David Coverdale & Jimmy Page / Definitive Nagoya 1993 / 3CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page / Definitive Nagoya 1993 / 3CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Aichiken-taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan 22nd December 1993  plus Bonus DVDR “Nagoya 1993 The Video”

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COVERDALE / PAGE, a legendary unit that engraved the radiance of the foam in the history of rock. A vertex live album that recorded that “last night” appears.
The project certainly was a legend even with foam. The album “COVERDALE / PAGE” ranked 4th in the UK and 5th in the US, and at pageage, Cavadair since ZEP brought success following the highest lifetime “SERPENS ALBUS”. However, the planned world tour was canceled due to the slump in the tickets (at the time there were also changes in depression and music scenes due to the influence of the Gulf War, but a little slump that cancels out from the chart’s good fight is a bit Although it is unbelievable). As a result, live was realized only in Japan. This work is included in the final night “December 22nd, 22nd, 1993: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium” performance and precious rehearsal. The Nagoya Performance is a concert known as a special show even at COVERDALE / PAGE, but at our shop we unearthed the original DAT of that highest peak recording. It is a vertex work digitized from there.
Only the legendary tour that symbolizes the first half of the 1990s, we have archived with many live albums at our shop. Let’s look back on the schedule 24 years ago here also in the meaning of arrangement.

· December 14th: Nippon Budokan “KNEES AND PRAY”
· December 15th: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 1993 2ND NIGHT”
Moving 1 day and & off
· December 17th: National Yoyogi Stadium “YOYOGI 1993 1ST NIGHT”
· December 18th: National Yoyogi Stadium
Moving 1 day and & off
· December 20th: Osakajo Hall “PRIDE & JOY”
· December 21: Osakajo Hall
· December 22: Aichi Gymnasium 【this work】

【Daimyo’s revived big masterpiece by the treasurer’s treasure DAT】
Over all, 7 shows. This work was the only performances at the smallest Aichi gymnasium in Tokyo and Osaka’s symbolic venue 2DAYS lining up. Although there are four kinds of records of such Nagoya performance, four types are known in various sizes, but “OVER NOW (Wardour-039)” and “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” and “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” have been regarded as 2 biggest ones in terms of both quality and length LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993 (SBM 22/12 9301/2) “. This work is a direct CD conversion of “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993 (hereinafter, already departed)” Omoto master DAT.
Impact from the moment of playback. The episode started from the appearance scene of the member and “Absolution Blues” began in about 40 seconds, but the original recording started from a long time ago, and about 11 minutes before the opening scene was preserved. Of course, in this work, “We will soon perform, the guest who stands at the seat, please return to your seat as soon as possible” female voice is also recorded completely without leaking a sense of fresh air, It is only evidence. More shocking is the sound itself. It is much wonderful far more than the famous board sound once called the highest peak.
Besides, the difference is not quite gentle or gentle, it is obvious to anyone’s ears. Although the episode was also furiously clear, although this work clearly the bass is rich enough and the balance is well balanced. For example “Kashmir”. Although the main riff which consists of a loop of bus dra and snare roars, in the departure it is heard that the performance is floating because bass is thin and thin. Better balance is more noticeable in treble. The departure has been depressed, protruding, and strangely uneven. In “In My Time Of Dying” as an example, the vocal and the guitar have been lifted up without blending into the performance, and in the place where the delay is applied especially to the vocal high tone, it is distorted unusually. In contrast, this work has no such unnaturalness. The sound that the PA of the site would have been ringing with a totally natural balance perpetually penetrates the full story without fail.
The cause is unknown why such defects occurred. Perhaps it is due to the bad equipment of the dawn of the CD bootleg, or the equalization at the time backed up at the time … ?. I do not want to misunderstand here, but the departure was a pre-eminent and unparalleled masterpiece. Without the excavation this time, the above points do not fall into the fault. It’s super superb sound. However, this work has even exceeded it. It picks up all of the beautiful sounds that the original DAT was sucking in and it is a live album that crosses the apex of this path because it has been precisely CDized.
Shows painted with such unique sound are also the only one. Anyway, one performance 1 performance is the process of growth only for the phantom unit which disappeared only by 7 Japanese performances. Speaking of the seventh performance even in ordinary bands, it was around the time the engine warmed up and began to demonstrate us, but if it became COVERDALE / PAGE, that was more pronounced. For Paige in particular, it is also the first tour in five years, the more the combination comes over in the second half, the ensemble is completed.
Shake My Tree is also a symbol of that. While Paige is playing the theremin in the midfield, it starts with the sign of Denny Carmassi and shows off a surprise of “Whole Lotta Love” almost full chorus playing. This is not simply “more lucky for one song.” Up to this point, we have increased the degree of refinement roughly as a fixed set, but it is the first testimony of the fact that we were able to afford a margin enough to catch “play” only after seventh performance. These “margins” are felt from all the songs. Although it is touched at some record to all seven performances at the moment, it is the reason why “Nagoya is special” to be blurred to this extra margin.

