David Bowie / Phoenix Festival 1996 Japanese TV Broadcast / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Phoenix Festival 1996 Japanese TV Broadcast / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at the Phoenix Festival, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK 18th July 1996 PRO-SHOT


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Free work was raised to create a former ally Brian Eno “1.OUTSIDE”. Professional shots meet again to Bowie of the suspicious even mysterious era is the emergence in the gift title. “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996” and say if it is brilliant also memories of Japan performances, this work pattern of when you appeared in it from the after about one month “, 1996 July 18, Phoenix Festival”. After the Japan tour, and around the festival of European countries, it was the only native English festival in it.
This live has been broadcast in certain satellite about 30 minutes of the frame in the broadcast of Japan, this work is what the domestic core collector it was recorded. The quality is superb. It says 1996, when the first of the non-portable DVD player is not less just been released at last, far from era to still spread. I supposed it was indeed video recording, but impressive even if it sees that quality is now. Of course, different from the beautiful digital image quality to modern glare, but the freshness is preeminent. Without even playing unevenness or distortion of it should be the fate of the video tape, and cohabiting vivid colors and natural color, clear up to the one by one hair. If not passed directly from the recorded person,’s the higher the quality I think that it is the most laser disk or Omoto master.
Mysterious world of the pictured “OUTSIDE TOUR” in such a quality is, fiercely cool. Even more than the decadent, bizarre world of “1.OUTSIDE” new song from the “Hearts Filthy Lesson”, “Hallo Spaceboy”, Classics also dyed is changed to the transformation guitar of Reeves-Gaburerusu, of yellow hair that was cut short Bowie barking. I slight of 6 songs, but the 30-minute image has been concentrated in one song one song of personality also intense “OUTSIDE TOUR”.
While the first five Busaku even been planned, the world of got derailed in one installment “1.OUTSIDE”. It is a masterpiece video taste incomplete view of the world beautiful sight of vivid professional shot. 70’s vintage and 80s pop star era or attention in the 21st century of the digital video is often a collection, but, Bowie had been built a unique view of the world even in the 1990s. This one his world also began to spread capture until Psycho horror glimpse. David Bowie to change to seven colors true value, please enjoy this opportunity.

かつての盟友ブライアン・イーノと創り上げた快作『1.OUTSIDE』。その怪しくも妖しい時代のボウイに逢えるプロショットがギフトタイトルで登場です。“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”というと日本公演の想い出も鮮烈ですが、本作はそれから約1ヶ月後となる「1996年7月18日フェニックス・フェスティバル」に出演した際の模様。日本公演後には、ヨーロッパ各国のフェスティバルを回っており、その中で唯一の母国イギリスのフェスティバルでした。
そんなクオリティで描かれる“OUTSIDE TOUR”の妖しい世界は、凄まじくかっこいい。『1.OUTSIDE』からの新曲「Hearts Filthy Lesson」「Hallo Spaceboy」の退廃的・猟奇的な世界もさることながら、クラシックスもリーブス・ガブレルスの変態ギターに染めが変えられ、短く刈った黄色い髪のボウイが吠える。わずか6曲の収録なのですが、1曲1曲の個性も強烈で“OUTSIDE TOUR”のイメージが濃縮された30分間なのです。

1. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 2. Hearts Filthy Lesson 3.”Heroes” 4. Hallo Spaceboy
5. White Light White Heat 6. Moonage Daydream


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