David Bowie / Shepherd Bush Empire 1997 2nd Night / 2CD

David Bowie / Shepherd Bush Empire 1997 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK 12th August 1997


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Large masterpiece live album by the British masters recorded is appeared. In the taper of the United Kingdom living in the “maestro”, provide to us name recording house a number of superb sound source of always the UK lock in our shop. Paul McCartney, THE ROLLING STONES, Dave Gilmour, such as U2 and so on, under .. to provide a collection of countless, I think that the taper is touching what this or Even if you are not aware of anyone. On the contrary, in the familiar to the customer to be aware of the taper, “I’m a band you do not know well, if his work” that I virtuoso in many come virtuoso also towards the fixed fans. I us to provide the latest recording to the main usually, a big fan masters of Bowie in fact. This work, I had you deliver it chose a gem called “Korezo!” Among his vast Bowie collection.
Such name recording artist gem and is of, “1997 August 12, Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert” audience album that contains the. Of course, it is what turned into the CD master kind to their own masters recorded brought to the British tradition venue to direct. The sound is phenomenal. Although it is a name recording artist has been proven many masterpieces group, the sound of this work is not a brand ……… of peace of mind. Among the collection, which has continued to increase the fame, you wonderful missing Zuba. It says the the intense is, direct feeling. Fresh cheers of the audience also has been recorded, but not the intense near the first time of the musical tone is far from it, once Ya play begins, as the sound board bold. Moreover, there is no echo seems to echo, you direct-connected sense of up to tremendous. It says the work of the masters, and the whole pack to the size and ambience of the venue “experience feeling” is but delicious is, the sound of this work is far from space, want to ask the “did you also a record standing next to Bowie?” I see is the most recent is. Especially great for the heavy bass. Bass is even audience eternal challenge, but also fascinating Big far in this work. While there is a Buttoi powerful, but not even that are surprised.. Of course, not be filled in the bass, it shines fresh even mid-range and high-pass to ride on it, come also penetrating singing voice of Bowie. Downright, it is downright of luxury sound.
“1997 Bowie” Kamata drawn by the sound, indescribably wonderful. This work is “EARTHLING TOUR 1997” part of the But of, brilliant digital sound that boldly incorporates a drum and bass / jungle. While exchanging the yesteryear classics, I mean is all 10 songs in seven songs of the new at the time, “EARTHLING” will showcase, the sense of movement is more than the album. Even to when the type of ensemble that inorganic feeling would before the poor, in the physical sense of plenty by vividly Buttoi recording, you rock feel of the strong force starts to burst from the speakers. Bowie has said, “the exciting harvest obtained in the previous” OUTSIDE TOUR “was vacuum-packed” and “EARTHLING”, but live like the excitement was further explosion back to the stage. Not left in Unfortunately official, but Japan tour there is was no “EARTHLING TOUR 1997”, the truth was the amazing thing so far …. We live album, such as reminded become now.

British maestro is a worldwide name recording artist in the big fan of Bowie. One that you provide to Judiciously from among his treasured collection, was a wonderful sound world that I do not think only the recording of the goddess is smiling. I love Bowie, the world of the familiar, was able to capture precisely because he continued to follow “EARTHLING TOUR 1997”. Sound board even exceeded, the official work level of the best live albums. Please, please enjoy plenty on this occasion.


英国の巨匠が録音した大傑作ライヴアルバムが登場です。“巨匠”とはイギリス在住のテーパーで、当店にも常に英国ロックの極上音源の数々を提供してくださる名録音家。ポール・マッカートニー、THE ROLLING STONES、デイヴ・ギルモア、U2等々など、数え切れないほどのコレクションを提供してくださり、テーパーが誰かを意識していない方でも何本かは触れていることかと思います。逆に、テーパーを意識するお客様にはお馴染みで、「よく知らないバンドだけど、彼の作品なら」と固定ファンの方も多くいらっしゃる名手中の名手なのです。普段は最新録音をメインに提供してくださるのですが、実のところ巨匠はボウイの大ファン。本作は、彼の膨大なボウイ・コレクションの中でも「これぞ!」という逸品をチョイスしてお届けいただいたのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる“1997年のボウイ”がまた、なんとも素晴らしい。本作は“EARTHLING TOUR 1997”の一環なのですが、ドラムンベース/ジャングルを大胆に取り入れたデジタル・サウンドが鮮烈。往年のクラシックスを交えながら、当時の新作『EARTHLING』の全10曲中7曲が披露されるわけですが、その躍動感はアルバム以上。下手をすると無機質感が先立ってしまうタイプのアンサンブルであっても、生々しくぶっとい録音によって肉体感覚たっぷりで、ド迫力のロック・フィールがスピーカーから弾け出すのです。ボウイは『EARTHLING』について「前回の“OUTSIDE TOUR”で得たエキサイティングな収穫を真空パックした」と語っていますが、その興奮がステージに戻ってさらに爆発したようなライヴ。残念ながらオフィシャルに残されず、日本公演もなかった“EARTHLING TOUR 1997”ではありますが、その真実はここまで凄いものだった……。今になって思い知らされるようなライヴアルバムなのです。

ボウイの大ファンにして世界的な名録音家である英国の巨匠。彼の秘蔵コレクションの中から選りすぐって提供していただいた1本は、録音の女神が微笑んでいるとしか思えない素晴らしい音世界でした。ボウイを愛し、熟知し、追い続けた彼だからこそ捉えることのできた“EARTHLING TOUR 1997”の世界。サウンドボードさえも超え、オフィシャル作品レベルの極上ライヴアルバム。どうぞ、この機会にたっぷりとご堪能ください。

Disc 1(69:45)
1. Intro: “Heroes” 2. Quicksand 3. Queen Bitch 4. Waiting For The Man 5. Jean Genie
6. I’m Afraid of Americans 7. Battle For Britain 8. The Man Who Sold The World
9. The Last Thing You Should Do 10. Fashion 11. Seven Years in Tibet 12. Fame
13. Outside 14. Stay

Disc 2(65:44)
1. Looking For Satellites 2. Under Pressure 3. Hearts Filthy Lesson 4. Hallo Spaceboy
5. Scary Monsters 6. Little Wonder 7. Moonage Daydream 8. Dead Man Walking
9. White Light White Heat 10. O Superman 11. Look Back In Anger 12. All the Young Dudes

David Bowie (vocals, guitar, alto & baritone saxophone), Reeves Gabrels (lead guitar), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass, vocals, keyboards), Zachary Alford (drums, percussion) and Mike Garson (keyboards).

Wardour 189

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