David Bowie / The White Room / 1CD

David Bowie / The White Room / 1CD / David Bowie Archive Series
Westway Studios, London, UK 14th December 1995. STEREO SBD(from Original Masters)

The complete Channel 4 TV recording for “The White Room” music show hosted by Mark Radcliffe

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impact! 】 A new master of the full master of the superb stereo sound board that no one has ever heard has been discovered. It is an emergency release decision with a permanent preservation press CD.
“The shocking master of the marvelous ground was recorded in London, December 14, 1995”. It is not a regular tour live, but a TV program “THE WHITE ROOM” recorded at Westway Studio. At that time, Bowie was also an “OUTSIDE TOUR” that opened up new ground. First of all, let’s look back at the activity and check the position.

● 1995
<< September 25 “OUTSIDE” released >>
・ September 14-October 31: North America # 1 (27 performances)
・ November 14-December 13: UK (16 performances)
・ December 14: THE CHANNEL 4 appearance ← ★ This work ★
● 1996
・ January 17-February 20: Europe # 1 (23 performances)
・ June 4-13: Japan (7 performances)
・ June 18-July 21: Europe # 2 / Israel (20 shows)

This is the overall picture of “OUTSIDE TOUR”. This tour also realized Japan performances, but this work is about half a year before. It was a TV program that appeared on the following day after the tour of my home country that had been held until December 13th. Of course, because it is a program, the pattern was broadcast and has become one of the famous professional shots from that time, but the problem is lengthy. Only 4 songs were broadcast because of the program frame, and only 17 minutes were known. Of course, until now, it was thought that “4 songs are all”, but in the actual field there were 10 songs, about 57 minutes of performance. This work is a stereo sound board recording that makes the whole story more pleasant.
Moreover, the quality is super-perfect and perfect. Usually, new excavation sound boards are often rough, but this work is different. It is carefully mixed due to the fact that it is recorded on TV, and the sound quality, pitch and balance are all perfect. It is a superb sound board that can be officially released as it is without any need for remastering.
The TV performance depicted in that quality is also wonderful. First of all, let’s organize the set including the increase.

● 70s-80s (5 songs)
・ THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD: The Man Who Sold the World
・ LODGER: Look Back In Anger / Boys Keep Swinging (★)
・ SCARY MONSTERS: Teenage Wildlife
・ Others: Under Pressure (★)
● 90s (5 songs)
・ BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE: Jump They Say (★)
・ 1. OUTSIDE: The Heart’s Filthy Lesson / The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) (★) / Hallo Spaceboy / We Prick You
* “★” marks are the four songs that have been broadcast.

… and it looks like this. It is compact because it is not a concert but a TV appearance, but the essence of “OUTSIDE TOUR” is condensed there. Speaking of 1995, the sound board of the St. Louis performance is famous, but there are also “Boys Keep Swinging” and “Jump They Say” that cannot be heard.
More than that, performance. Although it is not a hall but an in-house studio live, it is like a stage concert to put the heat in front of the audience. As mentioned above, the tour performance has been repeated up to the previous day, so the ensemble is well handled, and the momentum and combination are preeminent. The taste and the taste are different from the performance imaged in TV appearance.
However, there are some scenes that seem to be recorded on television. That is “Under Pressure”. Although it was a performance that did nothing on the TV broadcast version, this was actually a re-shoot. During the performance, the show’s camera crew pulls out Gale Ann Dorsey’s cable. Bowie stopped playing by saying “Wow, wow, wow, the lady’s bass went off”. Try again. Not only is it not possible to make mistakes on the tour, but also chooses to redo recovery immediately without considering the dust. Even the mood unique to such broadcast recordings can be enjoyed with the official super-superior sound.

Whatever the case, there are a number of live performances that will be the first experience and superb quality. The performance that was supposed to be only 4 songs was unreleased for about 40 minutes … Sound board album of shock that can enjoy the panoramic view that only the fans and people concerned were aware of in Kanze official grade quality. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD!

★ Only 4 songs are broadcast on TV. Complete version is the first ever

衝撃! これまで誰も聴いた事のなかった超極上ステレオ・サウンドボードの完全版マスターを独自ルートで新発掘。永久保存プレスCDで緊急リリース決定です。
驚天動地の衝撃マスターが記録されたのは「1995年12月14日ロンドン」。通常のツアー・ライヴではなく、ウェストウェイ・スタジオで収録されたテレビ番組“THE WHITE ROOM”です。当時のボウイは新境地を拓いた“OUTSIDE TOUR”でもありました。まずは、その活動全景を振り返り、ポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・12月14日:THE CHANNEL 4出演 ←★本作★

これが“OUTSIDE TOUR”の全体像。このツアーでは日本公演も実現しましたが、本作はその約半年前。12月13日まで行っていた母国ツアーを終わらせ、その翌日に出演したテレビ番組でした。もちろん、番組ですからその模様は放送され、当時から有名プロショットの1つとなってきたわけですが、問題は長さ。番組枠の関係で4曲しか放送されず、17分ほどしか知られてこなかったのです。もちろん、これまでは「4曲がすべて」と考えられてきたわけですが、実際の現場では10曲・約57分のパフォーマンスが行われていた。本作は、その一部始終をつまびらかにするステレオ・サウンドボード録音なのです。

・THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD:The Man Who Sold the World
・LODGER:Look Back In Anger/Boys Keep Swinging(★)
・SCARY MONSTERS:Teenage Wildlife
・その他:Under Pressure(★)
・1. OUTSIDE:The Heart’s Filthy Lesson/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)(★)/Hallo Spaceboy/We Prick You

……と、このようになっています。あくまでもコンサートではなくTV出演なのでコンパクトですが、そこに“OUTSIDE TOUR”のエッセンスをギュッと凝縮。1995年と言えば、セントルイス公演のサウンドボードが有名ですが、そこでは聴けない「Boys Keep Swinging」「Jump They Say」も披露されています。
とは言え、いかにもテレビ収録っぽいシーンもある。それは「Under Pressure」。テレビ放送版では何事もない演奏でしたが、実はこれは撮り直しだった。演奏中に番組のカメラ・クルーがゲイル・アン・ドーシーのケーブルを引っこ抜いてしまうのです。ボウイは「Wow, wow, wow, The lady’s bass went off(おいおい、彼女のベースが消えたぞ)」と言って演奏を中止。再度やり直すのです。ツアーでは考えられないミスというだけでなく、リカバリーを微塵も考えず即座にやり直しを選ぶ。そんな放送収録ならではのムードまでオフィシャル級の超極上サウンドで楽しめてしまうのです。



01. Introduction
02. Look Back In Anger
03. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
04. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)
05. Under Pressure [I] TVクルーがベースのケーブルを引っかけて抜いてしまうアクシデント発生
06. Under Pressure [II] やり直し
07. Hallo Spaceboy
08. Boys Keep Swinging
09. Jump They Say
10. We Prick You
11. The Man Who Sold The World
12. Teenage Wildlife

David Bowie: Vocals
Carlos Alomar: Guitar
Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass / Vocals
George Simms: Keyboards / Vocals
Mike Garson: Keyboards
Peter Schwartz: Keyboards
Reeves Gabrels: Guitar
Zachary Alford: Drums


The David Bowie Archive Series / DBAS04

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