【Precious Super Supreme Super Sound Check & Rehearsal】
Just listening to this show as a top-sounding sound is one of the best, but this work is not over yet. This recorder DAT also contained precious sound checks and rehearsal sound sources. This recording has also flowed out in the past, but the quality is the difference of muddy. Probably, it seems that what was dubbed once to the cassette from the digital master seems to have leaked in the past, and if the sound was deteriorating, the pitch was also greatly out of order. However, this time DAT copy with zero degradation. There was no need for remastering and pitch adjustment, valuable sound checks were recorded.
Besides, its contents are wonderful. I tried “Whole Lotta Love” to be shown at the Nagoya Performance (Vocal is a keyboard Bullet Tagle), not played in the production “Dazed And Confused” “Dancing Days” “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” “Black Country Woman “,” Communication Breakdown “,” Misty Mountain Hop “and” Stairway To Heaven “are jumping out one by one (You can listen to” How Many More Times “” Heartbreaker “as well). Of course, because it is a rehearsal, it is not a type of enjoying as a song, just a little phrase or a jam, but that’s why I can suck in the atmosphere of the living back stage of the chest all the time.

The final performances depicted with the ultimate sound as a recorder DAT and rehearsals that rarely rare. I locked all of it in a permanent preservation press CD 3 set. Quality and nice, the contents of the show are nice, one that even becomes equivalent to the original album “COVERDALE / PAGE”. It is the most important edition of the legendary unit as an illusion. Beyond the moment of 24 years, it is here.

★ This is amazing. It is a terrible piece. This is one representative of this year.

かのプロジェクトは、泡沫でも確かに伝説でした。アルバム『COVERDALE/PAGE』は全英4位、全米5位を記録し、ペイジにはZEP以来の、カヴァデールには生涯最高峰の『SERPENS ALBUS』に次ぐ成功をもたらした。しかし、その後に予定されていたワールドツアーはチケットの不振によりキャンセル(当時は湾岸戦争の影響による不況や音楽シーンの変化も語られましたが、チャートの健闘から察するにキャンセルするほどの不振は少々信じがたくもありますが)。結果として日本でのみライヴが実現しました。本作に収められているのはその最終夜「1993年12月22日22日:愛知県体育館」公演と貴重なリハーサル。名古屋公演は、COVERDALE/PAGEでも特別なショウとして知られるコンサートですが、当店ではその最高峰録音の大元DATを新発掘。そこからデジタル化した頂点作なのです。

・12月14日:日本武道館『KNEES AND PRAY』
・12月15日:日本武道館『BUDOKAN 1993 2ND NIGHT』
・12月17日:国立代々木競技場『YOYOGI 1993 1ST NIGHT』
・12月20日:大阪城ホール『PRIDE & JOY』
・12月22日:愛知県体育館 【本作】

