David Bowie / Sound + Vision Tour Rehearsals / 2CD

David Bowie / Sound + Vision Tour Rehearsals / 2CD / HELDEN

Translated text :

Disc1: Location Unknown January 20, 1990, Disc2: New York City , NY USA February 1992.

Unreleased soundboard recording

Rare performance Cracked Actor played. 

David Bowie specialty label HELDEN proudly release this unreleased title. Tour rehearsal in early 1990 for Sound And Vision tour. In CD era David Bowie 70’s masterpieces were out of print. But in 1990 Ryko released them with bonus tracks and best selection box set. And then it make David Bowie boom and issued David Bowie special on music magazines all over the world. 

And David Bowie play the concert without no new songs(only Fame 90 re-make version). he played only past songs. It is called Sound And Vision tour. This tour means he bury the past. He said he does never play past songs after this tour. So this is best hit live. In Rockin On interview of Japanese music magazine he said he has not much hit singles like Rolling Stones and The Beatles, but you can listen to  many hit singles in this tour.

 Disc 1 is unknown location rehearsal, but unreleased soundboard recording in January 20 1990. This is early rehearsal, so even the songs he played many times on the past tour is unfinished rough arrangement. So you can know that he is looking for good arrangement for this tour on ending or parts of the song. And Interestingly Cracked Actor was played on this early rehearsal, it is just trial and not played on Disc 2. And Cracked Actor was never played on this tour. So it is surprise that he thinks the set list include Cracked Actor on early rehearsal. He introduce the members jokingly ending of the rehearsal.

 On Disc 2 it is said the the rehearsal in NY February after one month of Disc 1. This rehearsal is almost perfect arrangement, the set list is very close to the public concert. He decided opening song is Space Oddity that David Bowie on back screen and David Bowie on stage are sync each other. This recording is much more clear sound and better quality than previous titles. It is really soundboard. A very beautiful picture CD pressing, permanent preservation.


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