David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars / The All American Bowie /1CD

David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars / The All American Bowie /1CD /Wardour

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Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 10th March 1973 Truly Peerfect Sound. Wardour-274 Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 10th March 1973 Truly Peerfect Sound.

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The legendary name recording born from “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” appears as a long version. That legendary recording is “Long Beach Performance March 10, 1973”. At that time, the legendary bootleg LP “THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE” was released as a story. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the whole world tour as usual.

· January 29 – September 7: British # 1 (56 performances)
· September 22 – December 2: North America # 1 (26 performances)
· December 23 – 29: UK # 2a (4 shows)
· January 5th – 9th: UK # 2b (4 shows)
“January 24” ALADDIN SANE “completion”
· February 24 – March 12: North America # 2 (16 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“April 13” ALADDIN SANE “Release”
· April 8th – 20th: Japan (9 shows)
· May 12 – July 3: British # 3 (59 performances)

Over, 182 performances. This work ‘s long beach performance is a part of “North America # 2” which was held during the period from the completion of “ALADDIN SANE” until the release. It is a 15th public performance album and it is a live album which is also a legendary day before Japan.
Speaking of “North America # 2”, the Detroit show familiar is also a big staple in “DETROIT 1973 1ST NIGHT: 8-TRACK STEREO MASTER (Wardour-229)”, but this long beach performance has long been a “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” A name recording that continued to convey the real value of. This work is its long version.
That sound is wonderfully powerful. In fact it will be an audience recording, but it sounds very unlikely. Brilliant musical tones that are brilliantly tight and detailed, are extremely on and they approach the eyes with zero distance feeling anyway. Although it is a powerful sound to that extent, it is beautiful with a sense of analoginess plenty of analog feeling (in no way!) In the kind of explosion and roar. Although the large classic Detroit performance was also the finest noisy sound, there is a spread of spatial recording. On the other hand, thoroughly the soundboard-like vivid and direct feeling is terrible.

Despite being such a famous recording, why did not you know as much as Detroit performances? The reason was in the original LP recording form. To tell the truth, the analog “THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE” has cut songs for recording on one LP, and the order of the songs has been swapped greatly. And the cut part was recorded again in legendary boot leg LP “MY RADIO SWEETHEART”. The record of this day has been discovered only up to the present, only the copyboard exists. This work digitizes precisely from the finest quality disc of such two legendary boards “THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE” and “MY RADIO SWEETHEART”. It is a live album finished in the order of songs of the show street on the scene after aiming at perfect pitch correction and unity of sound quality.
In addition, in this work we also recorded bonus “The Jean Genie” which has not been found in this volume. This is take off from the official 40th anniversary celebration 7 inches single from rare “TOP OF THE POPS”. Let’s organize the contents of this work here.

【THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE (9 main songs)】
“Ziggy Stardust” “Changes” “Panic In Detroit” “Aladdin Sane” “My Death” “The Width Of A Circle” “Time” “Five Years” “Suffragette City”

【MY RADIO SWEETHEART (3 songs + α)】
“Ode To Joy” “Hang On To Yourself” “Moonage Daydream” “Watch That Man”

【1 bonus track from official single】
“The Jean Genie”

…… and it looks like this. From the ability to record official single soundboards and takes side by side, it is impossible to imagine how wonderful the main story is.
“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” which can be tasted with direct sound which surpasses even the big classic Detroit performance anyhow anyhow. This is exhausted. “Panic In Detroit”, “Watch That Man”, “Aladdin Sane” “Time” which was newly added in 1973 was played, and “My Death” which is not to be listened to in Japan performance will also be shown “North America # 2” world. It is one of the highest ever that will be its new masterpiece. Please enjoy the treasure of “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” shining in the history of rock.

“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”から生まれた伝説の名録音が長尺版になって登場です。その伝説録音とは「1973年3月10日ロングビーチ公演」。当時、一世を風靡した伝説的ブートレッグLP『THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE』として公開されたもの。まずは、いつものようにワールドツアー全体像からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

《1月24日『ALADDIN SANE』完成》
《4月13日『ALADDIN SANE』発売》

以上、182公演。本作のロングビーチ公演は『ALADDIN SANE』の完成から発売までの間に行われた「北米#2」の一幕。その15公演目であり、伝説の来日直前でもあるライヴアルバムなのです。
この「北米#2」と言えば、『DETROIT 1973 1ST NIGHT: 8-TRACK STEREO MASTER(Wardour-229)』でもお馴染みのデトロイト公演が大定番ですが、このロングビーチ公演も長らく“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の真価を伝え続けた名録音。本作は、その長尺版なのです。

それほどの名録音でありながら、なぜデトロイト公演ほどの知名度がなかったのか。その理由はオリジナルLPの収録形態にありました。実のところ、アナログの『THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE』はLP1枚に収録するためか曲をカットしており、曲順も大幅に入れ替えられていた。そして、カットされた分はこれまた伝説的なブートレッグLP『MY RADIO SWEETHEART』に分割収録されました。この日の記録は、現在に至るまでこの2つしか発見されておらず、そのコピー盤しか現存していない。本作は、そんな2つの伝説盤『THE ALL AMERICAN BOWIE』『MY RADIO SWEETHEART』の極上クオリティ・ディスクから精緻にデジタル化。完璧なピッチ補正や音質の統一を図った上で、現場のショウ通りの曲順に仕上げたライヴアルバムなのです。
また、本作では本編では発見されていない「The Jean Genie」もボーナス収録しました。これは公式の40周年記念盤7インチ・シングルからレアな“TOP OF THE POPS”出演テイク。ここで、本作の収録内容を整理しておきましょう。

「Ziggy Stardust」「Changes」「Panic In Detroit」「Aladdin Sane」「My Death」「The Width Of A Circle」「Time」「Five Years」「Suffragette City」

「Ode To Joy」「Hang On To Yourself」「Moonage Daydream」「Watch That Man」

「The Jean Genie」

とにかく大定番のデトロイト公演さえも凌ぐダイレクト・サウンドで味わえる“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”。これに尽きます。1973年になって新たに加わった「Panic In Detroit」「Watch That Man」「Aladdin Sane」「Time」が演奏され、日本公演では聴けなかった「My Death」も披露される「北米#2」の世界。その新たな代表作となる過去最高峰の1本。どうぞ、ロック史に輝く“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の秘宝をお楽しみください。

01. Ode To Joy 02. Hang On To Yourself 03. Ziggy Stardust 04. Changes
05. Moonage Daydream 06. Panic In Detroit 07. Watch That Man 08. Aladdin Sane
09. My Death 10. The Width Of A Circle 11. Time 12. Five Years 13. Suffragette City

Studio TC8, BBC Television Centre, London, UK January 1973
Broadcast: BBC 1 Top Of The Pops 4th January 1973
14. The Jean Genie


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