以上、全7公演。東京・大阪の象徴会場2DAYSが並ぶ中で、本作はもっとも小さい愛知県体育館での唯一公演でした。そんな名古屋公演の記録は、大小さまざまに4種類が知られておりますが、クオリティ&長さの両面で2大巨頭とされてきたのが『OVER NOW(Wardour-039)』と『WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993(SBM 22/12 9301/2)』でした。本作は、その『WHOLE LOTTA LOVE LAST NIGHT ON TOUR 1993(以降、既発)』大元マスターDATのダイレクトCD化なのです。
再生した瞬間から衝撃。既発はメンバーの登場シーンから始まり、40秒ほどで「Absolution Blues」が始まりましたが、オリジナル録音はもっと前から始まっており、約11分もの開演前シーンが保存されていたのです。もちろん、本作では「間もなく開演いたします。席をお立ちのお客様は、お早めにお席へお戻りください」の女声も生々しい空気感も漏らさず完全収録していますが、それは大元マスターの証拠に過ぎない。もっと衝撃的なのはサウンドそのもの。かつて最高峰と呼ばれた名盤サウンドよりも遙かに、遙かに素晴らしいのです。
しかも、その違いはちょっとやそっとではなく、誰の耳にも明らか。既発も猛烈にクリアではありましたが、本作は明らかに低音が図太く豊かで、全体のバランスも均整が取れている。例えば「Kashmir」。バスドラとスネアのループで構成されていくメインリフが轟くわけですが、既発では低音が軽薄なために演奏が浮遊している聞こえる。さらにバランスの良さは高音に顕著。既発はところどころ落ち込んだり、張り出したり、奇妙に凸凹している。「In My Time Of Dying」を例にするなら、既発はヴォーカルとギターが演奏に溶け込まずに浮き上がっており、特にヴォーカルのハイトーンにディレイを掛けるところでは変に歪んでいるのです。それに対し、本作は、こうした不自然さがまるでない。まったく自然なバランスで現場のPAが鳴らしていたであろうサウンドそのものが絶え間なく全編を貫くのです。
その象徴とも言えるのが「Shake My Tree」。中盤にペイジがテルミンを演奏している最中に、デニー・カーマッシの合図で始まり、「Whole Lotta Love」をほぼフルコーラス演奏というサプライズを披露するのです。これは単に「1曲分多くてラッキー」ではありません。ここまではおおよそ固定セットで練度を高めてきたわけですが、7公演目にして初めて“遊び”を挟み込むほどの余裕が生まれたことの証左。こうした“余裕”は全曲の端々からも感じられるのです。現在では7公演すべてに何らかの記録で触れられるわけですが、この余裕まで滲む練度こそ「名古屋は特別」と言われる所以なのです。

しかも、その中身も素晴らしい。名古屋公演で披露される「Whole Lotta Love」を試していたり(ヴォーカルはキーボードのブレット・タグル)、本番では演奏されなかった「Dazed And Confused」「Dancing Days」「Bron-Y-Aur Stomp」「Black Country Woman」「Communication Breakdown」「Misty Mountain Hop」「Stairway To Heaven」といった秘宝たちが次々と飛び出す(ベースのみながら「How Many More Times」「Heartbreaker」も聴けます)。もちろん、リハーサルですからちょっとしたフレーズだけだったり、ジャムだったりと、曲として楽しむタイプではありませんが、だからこその生々しい裏舞台の空気感を胸いっぱいに吸い込めるのです。




Disc 1 (77:05)

1. Pre-Show Music 2. Intro 3. Absolution Blues 4. Slide It In 5. Rock And Roll 6. Over Now
7. Kashmir 8. Pride And Joy 9. Take A Look At Yourself 10. Take Me For A Little While
11. In My Time Of Dying 12. Here I Go Again

Disc 2 (62:23)
1. MC 2. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 3. Don’t Leave Me This Way
4. Shake My Tree / Whole Lotta Love 5. Still Of The Night 6. Out On The Tiles / Black Dog
7. The Ocean / Wanton Song / Feeling Hot

Disc 3(43:03)
Soundcheck & Rehearsals: Japan Tour 1993

1. Take 1: Whole Lotta Love / Slide Guitar 2. Take 2: Instrumental Jam
3. Take 3: Theremin 4. Take 4: Soundcheck, How Many More Times(bass), Dazed And Confused, In My Time Of Dying
5. Take 5: Dancing Days, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Black Country Woman, Heartbreaker(bass)
6. Take 6: Communication Breakdown, Misty Mountain Hop, Stairway To Heaven(partial), Shake My Tree
7. Take 7: White Summer

David Coverdale – Vocals Jimmy Page – Guitar Brett Tuggle – Keyboards
Guy Pratt – Bass Denny Carmassi – Drums

Zodiac 279



David Coverdale & Jimmy Page /  Nagoya 1993 The Video / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Aichiken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan 22nd December 1993

