David Bowie With Stevie Ray Vaughan / Dallas Rehearsals 1983-2nd Press / 2CD

David Bowie With Stevie Ray Vaughan / Dallas Rehearsals 1983-2nd Press / 2CD / Wardour

Las Colinas Soundstage, Dallas, TX, USA 27th April 1983 STEREO SBD

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In the history of Bowie, the most exquisite superb sound board album is also reprinted newly. The “most special” identity is the legendary guitarist: Stevie Ray Vaughn. It is the second press edition of “DALLAS REHARSALS 1983” which he permanently preserved the rehearsal sound board of “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983” he participated with the highest quality ever.
“DALLAS REHARSALS 1983” which appeared two years ago, its excellent quality and contents were sold out with great popularity. Although it was difficult to obtain for a while, the situation where such a famous board can not be obtained is the loss of the lock world. The contents are the same as in the first edition, but it was re-appearing after redesigning the artwork.

What is the contents of such a popular board? Two types of rehearsals, “April 26, 1983” and “April 27” are known, but those in “April 27” (April 26 The day edition can be enjoyed at “THE DAY BEFORE (Uxbridge 818)”). Co-star with genius guitarist Sometimes called a sound board, it is a famous sound source from ancient times. Of course, this work is not a copy, etc. A worldwide authority on Bowie research scrutinized all masters in existence in the world, and it is the one that pushed the drama “This is the best”. In addition, it is a gem in the gem finished up to mastering by the researcher himself. This mania is expert in exactly the way. In addition to simply being familiar with the sound source, he knew the history and charm of Bowie, and finished a great staple to the highest peak ever with its rare sense and technique. In our shop, under supervision of this researcher, we have delivered the Bowie’s classic sound board group in the ultimate form. I will give you a lineup of it: “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973 (Wardour-185)” “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour-186)” “GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000 (Wardour-184)” “MONTREUX 2002 (Wardour-193)” “LORELEY 1996 (Wardour-195) “,” MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-198) “, etc. Perhaps, I think that if you keep an eye on this work you are asking for one. And it is not surprising that the ultimate quality once. Selected sound source backed by deep knowledge It is an exquisite collection of eyes, remastered sense glows gleamingly, and this work is one of a special class even at such a supervisor supervised sound board collection.
Actually, that sound is exquisite. Although it was originally a powerful desk direct sound board, the musical sound of this work is thicker and the edge is sharp. Of course, it is quite different from what he raised the sound pressure to Muriyari, and the delicacy of the details of this detail is not impaired even though it is the best master. On top of that the rich ringing and plump mid basses are pouring comfortably into the ear. It seems to be misunderstood that it is called “official wind” only for the rehearsal of live performance, but rich sounds have brought “Official style” up.
A large classic sound board revived with such ultimate sound is a miracle space where genius and genius live together. Although it is a hero who co-starred in the album “LET ‘S DANCE”, this work also plays plenty of Bowie hit songs and representative songs as a tour rehearsal. Although there are many sound sources to remember the rehearsal album when it says the rehearsal album, there are also many sound sources to meet for a while, but this work is a full rehearsal flowing through without stagnation, and there is no doubtful part in the performance. The arrange reaches fine details, and the phrase unique to SRV makes peeps in the face between the moments. Of course, as far as being distinguished from his own musicality, I can convince that I finally declined to participate in the tour, but there is no gap in the professional attitude. It is almost packed luxurious listening response as if it is “the best board in the SRV version”.

Two months ago the world noticed a noble genius guitarist with a masterpiece “TEXAS FLOOD”. Stevie Ray Vaughn, who had already completed historical masterpieces and was going to ask the world, is here. And, from that side, another genius David Bowie is standing. Because of live performance, it is a rehearsal album in which the sympathy of two people is clearer than the album “LET’S DANCE”. It is the highest peak board ever. Legendary sound board album, here is a majestic reprint.

