David Bowie / Scary Monsters Sessions / 1CD

David Bowie / Scary Monsters Sessions / 1CD / Helden

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Recording Session February – April 1980. Digitally Remastered



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From Bowie specialty label HELDEN, studio sessions sound of the album “scan Cary Monsters” is the release. Bowie of the 13 th album, which was announced in 1980, “scan Cary Monsters” is positioned next to the cold and heavy Berlin trilogy, it is the RCA enrolled last album. Therefore, had been followed by a long Out of state, from the fact that bonus track in 1991 has become a recurrent been granted, not only the same album that was once called the name board has been made re-evaluation, then of It is a big hit album widely accepted to generation. Further, in the time that Otokoppuri of Bowie had most shining because this album in 1980, which was released, this time of Bowie that triple threat of youth and talent and good looks is exactly Invincible. At the time, it is a good idea to say that the man who was the most shining in Japan, along with Kenji Sawada. It is time to expose the CM and movies had been increasing in Japan.

This work will be the title that was recorded a studio session of the “scan Cary Monsters”. Only saw a piece of music might not come To pin, but they mean that ultimately provisional title of the song was recorded on the album, is just one step short of studio outtakes that sublime high that complete album It has been aggregated. “Tired Of My Life” is the title at the time of the demonstration of “It’s No Game”, melody nor different lyrics, is quite previous take. This simple demonstration, begin to be transformed into that magnificent song in Anoikinari Japanese, it does not attach to it the imagination at this stage. The working title of “Cameras In Brooklyn” is “Up The Hill Backwards”, by can you listen here, this also is quite an early stage take, with performances by bands that chorus is applied, despite its rough , it is almost complete close state. And the title song “scan Cary Monsters” has recorded the vocal two different take. Other details I think if you can see the track list.

As a bonus track, and has recorded two songs to live when you have appeared in the September 5, 1980 American TV show. In addition to serving as one of the leading song of Bowie “Ashes To Ashes”, and live play two songs of nostalgic “Life On Mars?”. In particular, “Ashes To Ashes” is soon to be released, it will be noted as a live version of the first period.

This work was the culmination of the studio sessions of Bowie name record “scan Cary Monsters”. And recorded TV live who appeared in the same year release the bonus track. Permanent preservation of the beautiful picture-disc specification is firmly press platen.


本作は、その「スケアリーモンスターズ」のスタジオ・セッションを収録したタイトルになります。曲目を見ただけではピンと来ないものもありますが、それらは最終的にアルバムに収録された曲の仮タイトルということで、まさにあの完成度の高いアルバムに昇華する一歩手前のスタジオ・アウトテイクが集約されているのです。「Tired Of My Life」は「It’s No Game」のデモ時におけるタイトルで、メロディも歌詞も異なる、かなり以前のテイクです。このシンプルなデモが、あのいきなり日本語で始まるあの壮大な曲に変貌するとは、この段階では想像だにつきません。「Cameras In Brooklyn」は「Up The Hill Backwards」のワーキングタイトルで、ここで聴くことが出来るのは、これもまたかなり初期段階のテイクですが、コーラスが加わったバンドによる演奏で、ラフでありながら、ほぼ完成に近い状態です。そしてタイトル曲「スケアリーモンスターズ」はヴォーカルが異なる2テイクを収録しています。その他、詳細はトラックリストを参照していただければと思います。

ボーナストラックとして、1980年9月5日アメリカのテレビショウに出演した際のライヴを2曲収録しています。ボウイの代表曲のひとつとなる「Ashes To Ashes」に加え、懐かしい「Life On Mars?」の2曲をライヴ演奏。特に「Ashes To Ashes」はリリースされて間もなく、最初期のライヴ・バージョンとして特筆されるでしょう。


recording session February – April 1980
01. Tired Of My Life (Demo for “It’s No Game”)
02. It’s No Game (Alternate Take)
03. Cameras In Brooklyn (Early version of “Up The Hill Backwards”)
04. Scary Monsters & Super Creeps (Alternate Take #1)
05. Scary Monsters & Super Creeps (Alternate Take #2)
06. Ashes To Ashes (Unreleased Disco Remix)
07. It Happens Everyday (Early Version Of “Teenage Wildlife”)
08. Laser (Early Version Of “Scream Like A Baby”)
09. Kingdom Come (Alternate Take #1)
10. Kingdom Come (Alternate Take #2)
11. Because You’re Young (Alternate Take)
12. I Am A Laser (Recorded with the Astronettes – Different lyrics)
13. Is There Life After Marriage? (Unreleased Outtake)
14. Cool Cat (with Queen)

“Tonight” T.V. Show September 5, 1980
15. Ashes To Ashes
16. Life On Mars?
Helden. DEN-028


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