David Gilmour / Live At Pompeii 2016 / 6CD

David Gilmour / Live At Pompeii 2016 / 6CD / Sigma
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Anfiteatro Romano, Pompei, Italy 7th & 8th July 2016


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A happy night that fans from all over the world wished for and wanted to be present on the spot. The unlucky night where no recording came out at all despite collecting the most attention even in the solo tour for the first time in nine years. Such a special night finally appeared. That is also the original master of the world first publicly exploitable … …. “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR” But, the most moving live album is on press 6CD.
The identity of “Night” that was sought so much is “July 7 & 8, 2016: Pompei Performance”. Yes, it is a concert held at “Pompeii Stadium” where PINK FLOYD’s movie “LIVE AT POMPE II” was recorded. Of course, it is the first time that Gilmore plays in this place for 45 years since 1971. It attracted attention so much that it became news that “Gilmore returns to Pompeii” only at a symbolic site, and the voice waiting for the sound source is coming up from the day of the live show. However, I can not wait to live. Even after the European tour ended, it did not come out even after the whole schedule was over. That has come out now, it has come out. The wishes of “Any sound is OK” wish is also empty and the days passed, and it turned out that maniacs gave up now long.
As a matter of fact, maniacs all over the world have not listened to Pompeii performances yet. This work is an original recording that our shop got through its own route, “July 7th” on disc 1-3, “July 8th” on disc 4-6 complete recording. This work only makes the world know “Pompeii ‘s 2 days” for the first time.

It is an original master who came out to be invited to such a long-awaited but its quality was not as “any sound sounds good”. Historical significance that is too heavy · Ultra quality of impact even if you overlook rare value. Extreme performance and singing voice flow into the ear straightball. I often use the word “soundboard”, but the dimension that it does not suit so much so far. In fact, unless lively cheeks occurred between songs, I believed it to be an outgoing sound board (indeed, this Pompei performance is also officially recorded). Besides, the quality pierces through all the show for two days. From the announcement before the opening day on the first day, until Gilmore shouts to the last day on the second day until “See you one of these days, good night!” Without the lack of one song, the best sound world continues without a 1 second skiing.
But historical weights and superb sounds are meaningless unless the contents are special. This work is wonderful also in that respect. After all, Gilmore himself is conscious of the meaning of the venue and plays it so that it can bite at any time. Not only that but also in the MC, “I returned to a place like a magic” “This is a ghost ground, in a friendly sense,” etc. talk about the weight of the site. Especially on “July 8th” I talked about “I will discuss” (Echoes which is a symbol of LIVE AT POMPEII) “, but I can not do it because there is no more Rick. Even one such word flows out with a violent clear sound like a musical sound.

Pompeii did not have spectators in 1971. However, it is a real audience album that can be shared with music with Gilmore, who was present at the scene 45 years later. Here is the dream that mania globally gave up trying. Moreover, with “RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR” also with the finest sound. I’ve been reporting tours with live albums so far, but this work is the one that draws near to my heart. The wind of “One Of These Days” blowing Pompeii across the wall of the century. We will deliver it to your room this weekend.
世界中のファンが望み、その場に居合わせたいと願った幸福な夜。9年ぶりのソロツアーでも、もっとも注目を集めながらまったく録音の出てこなかった不運な夜。そんな特別な夜が、遂に姿を現しました。それも、極上究める世界初公開のオリジナル・マスターで……。“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”でも、もっとも感動的なライヴアルバムがプレス6CDで登場です。
それほど求められた“夜”の正体とは「2016年7月7日&8日:ポンペイ公演」。そう、PINK FLOYDの映画『LIVE AT POMPEII』が記録された“ポンペイ闘技場”で行われたコンサートなのです。もちろん、ギルモアがこの地で演奏するのは、1971年以来45年ぶり。あまりに象徴的な現場だけに「ギルモアがポンペイに還ってくる」とニュースになるほど注目され、ライヴ当日から音源を今か今かと待ち望む声が沸き上がりました。しかし、待てど暮らせど出てこない。欧州ツアーが終わっても、全日程が終わっても出てこなかった。それが、今になった出てきたのです。「どんな音でもいいから」の願いも空しく日々が過ぎ去り、とっくにマニア達が諦めた今になって。