ボウイ史上、もっとも特別な極上サウンドボード・アルバムが装いも新たに復刻。その“もっとも特別”の正体とは、かの伝説的ギタリスト:スティーヴィー・レイ・ヴォーン。彼が参加した“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983”のリハーサル・サウンドボードを史上最高峰クオリティで永久保存した『DALLAS REHEARSALS 1983』のセカンド・プレス・エディションです。
2年前に登場した『DALLAS REHEARSALS 1983』は、その素晴らしいクオリティと内容が大好評を博して完売。しばらく入手困難になっていましたが、これほどの名盤が手に入らない状況はロック界の損失。内容は初回盤と同じですが、アートワークをリニューアルしての再登場となりました。

それほどの人気盤の中身とはどんなものなのか。このリハーサルには「1983年4月26日」と「4月27日」の2種類が知られていますが、本作に収められているのは「4月27日」の方(4月26日編は『THE DAY BEFORE(Uxbridge 818)』でお楽しみ頂けます)。天才ギタリストとの共演サウンドボードということもあり、古くから有名な音源です。もちろん、本作は既発のコピーなどではありません。ボウイ研究の世界的権威が世に存在するあらゆるマスターを精査し、「これがベスト」と太鼓判を押したもの。さらに研究家自身がマスタリングまで仕上げた逸品中の逸品なのです。このマニアは、まさに専門家中の専門家。単に音源に詳しいだけでなく、ボウイの歴史・魅力を知り尽くし、その類い希なるセンスと技術で大定番を史上最高峰に仕上げてくれたのです。当店ではこの研究家の監修の下、ボウイの大定番サウンドボード群を究極形にしてお届けして参りました。そのラインナップを挙げてみますと、『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973(Wardour-185)』『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』『GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000(Wardour-184)』『MONTREUX 2002(Wardour-193)』『LORELEY 1996(Wardour-195)』『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-198)』等々など。恐らく、本作に目を留められた方なら1本はお求めくださっていると思います。そして、その究極クオリティに一度ならず驚かれているのではないでしょうか。深い知識に裏打ちされた音源の選択眼、リマスタリングのセンスがギラリと光る極上作揃いであり、本作は、そんな研究家監修サウンドボード・コレクションでも特級の1作なのです。
そんな究極サウンドで蘇った大定番サウンドボードは、まさに天才と天才が同居する奇跡の空間。アルバム『LET’S DANCE』でも共演した両雄ではありますが、本作ではツアーのリハーサルとあってボウイのヒット曲・代表曲をたっぷりと演奏。リハーサル・アルバムというと曲を覚え切れていなかったり、延々と打ち合わせする音源も多いのですが、本作は淀みなく流れるフルショウの通しリハーサルで、演奏にも怪しいところはない。細かいところまでアレンジが行き届き、その合間合間にSRVならではのフレーズが顔を覗かせていく。もちろん、彼自身の音楽性とはかけ離れているだけに、最終的にツアー参加を断ったのも納得できはしますが、プロフェッショナルな姿勢に隙はない。まるで「SRVバージョンでのベスト盤」の如き豪華な聴き応えがびっしり詰まっているのです。

世界が名盤『TEXAS FLOOD』で希代の天才ギタリストに気づく2ヶ月前。すでに歴史的名作を完成させ、世に問わんとしていたスティーヴィー・レイ・ヴォーンがここにいる。そして、その側らに立っているのは、もう1人の天才デヴィッド・ボウイ。生演奏だからこそ、アルバム『LET’S DANCE』よりもハッキリと2人の交感が刻まれたリハーサル・アルバム。その史上最高峰盤です。伝説のサウンドボード・アルバム、ここに堂々の復刻です。


Disc 1 (73:01)
1. Star 2. Heroes 3. What in the World 4. Look Back in Anger 5. Joe the Lion
6. Wild is the Wind 7. Golden Years 8. Fashion 9. Let’s Dance 10. Red Sails
11. Breaking Glass 12. Life on Mars 13. Sorrow 14. Cat People 15. China Girl
16. Scary Monsters 17. Rebel Rebel 18. I Can’t Explain 19. White Heat, White Light

Disc 2 (59:38)
1. Station to Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes to Ashes 4. Space Oddity 5. Young Americans
6. Soul Love 7. Hang on to Yourself 8. Fame 9. TVC15 10. Stay 11. Jean Genie 12. Modern Love


David Bowie – vocals, guitar, saxophone Stevie Ray Vaughan – guitar
Earl Slick – guitar Carlos Alomar – guitar Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
Tony Thompson – drums, percussion Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
Steve Elson – saxophones Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds George Simms – backing vocals
Frank Simms – backing vocals


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