David Coverdale & Jimmy Page / Definitive Nagoya 1993 – New / 2CD

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page / Definitive Nagoya 1993 – New / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at Aichiken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan 22nd December 1993

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The live album “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993” was also called the “masterpiece” of the legendary unit COVERDALE / PAGE. The Daimyo board, which sought the pinnacle of both content and quality, is now available in the standard edition.

[Live album of “the apex” by the treasured DAT of the recorder] “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993” was a very famous board worthy of the honor of “the best masterpiece”. It was an audience recording recorded in “December 22, 1993: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium”, the last show of COVERDALE / PAGE, but in the first place, four kinds of performances in Nagoya were known. Among them, “OVER NOW (Wardour-039)” and “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993 (SBM 22/12 9301/2)” have been regarded as the two biggest heads in terms of quality and length. “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993” is a direct CD of the original master DAT “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993”.
Shock from the moment of playback. Already started from the appearance scene of the members, “Absolution Blues” began in about 40 seconds, but the original recording began earlier, about 11 minutes before the start scene was saved. Of course, in this work, the female voice of “We will start soon. If you are seated, please return to your seat as soon as possible.” It is only evidence. The more shocking is the sound itself. It’s much better than the classic sound that was once called the highest peak.
Furthermore, the difference is not a little soft and obvious to everyone’s ears. Although the previous launch was furiously clear, this work is clearly rich and rich in bass, and the overall balance is well balanced. For example, “Kashmir”. The main riff is composed of bassdora and snare loops, but in the case of the existing ones, it seems that the performance is floating because the bass is frivolous. Furthermore, the good balance is remarkable in the high tone. The existing ones are depressed, overhanging, and strangely uneven. Taking “In My Time Of Dying” as an example, the existing vocals and guitars are floating without being mixed into the performance, especially when the delay is applied to the high tone of the vocals. On the other hand, this work is not such unnatural. The sound itself that would have been played by the PA in a natural balance continually pierces the whole story.
】 The reason why these defects occurred is unknown. Perhaps it was due to the ugly equipment of the early days of the CD boot leg, or was there a perfect equalization at that time? I don’t want to misunderstand here, but it was an unprecedented masterpiece. If there is no excavation this time, the above points will not be among the drawbacks. It is a superb sound. However, this work exceeded even that. It is a live album that transcends vertices because all the beautiful sounds that the original DAT sucked up were carefully picked up and made into a CD.

[Daimyo that gave the foamy unit a legendary sparkle] 】 As you can see, the sound is at the top, but that alone is not a “masterpiece”. The important show was also the top. The reason is COVERDALE / PAGE activities. The album “COVERDALE / PAGE” was ranked 4th in the UK and 5th in the United States. Since ZEP, the page has succeeded in succession after the highest peak “SERPENS ALBUS” in Cavadale. The world tour was canceled due to sluggish tickets (at that time there were talks about the recession and changes in the music scene due to the influence of the Gulf War, but it is a little hard to believe that the sluggishness to cancel due to the good health of the chart is canceled). As a result, their stage had only a short Japan tour. Moreover, this is only 7 performances. Our store reports on various masterpieces, so let’s organize it here.

・ December 14 “KNEES AND PRAY”
・ December 15 “ BUDOKAN 1993 2ND NIGHT ”
-One day move & off-
・ December 17 “ YOYOGI 1993 1ST NIGHT ”
・ December 18: Yoyogi National Stadium
-One day move & off-
・ December 20 “PRIDE & JOY (Osaka Castle)”
・ December 21 “ OSAKA 1993 ”
・ December 22: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium ← ★ This work ★
* Only representative works on each day.

… and it looks like this. Their first stage is “December 14th” and the last is “December 22th (this work)”. Since only one week existed, one performance and one performance are in the process of growth. Speaking of the 7th performance even in an ordinary band, the engine has finally warmed up and it has begun to show its full potential, but with COVERDALE / PAGE it is even more prominent. Especially for Page, this is the first tour in five years, and the later the second half, the more the combination will come and the ensemble will be completed.
“Shake My Tree” is a symbol of that. In the middle of the page Paige is playing Theremin, it begins with the signal of Denny Carmassi and performs “Whole Lotta Love” with a surprise of almost full chorus. This isn’t just “Lucky for one song”. Up to this point, we have been improving the level of training with a fixed set, but this is the proof that we were able to afford to hold “play” for the first time after the 7th performance. This “margin” can be felt from the end of every song. At present, all seven performances can be touched on in some form of record, but the level of exhilaration to this margin is why “Nagoya is special”. The Nagoya performance is “the end of COVERDALE / PAGE”, but it is not just a record or memorial value but a musical meaning.

”DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993” was praised as “the best masterpiece” as the last live album of COVERDALE / PAGE. The splendor caused by Daimoto DAT has been shocking, and it has been sold out and out of print in no time. However, its musical value is even comparable to the original album “COVERDALE / PAGE”. There shouldn’t be a situation where such a super name board is not available. There was no rehearsal album on the day that came with the original release (although it was precious, but it was also a bit of a snake foot for the completeness of the main part), but it was also reproducible with a permanent preservation press 2CD. Please do not miss this opportunity.

★ Uses original DAT master. This is the unprecedented super-high-quality sound.

