David Bowie / The Silent Masters / 1DVDR

David Bowie / The Silent Masters / 1DVDR / Non Label

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A Collection Of Silent Footage From The Ziggy Era


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[THE SILENT MASTERS: ORIGINAL 16MM FILM REELS (about 40 minutes)] The first appeared in the main “The Silent Masters: Original 16mm Film Reels”. Is what overseas mania has been compiled, supervision in the 16 mm film of “Ziggy era”, but the silence of its title Street. It chopped the video, which is also the 16 mm of fate we are continuous about 30 cut. Honestly I would like to be “sound without” seems also to fairly For advanced users, astounding the visual beauty is more than that. What I do not know what has been saved, Ziggy is fiercely beautiful. Of course, one is also a professional photography to, it what I have met a shining figure of “Ziggy” in the quality of enough as it is recorded on the official DVD.
It is also recorded saying the 30 cut in three, is a concert in the “Life On Mars?” And “John I’m Only Dancing” promo shooting of outtakes, it “May 23, 1973 Bournemouth”. Promo shooting seems also to the familiar sight, but clapperboard also or appeared, and or to verify the position and action of Bowie camera, sheer is behind the scenes. Bournemouth concert scene that even stronger. On this day there is also a documentary program that was the theme, but it seems that its outtakes, brilliant the figure of Ziggy to excite the audience with ever-changing costumes. Until the blood vessels exhilarating bare feet became uncovered also is a clear, also appeared “fire 吐暴 threat” costume of Kansai Yamamoto design. Guitar solo of Mick Ronson also portrayed at hand pat.

[CROPPED AND DUBBED FOOTAGE (about 36 minutes)] Precious & Although the ultra-high quality, silence can not be said to be still for everyone. On the other hand, here is the footage to enjoy anyone voice is also a pat. Here is composed of three + document program one live, the other was also to live silent film of “Bournemouth May 23, 1973”, June “, 1972 July 15, Aylesbury,” “1972 21 days Dunstable “has been recorded. Voice necessarily does not match with the video (… could you know Speaking There tend to finish in the history video, and) will performance of precious Ziggy at the time of the mood is seen plenty.
The other one, Mick Ronson documentation program “Mick Ronson Artist Profile”. Which was to Fichua the Freddie Mercury memorial concert, after a long time to co-star was Bowie and at the time of Mick, also interview of Joe Elliott appeared.

[SPECIAL SILENT FEATURES (about 13 minutes)] Finally, again silent film. This is “Life On Mars?” Shooting pattern is about a 10-minute black and white, street interviews scene of fans Saishi to the Rainbow Theater performances of August 1972 has been recorded about 3 minutes.

Anyway, one that was packed with the finest quality valuable video. The more towards the core collector would be shocked to its quality, but one deprived of an eye on the appearance of the ever-changing to “Ziggy Stardust” for those who do not. This weekend, suspiciously also beautiful, and the brilliant “Ziggy” in the extremely to your handy.

The Silent Masters: Original 16mm Film Reels (40 minutes)

まず登場するのがメインの「The Silent Masters: Original 16mm Film Reels」。海外マニアが“ジギー時代”の16ミリフィルムをに編纂・監修したものですが、そのタイトル通りの無音。16ミリの宿命でもある細切れ映像が約30カット連なっているのです。正直に申し上げて“音ナシ”はかなり上級者向けにも思えますが、それ以上に驚異的なのが映像美。どう保存していたのか分かりませんが、ジギーが猛烈に美しい。もちろん、いずれもプロ撮影ですし、それこそ公式DVDにそのまま収録できるほどのクオリティで“ジギー”の輝く姿を収めているのです。
30カットとは言っても収録は3種で、「Life On Mars?」と「John I’m Only Dancing」プロモ撮影時のアウトテイク、それに「1973年5月23日ボーンマス」でのコンサートです。プロモ撮影はお馴染みの光景にも思えますが、カチンコも登場したり、ボウイがカメラの位置やアクションを確認したりと、舞台裏が透ける。さらに強力なのがボーンマスのコンサートシーン。この日をテーマにしたドキュメンタリー番組もあり、そのアウトテイクと思われますが、千変万化な衣装で観客を沸かせるジギーの姿が鮮烈。露わになった素足に浮き立つ血管までもが鮮明で、山本寛斎デザインの「出火吐暴威」衣装も登場。ミック・ロンソンのギターソロも手元バッチリで描き出されるのです。

もう1つは、ミック・ロンソンのドキュメント番組「Mick Ronson Artist Profile」。フレディ・マーキュリー追悼コンサートをフィーチュアしたもので、久しぶりに共演したボウイや当時のミック、ジョー・エリオットのインタビューも登場します。

最後は、再びサイレント・フィルム。こちらはモノクロで「Life On Mars?」撮影の模様が約10分、1972年8月のレインボーシアター公演に際したファンの街頭インタビューシーンが約3分収録されています。


The Silent Masters: Original 16mm Film Reels (40 minutes)

Track 1(3 minutes)
Life On Mars? (Earls Court, London 12th May 1973)

Track 2-12(7 minutes)
Ziggy In Bournemouth (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 23rd May 1973)

Track 13-30(30 minutes)
John I’m Only Dancing (Rainbow Theatre, London 19th August 1972)

Cropped and Dubbed Footage (36 minutes)

Track 1(2 minutes)
Ziggy In Bournemouth (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 23rd May 1973)

Track 2-3(16 minutes)
Waiting For The Man (Friars Club, Aylesbury 15th July 1972)

Track 4(8 minutes).
Introducing Ziggy (Civic Hall, Dunstable 21st June 1972)

Track 5(9 minutes)
Mick Ronson Artist Profile (Tribute to Mick Ronson, documentary style clip with sound)

Special Silent Features (13 minutes)

Track 1(6 minutes)
Life On Mars? Slate 1, Take 4 black and white reel(Earls Court, London 12th May 1973)

Track 2(4 minutes).
Life On Mars? Slate 1, Take 5 black and white reel (Earls Court, London 12th May 1973)

Track 3(3 minutes)
Excerpt from ‘The Rainbow Interviews’ (The unreleased film by Mick Rock made in 1972)


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