David Gilmour / Complete Warclaw 2016 / 2DVDR

David Gilmour / Complete Warclaw 2016 / 2DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Plac Wolnosci, Wroclaw, Poland 25th June 2016 PRO-SHOT(Remastered)


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Best professional shot of the whole world shook is the fastest gift-release decision. Currently, what shook the PINK FLOYD mania of mind around the world, “June 25, 2016 Wroclaw performances (Poland)”. But it was also to introduce matches the first part of the show the “WROCLAW 2016” the other day, what that super masterpiece professional shot appeared in the full version, including up to the second part! Of course, this work what the tour’s first full pro shot. Finally, finally, “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” whole picture came the day that you can witness the !!
Worthy of this work to be called the monument title, have enjoyed divided the show full-length in two. Disk 1, the same as the other day of gift-title “WROCLAW 2016”, recorded the first part of the show. The disk of attention is in the second part of the show 2. In fact, for it is not known at just arrived master details of the broadcast, from the fact that out of the “WROCLAW 2016” with the same title logo “DAVID GILMOUR RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR 2016” at the beginning, broadcast twice It seems to have been divided into. Program as well, are also different broadcast stations, while the disc 1 was the HD broadcast of Polish public television station “TVP2”, disk 2 is “TVP1” (Japan of the “NHK General” of the “E tele” It is a thing) as.
Or from the difference of the station, it will differ slightly nuances of image quality and sound quality, but the disk 2 is also superb professional shot. The other, it really looks like an official release possible quality. And, soon surprised to such quality, it begins “that” based intro of “One Of These Days, in which the three primary colors of light shines brightly, in the …. Solo concert finger of Gilmore slide the console steel guitar historic ultra-classic becomes a premiere. it is trying to come the day when taste in the best professional shot. further continues, “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”. In a circle of giant screen that is reminiscent of the “P.U.L.S.E” the boy to walk the forest is projected. Just “that followed”. Since reaching the first report of the tour in July of last year, the scene was longed wanted to watch and want to watch one year round flows endlessly in the best quality. Further subsequent solo new song “Dancing Right In Front Of Me” is also, this day premiere. Here, co-star of the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra of the day only is Fichua, we blur the special feeling of anything heavy.

Finally appeared, superb full professional shot of “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. Even though the sight alone large excitement, special taste plenty to further valuable orchestra co-star of the premiere music and as long as overnight, this one too special.
Is a lengthy excuse me and allowed to dating, but not in the case you are really reading this poor writing. PINK FLOYD late now, the top form in the latest form of the Gilmore “man succeed the legend” is here. Ultra-masterpiece image of inevitable in every sense. Please ordering right now. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

全世界震撼の極上プロショットが最速ギフト・リリース決定です。現在、世界中のPINK FLOYDマニアの心を震わせているのは「2016年6月25日ヴロツワフ公演(ポーランド)」。先日もショウの第1部を収めた『WROCLAW 2016』をご紹介しましたが、なんとあの超傑作プロショットが第2部まで含めた完全版で登場! もちろん、本作こそツアー初のフル・プロショット。遂に、遂に、“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の全貌を目撃できる日がやってきたのです!!
記念碑タイトルと呼ぶに相応しい本作は、ショウ全編を2枚に分けて収めています。ディスク1は、先日のギフト・タイトル『WROCLAW 2016』と同じもので、ショウの第1部を収録。そして、注目なのがショウ第2部のディスク2。実のところ、マスターが届いたばかりで放送の詳細は分かっていないのですが、冒頭には『WROCLAW 2016』と同じタイトルロゴ「DAVID GILMOUR RATTLE THAT LOCK WORLD TOUR 2016」が出る事から、放送が2回に分かれていたようです。番組だけでなく、放送局も違っており、ディスク1がポーランドの公共テレビ局「TVP2」のHD放送だったのに対し、ディスク2は「TVP1」(日本の「NHK総合」と「Eテレ」のようなもの)です。
局の違いからか、画質・音質のニュアンスも若干異なりますが、ディスク2も極上のプロショット。もう、そのまんまオフィシャル・リリース可能なクオリティなのです。そして、そんなクオリティに驚く間もなく、「One Of These Daysの“あの”ベースイントロが始まり、光の三原色が目映く照らす中、ギルモアの指がコンソール・スティール・ギターを滑る……。ソロ・コンサートでは初演となる歴史的超名曲。それが極上プロショットで味わえる日が来ようとは。さらに続くは「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」。『P.U.L.S.E』を彷彿とさせる円形の巨大スクリーンには、林を歩く少年が映し出される。まさしく“あの続き”。昨年の7月にツアーの第一報が届いて以来、丸1年観たくて観たくてたまらなかった光景が極上クオリティで止めどなく流れる。さらに続くソロ新曲「Dancing Right In Front Of Me」もまた、この日が初演。ここでは、この日だけのヴロツワフ・フィルハーモニック・オーケストラとの共演がフィーチュアされ、何重もの特別感が滲むのです。

遂に登場した、“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の極上フル・プロショット。その光景だけでも大感動なのに、さらに貴重な初演曲や一夜限りのオーケストラ共演までたっぷり味わえる特別な、あまりにも特別な1本です。
長々とお付き合いさせておいて恐縮ですが、本当はこんな駄文を読んでいる場合ではないのです。PINK FLOYD亡き今、“伝説を継ぐ男”ギルモアの最新形にして最上形がここにある。ありとあらゆる意味で回避不能な超・傑作映像。今すぐご用命ください。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1(70:46)
1. Intro 2. 5 A.M. 3. Rattle That Lock 4. Faces Of Stone 5. Wish You Were Here
6. What Do You Want From Me 7. A Boat Lies Waiting 8. The Blue 9. Money
10. Us And Them 11. In Any Tongue 12. High Hopes

Disc 2 (98:19)
1. One Of These Days 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Dancing Right In Front Of Me
4. Coming Back To Life 5. On An Island 6. Band Introduction 7. The Girl In The Yellow Dress
8. Today 9. Sorrow 10. Run Like Hell 11. Time 12. Breathe Reprise 13. Comfortably Numb



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