そんな切望に呼び寄せられるように出てきたオリジナル・マスターですが、そのクオリティは「どんな音でもいい」どころではありませんでした。重すぎる歴史的意義・希少価値を度外視しても衝撃の超クオリティ。極太の演奏・歌声が耳元直球に流れ込む。「まるでサウンドボード」という言葉をよく使いますが、それがここまで似合うサウンドはそうそうないという次元。実際、曲間で生々しい喝采が起こらなければ、流出サウンドボードと信じるところでした(実際、このポンペイ公演は公式レコーディングも行われています)。しかも、そのクオリティが2日分のショウを丸ごと貫いている。初日の開演前アナウンスから、2日目のラストにギルモアが叫ぶ「See you one of these days, good night!」に至るまで。1曲の欠けもなければ、1秒のスキもなく極上の音世界が続くのです。
しかし、歴史的な重みも、極上のサウンドも、中身が特別でなければ意味はありません。その点でも本作は素晴らしい。何しろ、ギルモア自身が会場の意味を意識しており、いつになく噛みしめるように演奏する。それだけでなく、MCでも「魔法のような場所に戻ってきた」「ここはゴーストの地だ。フレンドリーな意味でね」等々と現場の重みを口にする。特に「7月8日」では「ここで『(LIVE AT POMPEIIの象徴である)Echoes』をやろうかと話し合ったんだが、もうリックがいないからね。やれないよ」とさえ語る。そんな言葉の1つひとつさえ、楽音と同じく激しいクリア・サウンドで流れ出るのです。

1971年には観客のいなかったポンペイ。しかし、その45年後になって現場に居合わせ、ギルモアと音楽を共有できる本生のオーディエンス・アルバムです。世界中のマニアがとうにあきらめていた夢が、ここにある。しかも、“RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR”でも最高級のサウンドで。これまで数々のライヴアルバムでツアーをレポートしてきましたが、本作こそもっとも胸に迫る1本です。世紀の壁を越えてポンペイに吹く「One Of These Days」の風。今週末、あなたのお部屋にお届けいたします。
Live at Anfiteatro Romano, Pompei, Italy 7th July 2016

Disc 1 (70:58)
1. Announcement 2. Intro. 3. 5 A.M. 4. Rattle That Lock 5. Faces of Stone
6. What Do You Want From Me 7. The Blue 8. The Great Gig in the Sky 9. MC
10. A Boat Lies Waiting 11. Wish You Were Here 12. Money 13. In Any Tongue 14. High Hopes

Disc 2 (75:08)
1. One of These Days 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back to Life
5. On an Island 6. Band Introductions 7. The Girl in the Yellow Dress 8. Today
9. Sorrow 10. Run Like Hell

Disc 3 (19:43)
1. Audience 2. Time 3. Breathe (Reprise) 4. Comfortably Numb

Live at Anfiteatro Romano, Pompei, Italy 8th July 2016

Disc 4 (70:39)
1. Intro. 2. 5 A.M. 3. Rattle That Lock 4. Faces of Stone 5. What Do You Want From Me
6. The Blue 7. The Great Gig in the Sky 8. MC 9. A Boat Lies Waiting 10. Wish You Were Here
11. Money 12. In Any Tongue 13. High Hopes

Disc 5 (78:16)
1. One of These Days 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back to Life
5. On an Island 6. Band Introductions 7. The Girl in the Yellow Dress 8. MC
9. Today 10. Sorrow 11. Run Like Hell

Disc 6 (20:20)
1. Audience 2. Time 3. Breathe (Reprise) 4. Comfortably Numb
Sigma 172

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