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I was really happy to be able to work with Jimmy Page for the past two and a half years … … The final night of the legendary project symbolized by MC of David Cavadair” December 22, 1993: Aichi Gymnasium “performance. Main press 3CD is the live album that will be the top. Of course, bonus etc to the ultimate board so far is unnecessary, but thankfully the “sight of the scene” is still left to the present age. A valuable video that will inflate the image of the live album many times will also come with a bonus.
…… That’s why in this work is the same as the main press press 3CD, the final Nagoya performance. It’s its finest audience shot. As their representative image, “PRIDE & JOY” of “December 20: Osaka Castle” is famous, but this work is a masterpiece shot following it. It was taken from the front row of the stage on the left side of the stage (Kavadale side), and it is a superb sight that the stage is viewed directly with zero obstructions over the overhead of the arena seat. Moreover, the sense of stability is also preeminent. It seems that you are using a tripod (or are you replacing the handrail instead of a tripod?), So it is not good to say that camera shake is totally. Despite the sweetness that seems to be video shooting, although the screen may be disturbed for a moment with “Over Now” etc., coloring is also vivid without dubbing marks and tracking noise. It is a masterpiece image that you can taste plenty as it is at that time.
It is literally “the end of the legend” that is projected with that quality. I mentioned in the commentary on the main press 3CD, but this show is the best show ever made the most in the COVERDALE / PAGE. Although it does not go with the long-time combination which was kneaded, the two who started breathing firmly dazzle. Especially shining is Cavadair. There is no way to hide the joy that fulfilled “dreams” more than the crowd, and he plays hilarly, talks, and sings much. Kavadair, which began singing in the shouting style since 1987, is as singing as to say “I got this voice for today.” In the studio work “COVERDALE / PAGE” it seems that he was intentionally singing to Husky, but in this work I am comfortably stretching out his voice. Of course, the special “Shake My Tree” on the last day is also perfect. Snow crumbles into ‘Whole Lotta Love’ from Page’s Whilemin and you can witness the scenes where Paige participates in the chorus in rust.

COVERDALE / PAGE was a “dream” in Cavadair and “Rebellion Wolf Smoke” in Paige. It was a project of turning point which was short for both. It is the last of that walk and it is the reaching point. Not only merely a wonderful rock image but also a moment when not only the gorgeous show of masterpiece rush but also the “possibility” brought about by shining talents hitting each other came to the top. I witness the scene and experience one. Please enjoy it in conjunction with the ultimate main press 3CD.

……と言うわけで、本作に収められているのは本編プレス3CDと同じ、最終の名古屋公演。その極上オーディエンス・ショットです。彼らの代表映像としては「12月20日:大阪城」の『PRIDE & JOY』が有名ですが、本作はそれに次ぐ傑作ショット。ステージ左側(カヴァデール側)のスタンド最前列から撮影されており、アリーナ席の頭上越しにステージを遮蔽物ゼロで直視する極上光景です。しかも、安定感もバツグン。恐らく三脚を使用している(もしくは手すりを三脚代わりにしている?)らしく、手ブレがまったくと言って良いほどない。画質こそビデオ撮影らしい甘さもあるものの、「Over Now」などで一瞬画面が乱れる事はあるものの、ダビング痕やトラッキングノイズもなく発色も鮮やか。当時そのままの光景がたっぷりと味わえる傑作映像なのです。
そのクオリティで映し出されるのは、文字通り“伝説の終焉”。本編プレス3CDの解説でも触れましたが、このショウはCOVERDALE/PAGEでももっとも練度を上げた随一のショウ。練りに練られた長年のコンビネーションとは行かないわけですが、呼吸がしっかりと噛み合い始めた2人が眩しい。特に輝いているのがカヴァデール。観客以上に“夢”を叶えた喜びを隠す様子もなく、大いにはしゃぎ、しゃべり、歌う。1987年からシャウティング・スタイルで歌うようになったカヴァデールは、まるで「今日のためにこの声を手に入れたんだ」と言わんばかりの熱唱。スタジオ作品『COVERDALE/PAGE』では意図的にハスキーに歌っていたそうですが、本作では気持ちよく声を伸ばしています。もちろん、最終日だけのスペシャル「Shake My Tree」もばっちり。ペイジのテルミンから「Whole Lotta Love」に雪崩れ込み、サビではペイジがコーラスに参加するシーンもしっかり目撃できるのです。


1. Absolution Blues 2. Slide It In 3. Rock And Roll 4. Over Now 5. Kashmir 6. Pride And Joy
7. Take A Look At Yourself 8. Take Me For A Little While 9. In My Time Of Dying
10. Here I Go Again 11. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 12. Don’t Leave Me This Way
13. Shake My Tree / Whole Lotta Love 14. Still Of The Night 15. Out On The Tiles / Black Dog
16. The Ocean / The Wanton Song / Feeling Hot

David Coverdale – Vocals Jimmy Page – Guitar Brett Tuggle – Keyboards
Guy Pratt – Bass Denny Carmassi – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.120min.

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