David Bowie / Saint Anthony Falls / 2CD

David Bowie / Saint Anthony Falls / 2CD / Helden
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Target Center Minneapolis MN, USA, April 11, 2014. Digitally Remastered

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■ April 11, 2004 Complete recording of Minneapolis performance.
■ Ultra high quality sound IEM sound board + Audience’s mix sound source

From the Bowie special label HELDEN, 2004 Reality Tour April 11, 2004 The Minneapolis Performance will be released with a complete recording of the IEM Soundboard and Audience’s mix sound source. Although it is a bowie who has repeated tours since its debut, the last tour at the moment is this reality tour accompanying the album “reality” which took place from 2003 to 2004. After that, I did not tour for more than 10 years, and even refused to offer to the London / Olympic Games opening ceremony, Bowie entered the Treasury in the middle of retirement, and as a result this tour is the last tour.

Although it is unknown whether Bowie himself was conscious of reality tour when it is the last, it is actually the largest tour ever, except for the Ziggy era where the tour was centered, actually counting 113 performances. In the tour to Europe, North America, Australia, then Asia including Japan, then the United States, again exactly across the world, this Minneapolis performance is the final leg North American tour. And as a result American fans saw the last appearance of the Bowie.

Contents are completely recorded from the long introduction of the opening. The set list is widely chosen from representative songs of long carriers to new songs of the time, and it is a selection of taste such as best of bowie. A strong white light is projected from the front of the stage, and the silhouette of the Bowie that emerges there. A concert starts from “love rebellion”. A great cheer rises at that famous riff, a break not in the original is set up, and the bowie smiles soon. From there the world of Bowie completely wraps up the whole venue. “All young guys” is a masterpiece whose venue will be a major chorus. The band is quite tightly closed with technicians, the performance is tightly closed, and there is excellent excellence in recording, so you can listen to this famous piece being developed with a freshly beautiful tone. For Japanese fans, is not it the place that reminds me of the undulating appearance of that audience that I saw at the Budokan?

The characteristic feature of this tour is that it does not change the arrange, and it is said that it is in the point that we showed the songs of old times with almost “original copy” as original. “Man who sold the world” has already been 30 years or more at this time from the presentation, but the same arrangement and the same singing playing at that time are also playing in the same singing spirit to the Bowie who arranges with occasional fashion It is rather unusual thing.

Sound quality is IEM sound board sound source 90% Audience 10% of allocation like allocation sound board sound source. Speaking of IEM, there is an image of a thin sound board with noises, but as you can tell by listening to the sample, it is nothing inferior to the heavy outflow soundboard of bone size, it is not noticeable unless it is told .

From the reality tour which became the last tour of Bowie, the title which totally recorded Minneapolis performance on sound board, 11 April 2004. The set list is subtly different from day to day, and this work will also be one of precious records. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.










01. Introduction
02. Rebel Rebel
03. New Killer Star
04. Reality
05. Fashion
06. Hung Onto Yourself
07. Fame
08. Cactus
09. All The Young Dudes
10. China Girl #1
11. China Girl #2
12. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
13. The Man Who Sold The World
14. Hallo Spaceboy
15. Sunday
16. Band Introduction
17. Under Pressure

01. Life On Mars
02. Battle For Britain
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Changes
05. Panic In Detroit
06. I’m Afraid Of Americans
07. Heroes
08. Pablo Picasso
09. Be My Wife
10. Fantastic Voyage
11. White Light White Heat
12. Five Years
13. Suffragette City
14. Ziggy Stardust

Helden. DEN-110/111

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