shows order. …… And to organize the titles that have been released so far.

· “WROCLAW 2016” = “SET A + C” ※ pattern of the day only
· “VIENNA 2016 2ND NIGHT” = “SET A + D”
– [This work] = “SET B + D”

…… Become. In other words, the present work is one where you can enjoy the three songs of “The Great Gig In The Sky,” “One Of These Days,” “Fat Old Sun”. Although the song only true if the European leg was Roundup “B + C” is you ideal, unfortunately kind of performance did not even once. The most efficient thing is I combination of this work as “WROCLAW 2016” (or “JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016”).

“JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016” of simultaneous release, but it was high quality sound, such as to challenge the limits of audience recording, this work is a high-quality board which can taste the “deep bass you’ve never heard.” Its transcendence, “The Great Gig In The Sky” in sound “One Of These Days” is one where you can enjoy, live album of the European leg of the royal road set “SET B + D” of binge through can this 100% raw experience. Please, enjoy heart’s content.


遂に佳境に突入した“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”。その最新にして極上のライヴアルバムが登場です。現在ツアーは欧州レッグを終了し、最後の公演地ロイヤルアルバート・ホール5公演を残すばかりとなりました。本作は、その欧州レッグより「2016年7月18日ヴィースバーデン公演(ドイツ)」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。
それにしても、今回の欧州レッグは凄い。昨年9月の開始以来、常に最新音源でツアーをレポートして参りましたが、これまで以上に最高級の録音が次から次へと登場してくる。ツアー序盤は「プレスしたい……」とは思いつつ、微妙なラインでCDRでのレポートに終始していましたが、ここに来て「プレスしないでどうする」の想いに駆られる極上音源の嵐。欧州レッグ初日の『WROCLAW 2016(Sigma 159)』を皮切りに、今週は『JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016(Sigma 162)』と本作が同時リリースとなりました。厳選に厳選を重ね、重箱を突っついてケチを付けようとしてもできなかった、一線を超えたハイクオリティ盤。本作は、その第3弾なのです。
同時リリースの『JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016』も極上だけにどちらが上とも言えないところなのですが、本作の特徴はリッチな重低音でしょうか。普通、オーディエンス録音は低音が苦手なはずなのですが、本作の低音は極太でありながらきめ細やかなヴァイヴまで伝わる。単に低音バランスが大きいのとはワケが違い、五臓を轟かせながら、六腑をトロけさせるほどに艶やか。全編・全曲に渡って素晴らしいのですが、あえて挙げるなら「Sorrow」でしょうか。この曲ラストのギターソロには、ぜひご注目いただきたい。シンセの重低音が森羅万象を美しく揺るがす大気を、エッジも鮮やかなギターが切り裂く……。ここまでリッチな低音を、まさかオーディエンス録音で体験しようとは。素晴らしいサウンドに「どうやって録音したのか?」と思うことはたまにありなすが、「ウチの機材でこの音が再生できたのか」と驚いたのは初めてです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるヴィースバーデン公演は、欧州レッグ全17公演中12公演目のコンサート。この欧州レッグは日替わりのセットリストも話題になっていますので、その点も改めて確認してみましょう。まず、この“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”は2部構成。欧州レッグでは第1部に2パターン・第2部に4パターンがあり、それを組合わせるカタチでバリエーションを作っています。それぞれ詳しく見てみると……。

【第1部(SET A・B)】
・SET A:「Us And Them」
・SET B:「The Great Gig In the Sky」

【第2部(SET C・D・E・F)】
・SET C:「One Of These Days」&「Dancing Right In Front Of Me」
・SET D:「One Of These Days」&「Fat Old Sun」
・SET E:「Astronomy Domine」&「Fat Old Sun」
・SET F:「Astronomy Domine」&「Dancing Right In Front Of Me」

……と、このようになっています。この中で欧州レッグで初登場した曲は「The Great Gig In the Sky」「One Of These Days」「Dancing Right In Front Of Me」の3曲です。中には1回だけの組み合わせもあったのですが、一番多かったのは「SET B+D」の8公演、次いで「SET A+D」4公演、「SET A+E」2公演の順。ここまでにリリースされたタイトルを整理しますと……。

・『WROCLAW 2016』=「SET A+C」※この日のみのパターン
・【本作】=「SET B+D」

……となる。つまり、本作は「The Great Gig In The Sky」「One Of These Days」「Fat Old Sun」の3曲が楽しめる1本。本当なら欧州レッグだけの曲を総まとめした「B+C」が理想なのですが、残念ながらそういう公演は1回もなかった。一番効率的なのは『WROCLAW 2016』と本作(もしくは『JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016』)の組み合わせなのです。

同時リリースの『JAZZOPEN STUTTGART 2016』は、オーディエンス録音の極限に挑戦するようなハイクオリティ・サウンドでしたが、本作は“聴いたこともない重低音”を味わえる高音質盤です。その超絶サウンドで「The Great Gig In The Sky」「One Of These Days」が楽しめる1本、一気貫通の欧州レッグの王道セット「SET B+D」を本生100%体験できるライヴアルバム。どうぞ、思う存分お楽しみください。


Disc 1(70:22)
1. Intro. 2. 5 A.M. 3. Rattle That Lock 4. Faces Of Stone 5. What Do You Want From Me
6. The Blue 7. The Great Gig In The Sky 8. A Boat Lies Waiting 9. Wish You Were Here
10. Money 11. In Any Tongue 12. High Hopes

Disc 2(68:20)
1. One Of These Days 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back To Life
5. Band Introduction 6. The Girl In The Yellow Dress 7. Today 8. Sorrow

Disc 3(28:31)
1, Run Like Hell 2, Time 3. Breathe (Reprise) 4. Comfortably Numb
Sigma 164

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