David Bowie / Universal City 1997 2nd Night Dat Master / 2CDR

David Bowie / Universal City 1997 2nd Night Dat Master / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At University Amphitheatre, University City, Los Angeles, CA, USA 13th September 1997.

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Bowie in 1997, who traveled around the world with the “EARTHLING” that opened up a new horizon. Exquisite live album by the new excavation DAT master is appearance.
The new master was “September 13, 1997 Los Angeles Performance”. It is a full audience recording recorded at the late famous venue “Universal Amphitheater”. This show was a great performance among mania called “The Best Show in Bowie’s career”. First of all, let’s check the position of such a show on the schedule at that time.

“February 3” EARTHLING “release”
・ May 17-June 5: Warm up (4 performances)
・ June 7-August 14: Europe (46 performances)
・ September 6-23: North America (29 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ October 31-November 7: South America (5 performances)

This is the 1997 Bowie. After visiting the main Europe in summer, I went to the US in the autumn. The Los Angeles performance of this work is the concert that hits the “North American” leg 6 performance. The “Universal Amphitheater” has two nights in a row, and this is the second performance.
This work that recorded such a show is just an excellent audience recording. It is not an adhesion sound that is mistaken for the sound board, but it hardly feels the distance. The air is clear in crystal clear, and the lonely core jumps straight to the hand, and the detail is also vivid. “Universal Amphitheater” is an indoor venue, but somehow there is almost no feedback from the venue. The tone also has a sense of distance like an audience, but it does not blur in the hall. It’s like a powerful yet crisp sound like the latest outdoor festival recordings.
What is particularly surprising is the bass. It is easy to become sloppy in the audience recording, and it is too strong and it breaks, but this work is neither. Dynamically powerful, yet unbreakably clear to the vive. As a matter of fact, the original sound was too strong to break even if it did not break, but it was corrected by careful mastering. The balance of the whole ensemble has been adjusted in total, and it has been finished to a sound that can enjoy the clear sound world with the original sound as much as possible.
The show drawn with such a sound is also great. Of course, it is the new work “EARTHLING” that has become the axis of the set, and 7 out of 10 songs also act on a large scale. There are plenty of delicious classics sprinkled there. Moreover, even with the new song of “EARTHLING”, the overwhelming groove surpasses the studio album is overwhelming. A sense of rock and movement is also played in full. Also, this tour is also known for changing songs in quite a few ways. Speaking of representative works of “North America” ​​leg, our great masterpiece sound board album “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997 (Wardour-293)” “NEW YORK MAN (Wardour-262)” also floats, but this 2 The work is a special performance for broadcasting to the last. This work is usually a concert, and well-known songs that can not be heard in both works run through the full scale of about two and a half hours. In particular, the repertoire of famous songs such as “Queen Bitch”, “White Light / White Heat”, “V-2 Schneider”, “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” and “The Last Thing You Should Do” could not be heard even if two songs were combined. The “Dead Man Walking”, which was an acoustic bonus in both works, can also be enjoyed on the electric guitar.
And the performance that plays the set is the best. If you borrow the word of the mania, “there is nothing to say in this show. It is one of the best even in Bowie’s long career (Not much else needs to be said about this show. One of the best of David’s long career)”. Certainly, this word is summarized. If the performance is energetic, the singing voice of Bowie is also in excellent condition. You can enjoy a lot of theatrical performance as if you were 50 years old and you still have a challenging spirit that has transformed into a melody and beat.
Mania also loses language New excavation of DAT master which contained the great sound of the 90’s famous performance with wonderful sound. It is a great masterpiece live album polished with mastering that brings out the possibility to its maximum. One of the “EARTHLING TOUR” will be one of the most representative works. Please enjoy it carefully.



そんなサウンドで描かれるショウがまた素晴らしい。もちろん、セットの軸になっているのは新作『EARTHLING』で、全10曲中7曲も大盤振る舞い。そこに美味しいクラシックスがたっぷりと散りばめられている。しかも、『EARTHLING』の新曲にしてもスタジオ・アルバムを超える肉感的なグルーヴが圧倒的。ロック感覚・躍動感もたっぷりに演奏されるのです。また、このツアーはわりとこまめに曲を入れ替える事でもでも知られている。「北米」レッグの代表作と言えば、当店の大傑作サウンドボード・アルバム『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997(Wardour-293)』『NEW YORK MAN(Wardour-262)』も浮かびますが、この2作はあくまでも放送用の特別パフォーマンス。本作は通常コンサートであり、両作でも聴けない名曲もたっぷりに約2時間半のフル・スケールを駆け抜ける。特に「Queen Bitch」「White Light/White Heat」「V-2 Schneider」「The Hearts Filthy Lesson」「The Last Thing You Should Do」といった名曲群は2作を合わせても聴けなかったレパートリー。両作ではアコースティックのボーナスだった「Dead Man Walking」も、しっかりとエレクトリックで楽しめます。
そして、そのセットを演じるパフォーマンスこそが最高。マニアの言葉を借りるなら「このショウに言うべき事はない。ボウイの長いキャリアでもベストのひとつだ(Not much else needs to be said about this show. One of the best of David’s long career)」。確かに、この言葉に集約される。演奏もエネルギッシュならボウイの歌声も絶好調。50歳にしてなお旺盛な挑戦心がそのままメロディとビートに姿を変えたような熱演がたっぷりと楽しめるのです。
マニアも言葉を失う90年代の名演を素晴らしいサウンドで封じ込めたDATマスターの新発掘。その可能性を最大限に引き出すマスタリングで磨き上げた大傑作ライヴアルバムです。“EARTHLING TOUR”でも屈指の代表作となっていくであろう1本。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (75:16)
1. Intro 2. Quicksand 3. Always Crashing In The Same Car 4. Queen Bitch
5. Drifting/Good Morning Little School Girl/The Jean Genie 6. Panic In Detroit
7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Look Back In Anger 9. Band Introductions
10. Seven Years In Tibet 11. Battle For Britain (The Letter) 12. The Man Who Sold The World
13. Fashion 14. Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) 15. Looking For Satellites 16. Stay

Disc 2 (71:38)
1. Under Pressure 2. The Hearts Filthy Lesson 3. Hallo Spaceboy
4. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 5. Little Wonder 6. Band Introductions
7. Dead Man Walking 8. The Last Thing You Should Do 9. V-2 Schneider
10. White Light/White Heat 11. O Superman 12. All The Young Dudes 13. Moonage Daydream

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Gail Ann Dorsey – Bass, Vocals Mike Garson – Keyboards
Reeves Gabrels – Guitar Zachary Alford – Drums, Percussion

Uxbridge 993

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