David Bowie / Toy Unreleased Album / 1CD

David Bowie / Toy Unreleased Album / 1CD / Helden

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The Toy Album & 1967 Acetate Digitally Remastered


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very early self cover song the collected Bowie unpublished full board of album
■ recorded valuable acetate of 1967 bonus track

For the artist, there is a case that there is a thing called unpublished album respectively. What has been neatly production, becomes a shelved for some reason, piecemeal information or transmitted, but some of the recording will be watching the light of day, not that Tsuizo be released as an album, such Not announcement album, is for the fans is something very attractive. It is or was or was “GET BACK”, or a “COLD CUTS” of Paul McCartney, or a “SMILE” of the Beach Boys, the Prince “BLACK ALBUM” of the Beatles. And similar unpublished album is also present in Bowie.

Became in recent years rarely seen David Bowie maximum of topic will be outflow sound source of unreleased album was released in 2001, “TOY”. There was a large number are collector’s item entitled “TOY” until now, none or a or outtakes a live sound that borrowed the unpublished title of the album that became a vision, also or a radio sound source, Alternatively such a combination thereof, none not exceed the imagination of the fan, native form, the content of which is recorded in the studio “TOY” had never known. It is to be the first appearance in this work. Of course, until now it is a complete recording, including “Hole In The Ground” was a completely unpublished, that it is the quality that is established as Bowie’s new album has become a hot topic even in foreign countries, it is in this unpublished album “TOY” is there.

In 1999 around 2000 of the tour, Bowie is in order to shed the spotlight on their own little-known songs of the past, had taken up them in the aggressive stage. As its extension, as well as new song only, leading to planning the album “TOY” including a song that his song was self-cover of the 1960s. Is that of around 2000. However, the contents of the record company is reluctant, eventually release is postponed, it became be shelved. Some of the recording schedule song changed the title and arrangements, or the album “HEATHEN”, or had been partially published in such as single B-side, the lifetime of Bowie, after all, announced as a complete album It is that it not, the music even exact thing was not known. This work, just like should also referred to as a full board of unpublished album of the vision, is had become a big topic of fans around the world in the quality and content. That the songs of the album have been revealed, it has been recorded in the great sound quality, and more than anything, splendor of the music is not too much to just say that Bowie of the new album.

Recorded in the “Heathen” after the first track “Uncle Floyd” is re-recording, later together with is retitled as “Slip Away,” “Afraid”. “Baby Loves That Way” and “I Dig Everything” in 1965 and a single self-cover, which was released in 1966, “Conversation Piece” is the song that was made in 1970, “Let Me Sleep Beside You,” “In The two songs of Heart of the Morning “is also in the unpublished songs, one in which I was able to listen only on the BBC live. It was announced been retitled as “Your Turn To Drive” to after “Toy” in the album title track. “Shadow Man” is unreleased in 1971, and “Hole In The Ground” is completely unreleased first appearance this time of the eyeball. When it comes to the “You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving,” “Liza Jane”, it is a single song of the 1965 Davey Jones era.

The last two songs as “Liza Jane,” “The London Boys” is not an album, which is said to be a single of the B-side for the stock, the one still in the fog final album was going to be in any way although, if grasped the two songs as a bonus track, do not come emerged big one concept.

Also, as a bonus track, recorded two songs of 1967 with both sides of the valuable acetate “Everything Is You,” “Social Girl”. This is not a self-cover, are recorded from acetate of 1967. Young and fresh Bowie singing voice would be sounds fresh.

The David Bowie of unreleased album “TOY”, this work was recorded in the complete form it is not sure to be a special one for Bowie fans. Moreover, the content is very interesting that the masterpieces of self-cover buried in and early 70s from 60s. In addition to the bonus track two songs from precious acetate of 1967. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


アーティストにとっては、それぞれ未発表アルバムというものが存在するケースがある。きちんと制作されたものの、何らかの理由でお蔵入りとなり、断片的に情報は伝えられたり、収録のいくつかは陽の目を見たりするが、アルバムとしてはついぞリリースされることはない、そんな未発表アルバムは、ファンにとってはとても魅力的なものである。それはビートルズの「GET BACK」であったり、ポール・マッカートニーの「COLD CUTS」であったり、ビーチボーイズの「SMILE」であったり、プリンスの「BLACK ALBUM」であったりする。そしてボウイにも同様の未発表アルバムが存在する。

近年まれにみるデヴィッドボウイ最大の話題となったのは、2001年にリリース予定だった未発表アルバム『TOY』の流出音源であろう。今まで 『TOY』と題されたコレクターズ・アイテムは数多くあったが、どれも幻となった未発表アルバムのタイトルを拝借したライヴ音源であったりアウトテイクであったり、またラジオ音源であったり、或いはそれらを組み合わせたものなど、どれもファンの想像を超えるものではなく、本来の形、スタジオでレコーディングされた『TOY』の内容は知られることがなかった。それが本作で初登場となるのである。もちろん今まで完全未発表だった「Hole In The Ground」を含む完全収録であり、ボウイのニューアルバムとして成立するクオリティではないかと海外でも話題になっている、それがこの未発表アルバム 『TOY』である。


一曲目「Uncle Floyd」は後に再レコーディングされ、後に「Slip Away」と改題され「Afraid」と共に『Heathen』に収録。「Baby Loves That Way」と「I Dig Everything」は1965年と1966年にリリースされたシングルのセルフカバー、 「Conversation Piece」は1970年に作られた曲、「Let Me Sleep Beside You」「In The Heart Of The Morning」の2曲も未発表曲で、BBCライヴでのみ聴くことが出来たものである。アルバムタイトル曲の「Toy」も後に「Your Turn To Drive」と改題され発表された。「Shadow Man」は1971年の未発表曲、そして目玉の「Hole In The Ground」は 今回初登場の完全未発表曲。「You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving」と「Liza Jane」 に至っては、1965年デイヴィー・ジョーンズ時代のシングル曲である。

最後の2曲「Liza Jane」と「The London Boys」はアルバムではなく、シングルのB面用ストックとも言われており、最終的なアルバムがどのような形になる予定だったのか依然として霧の中であるが、この2曲をボーナストラックとしてとらえれば、大きくひとつのコンセプトが浮かび上がってくるのではないか。

また、ボーナストラックとして、1967年の貴重なアセテートの両面「Everything Is You」と「Social Girl」の2曲を収録。こちらはセルフカバーではなく、 1967年当時のアセテートより収録している。若く瑞々しいボウイの歌声が新鮮に響くことだろう。

デヴィッドボウイの未発表アルバム『TOY』を、完全な形で収録した本作はボウイ ファンにとって特別な1枚となることは間違いない。しかも内容は60年代から70年代初頭にかけての埋もれた名曲のセルフカバーという非常に興味深いもの。さらにボーナストラックには1967年の貴重なアセテートから2曲を収録。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01.Uncle Floyd
03.Baby Loves That Way
04.I Dig Everything
05.Conversation Piece
06.Let Me Sleep Beside You
08.Hole In The Ground
09.Shadow Man
10.In The Heat Of The Morning
11.You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving
12.Silly Boy Blue
13.Liza Jane
14.The London Boys

15.Everything Is You
16.Social Girl


Helden. DEN-068

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