伝説のユニットCOVERDALE/PAGEの「最高傑作」とも言われたライヴアルバム『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993』。内容もクオリティも頂点を究めた大名盤がスタンダード・エディションで登場です。

『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993』は、まさに「最高傑作」の誉れに相応しい超名盤でした。COVERDALE/PAGE最後のショウとなった「1993年12月22日:愛知県体育館」に記録されたオーディエンス録音なのですが、そもそも名古屋公演は、大小さまざまに4種類が知られていました。その中でもクオリティ&長さの両面で2大巨頭とされてきたのが『OVER NOW(Wardour-039)』と『WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993(SBM 22/12 9301/2)』。『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993』は、その『WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993(以降、既発)』大元マスターDATのダイレクトCD化なのです。
再生した瞬間から衝撃。既発はメンバーの登場シーンから始まり、40秒ほどで「Absolution Blues」が始まりましたが、オリジナル録音はもっと前から始まっており、約11分もの開演前シーンが保存されていたのです。もちろん、本作では「間もなく開演いたします。席をお立ちのお客様は、お早めにお席へお戻りください」の女声も生々しい空気感も漏らさず完全収録していますが、それは大元マスターの証拠に過ぎない。もっと衝撃的なのはサウンドそのもの。かつて最高峰と呼ばれた名盤サウンドよりも遙かに、遙かに素晴らしいのです。
しかも、その違いはちょっとやそっとではなく、誰の耳にも明らか。既発も猛烈にクリアではありましたが、本作は明らかに低音が図太く豊かで、全体のバランスも均整が取れている。例えば「Kashmir」。バスドラとスネアのループで構成されていくメインリフが轟くわけですが、既発では低音が軽薄なために演奏が浮遊している聞こえる。さらにバランスの良さは高音に顕著。既発はところどころ落ち込んだり、張り出したり、奇妙に凸凹している。「In My Time Of Dying」を例にするなら、既発はヴォーカルとギターが演奏に溶け込まずに浮き上がっており、特にヴォーカルのハイトーンにディレイを掛けるところでは変に歪んでいるのです。それに対し、本作は、こうした不自然さがまるでない。まったく自然なバランスで現場のPAが鳴らしていたであろうサウンドそのものが絶え間なく全編を貫くのです。

このようにサウンドも頂点ではありますが、それだけで「最高傑作」とはならない。肝心要のショウも頂点だったのです。その理由はCOVERDALE/PAGEの活動にある。アルバム『COVERDALE/PAGE』は全英4位、全米5位を記録し、ペイジにはZEP以来の、カヴァデールには生涯最高峰の『SERPENS ALBUS』に次ぐ成功をもたらしたが、その後に予定されていたワールドツアーはチケットの不振によりキャンセル(当時は湾岸戦争の影響による不況や音楽シーンの変化も語られましたが、チャートの健闘から察するにキャンセルするほどの不振は少々信じがたくもありますが)。結果として、彼らのステージは短いジャパン・ツアーしか存在しませんでした。しかも、これはたった7公演。当店ではさまざまな傑作でレポートしておりますので、ここで整理してみましょう。

・12月14日『KNEES AND PRAY(日本武道館)』
・12月15日『BUDOKAN 1993 2ND NIGHT』
・12月17日『YOYOGI 1993 1ST NIGHT』
・12月20日『PRIDE & JOY(大阪城)』
・12月21日『OSAKA 1993』
・12月22日:愛知県体育館 ←★本作★

その象徴とも言えるのが「Shake My Tree」。中盤にペイジがテルミンを演奏している最中に、デニー・カーマッシの合図で始まり、「Whole Lotta Love」をほぼフルコーラス演奏というサプライズを披露するのです。これは単に「1曲分多くてラッキー」ではありません。ここまではおおよそ固定セットで練度を高めてきたわけですが、7公演目にして初めて“遊び”を挟み込むほどの余裕が生まれたことの証左。こうした“余裕”は全曲の端々からも感じられるのです。現在では7公演すべてに何らかの記録で触れられるわけですが、この余裕まで滲む練度こそ「名古屋は特別」と言われる所以。名古屋公演は「COVERDALE/PAGEの最後」ではありますが、それは日程的な記録やメモリアルな価値ではなく、音楽的な意味でこそ輝くものなのです。

COVERDALE/PAGE最後のライヴアルバムにして「最高傑作」と絶賛された『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1993』。大元DATから起こされた素晴らしさは衝撃を呼び、登場と共に瞬く間に完売・廃盤となってしまいました。しかし、その音楽的な価値はオリジナル・アルバム『COVERDALE/PAGE』にさえ匹敵する。そんな超名盤が入手できないという状況はあってはならないのです。オリジナル・リリースに付属していた当日リハーサル・アルバムはありません(貴重ではありましたが、本編の完成度に対してやや蛇足でもありました)が、同じように永久保存プレス2CDで堂々の復刻。どうぞ、この機会をお見逃しなく。


Disc 1 (77:05)

1. Pre-Show Music 2. Intro 3. Absolution Blues 4. Slide It In 5. Rock And Roll 6. Over Now
7. Kashmir 8. Pride And Joy 9. Take A Look At Yourself 10. Take Me For A Little While
11. In My Time Of Dying 12. Here I Go Again

Disc 2 (62:23)
1. MC 2. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 3. Don’t Leave Me This Way
4. Shake My Tree / Whole Lotta Love 5. Still Of The Night 6. Out On The Tiles / Black Dog
7. The Ocean / Wanton Song / Feeling Hot

David Coverdale – Vocals Jimmy Page – Guitar Brett Tuggle – Keyboards
Guy Pratt – Bass Denny Carmassi – Drums

Zodiac 349

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